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LT Kagehiro (414) 288-5192 Office 01 May 2014. References Unit Website under current students tab NROTC website->Other Links->Training information Understand.

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1 LT Kagehiro (414) 288-5192 Office 01 May 2014

2 References Unit Website under current students tab NROTC website->Other Links->Training information Understand the following : Proper conduct and professionalism Application of the UCMJ Key Items Ambassadorship


4 Have proper uniform items Wear uniform properly Clean & Ironed Know how to wear Uniform packing list will be provided on Unit Website and e- mailed Have your boots broken in!!! CORTRAMID – 2 most commonly forgotten items Garrison cap Mouth Guard

5 CORTRAMID WEST Travel and report in Summer Whites CORTRAMID EAST Per the Welcome Aboard letter (probably PCA)

6 INCONUS (Yes, Hawaii counts) Summer Whites unless otherwise directed (if going on a sub cruise, PCA). OUTCONUS Professional Civilian Attire.

7 Ensure you mark your clothing and your laundry bag(last name/last 4 of social) if you use ships laundry Long sleeves/steel toes required aboard ship at all times

8 You need to familiarize yourself with your plane ticket (dates/destination) Pay attention to what you pack and where you pack it- TSA is not kidding around. Know your embark/debark dates and be prepared to be flexible– KEEP THE UNIT INFORMED Have your passport ready if you are traveling overseas


10 Civilian clothes are authorized, but… If youre getting underway, only bring a few things You have VERY limited storage aboard a sub/ship and shoes take the most space.

11 FYI, San Diego may not be as warm as you think.

12 Once you know the ship/squadron you are going to, take the time to learn about it Units websites will have many key items, such as phone numbers for quarterdeck, duty officer, etc. Ex: Kings Bay: When arriving at destination, ship/squadron should have a representative waiting for you (they know your ticket info, too)

13 If not, find the local USO (usually located in the airport) and they will be able to assist you. I also encourage you to call me.

14 Uniform Code of Military Justice is Chapter 47 of United States Code Title 10 Section 802, Article 2: (a) The following persons are subject to this chapter: …(2) Cadets, aviation cadets, and midshipmen. ROD: Midshipmen fall under the UCMJ only when assigned to active duty. Officer candidates are always subject to the UCMJ.

15 Rules you must follow when on cruise You can be prosecuted for failure to follow the rules set forth in the UCMJ Not the same as breaking the law (you could be charged twice) Murder, arson, robbery, forgery, etc Disobeying a lawful order, disrespect towards a superior commissioned officer, drunk on duty, etc… Underage drinking, drug abuse…

16 MIDN are in a unique situation – somewhere between Officers and Enlisted While on cruise it is explicitly against the UCMJ for you to fraternize with either Officers or Enlisted You are allowed to go on liberty with your running mates, just use good sense Barbeque with wardroom….good idea Underage drinking with running mate…not so much

17 Summer cruise is not a vacation, it is a training opportunity Most of the time its fun, but its still training

18 Be proactive The people youre learning from are busy, but happy to help. Most are excited to show you what they do, but may not know how to approach you. Be positive Have a good attitude about every training opportunity even if its not in a community that you are interested in

19 What do you do if the unit you are assigned to is not providing you with adequate training opportunities or are constantly negative? MIDN liaison officer/ MIDN training officer Other JOs XO Marquette (advisor or summer cruise coordinator)

20 Youre wearing Khaki – act like it People are always watching what you are doing in Khaki Fleet grooming standards (Haircut, facial hair, etc…)

21 BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS WHILE TRAVELING! Noticing suspicious behavior could save your life, or someone elses


23 Take the time to learn the shipboard organization, routines, duties and obligations of your running mates Stand watch with your running mates! Know where to go in an Emergency Head on a swivel- pay attention to where you are standing and what you are doing- a ship is an industrial environment Wardroom Etiquette Ask your running mate… Find out what seats are reserved and dont sit there.

24 There are two kinds of people that get whatever they want- Admirals and Midshipmen. If you do not ask, it will not happen. LCAC rides, etc… The crew of the ship/sub that you are on LIVE there, it is their home. Treat it with respect. They work extremely hard to cook, clean, and maintain it- a great deal of pride. Bring Cash to use in the ships store.

25 Shipboard/Submarine storage is limited – No hard case luggage Leave your guitar, golf clubs, large suitcases at home Submarine cruises… Hard case luggage does make for some great practice shooting torpedoes… CORTRAMID…small overnight bag/ duffle bag for Surface/Marine Weeks.

26 This is your cruise to help you experience what it is like to be an enlisted sailor/marine. SERVANT LEADERSHIP You WILL live, work, and be treated just like your enlisted running mate. Have the proper mindset. It is acceptable to go on liberty with your running mate, just keep it professional.

27 During the course of your cruise, you may be exposed to material above your current clearance level. Keep this material on a need to know basis….aka your buddies at Marquette dont need to know. Label all notes appropriately and do not remove from ship. If you have something you arent sure about, treat it as classified.

28 Budget yourself Dont spend all of your money in one night, as the rest of your cruise will be extremely boring Travelers checks/Credit card strongly encouraged MWR exists on all bases and offers discount/free tickets to sporting events, theme parks, etc… File travel claim upon return from cruise See Mr. Foti before you leave for the summer, he has stuff for you to sign.

29 You represent Marquette NROTC in the fleet You represent the NROTC program as a whole Failure to properly represent the battalion/university will result in you being sent home early and will have repercussions. You are the one who calls your parents. You talk to them right after the CO does. Also, PRB.


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