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Arts in Education Council Chairman:Minoo Wille (Successor to be named soon)

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1 Arts in Education Council Chairman:Minoo Wille (Successor to be named soon)

2 Arts in Education Purpose:Promote the arts to help students - develop their artistic skills - gain exposure to different art media How:1. National PTA Reflections Program 2. Local school programs Family Art Nights Visiting Author Library ReadersLocal Artist visits PSO Petting Zoo 3. Community art venues School theatreConcerts Art exhibitsBook tours PSO Family Series 4. Reflections Matching Grants (up to $1,000) from National PTA select PTA Programs, then Awards Programs

3 3 Reflections Program 2012-2013 Theme: What is it? National PTA program (not a contest) - 6 art categories (Visual Arts, Literature, Photography, Music Composition, Dance Choreography, Film/Video Production) - 4 judging levels Local Council or Area State National Why? Increase students' exposure to fine arts Encourage students artistic expression through experimentation with different art media Helpful in building a portfolio (résumé) For fun and recognition

4 Reflections 2012-2013 Theme:The Magic of a Moment Rules: Available in June on Announce theme in May How? - School eNews - Art & English teachers - YO packets - Morning announcements - School website - Hall posters Why? - get ideas over the summer - experiment with different media - save time in Fall when busy with school work - pre-empt other programs/contests Arts in Education

5 Reflections 2012-2013 Resources: www.pta.orgwww.pta.orgGeneral Reflections information Arts in Education Handbook (downloadable) Rules (available in June) www.planopta.orgwww.planopta.orgEntry Forms, rules, workshop presentation, other forms required for Council Local SchoolPlan of Work Predecessors binder Council AIE ChairmanTBD Arts in Education

6 Reflections Timeline: May Meet with predecessor for de-brief/cross-training Read predecessors binder Announce 2012-2013 theme – The Magic of a Moment Encourage students to work on ideas over the summer Explain magnitude of the Reflections Program National PTA program, scholarships, resume/portfolio Get art teachers on board to help create interest Encourage students to participate Not a class assignment Verify your budget to cover posters, ribbons, reception, etc. June/July Get official 2012-2013 rules and entry form Familiarize yourself with the rules Arts in Education

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