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Bowling LaNisha Walker.

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1 Bowling LaNisha Walker

2 Why Bowling is Important to Me
Bowling is my favorite sport. I’m in the WMU Bowling Club. I’ve been bowling since age 8. My entire family bowls. Bowling is a stress reliever.

3 Objective The objective is to knock down 10 pins.
Knock the pins down with a ball. The least amount of attempts, the better. Strike! (knocking all pins down, first try). Spare! (knocking all pins down second try). Try to get the highest score.

4 Rules Respect your opponents space.
One person on the approach per lane. Don’t step on the lane. No street shoes on the approach. No over head tosses.

5 Equipment The most important equipment is the bowling ball.
Ten pins are also very important. Special bowling shoes are required. Bowling gloves are optional. Easyslide for sticky hands is optional. Rosin for sweaty hands is optional.

6 Attire Matching shirts are worn by teams.
Many female bowlers wear skirts or shorts. Many males wear shorts and pants. All bowlers wear special bowling shoes. Most bowlers wear collared shirts

7 Team Individual Bowling
There is one person per opponent. Each team member bowls 10 frames. All team member’s scores are combined. The team with the overall highest score wins.

8 Team Baker Bowling The Team bowls a single game together.
Each member bowls two frames. Only five members per game. The team with the highest score wins. Teamwork is the key.

9 Leagues of Bowling Professional Adult Youth
There are different leagues of bowling. Youth bowling age is 4-21. Adult bowling age is 18+. Collegiate bowling is for college students only. Professional bowlers tour and get paid. Bowling is a career for professionals. Professional Adult Youth

10 Reasons for Bowling Bowling is a career for some
People gamble with bowling. Bowling is recreational. Bowling is a form of exercise. People bowl to relieve stress.

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