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Pablo Michelis Gerente de Relaciones Académicas Microsoft Cono Sur.

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1 Pablo Michelis Gerente de Relaciones Académicas Microsoft Cono Sur

2 Arquitectura de Software Breve historia de la construcción de Software Nuevo paradigma en la construcción de Software WinFX Pilares Conceptuales de la Tecnología WPF, WCF, WF, InfoCard Agenda

3 Object-oriented Patterns Software Architecture in Context 3 Source: David Garlan (April 2006) 2000 1980 1950 1970 1990 1960 Programming- any-which-way Programming -in-the-small Programming- in-the-large Programming- in-the-world Software architecture NATO SE conference Programming-in-the-large Software development environments Subroutines Separate compilation Integrated product lines Information hiding Inheritance Abstract data types objects Packages Pipes and filters

4 Proceso Esencial de Software Real World SystemSystem Correctness Correspondence

5 Resultados …

6 Nuevo Proceso Entity Services Process Services Infrastructure Services Clients and Agents Technology Architecture Information Architecture Operational Requirements Entity Descriptions and Constraints Actors and Roles Process Description Activity Services Activity Description Business Capabilities

7 Services and consumers are independently versioned, deployed, operated, and secured. Services are autonomous Data never includes behavior; Objects with data and behavior are a local phenomenon. Share schema & contract, not class Capabilities and requirements represented by a unique public name; Used to establish service suitability. Compatibility based on policy Developers opt-in to consuming, exposing, and defining public-facing service façade. Boundaries are Explicit Service Orientation

8 Nuestra estrategia Ofrecer una plataforma integrada y consistente de productos … incluye productos (dev y mgmt), frameworks, infraestructura y plataformas … cubre la necesidad de plataforma de los clientes (clientes, dispositivos, y servidores) … interoperable con otras plataformas … agrupa tres conceptos esenciales Service Orientation Claims-Based Security Model Driven Software

9 Capacidades lógicas recurrentes El nuevo Modelo de Aplicación

10 WinFX The Managed Code Programming Model for Windows

11 Windows Presentation Foundation Unified framework for building next gen user experiences with UI, media and documents

12 OK LightBlue XAML Button b1 = new Button(); b1.Content = "OK"; b1.Background = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue); b1.Width = 100; C# Dim b1 As New Button b1.Content = "OK" b1.Background = New _ SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue) b1.Width = 100 VB.NET XAML eXtensible Application Markup Language

13 Windows Presentation Foundation With XAML designers & developers can streamline their collaboration

14 InfoCard Technology that simplifies and improves the safety of online login and authentication

15 Private desktop Separate user context Protects against hacking Self-issued cards Non-corroborated Stored locally Managed cards Corroborated Stored at STS

16 WS-* Web Services InfoCard User Relying Party Identity Provider

17 Windows Communication Foundation Unified framework for rapidly building service-oriented applications

18 Interop with other platforms ASMX Ent Services Attribute- based programming WSE WS-* protocols Sys.Messaging Message- based programming Locationtransparency Remoting Unified framework supersets existing technologies Windows Communication Foundation

19 Standards-based interoperability with WS-* Web services Windows Communication Foundation

20 Connected Systems FederatedData Integrated Tools and Modeling Integrated Management and Governance FederatedIdentity PervasiveWorkflow Integrated User Experience ServiceOrientation Modelo de Arquitectura


22 using System.ServiceModel; //a WCF contract defined using an interface [ServiceContract] public interface IMath { [OperationContract] int Add(int x, int y); }

23 Programming model, engine and tools for building workflow-enabled applications Windows Workflow Foundation

24 EX: Check Inventory EX: Escalate To Manager What Is A Workflow? A Set Of Activities That Coordinates People And / Or Software... Like a flowchart…. Or a state diagram…. Sequential Workflow Sequential structure Prescribes processing order Step1 Step2 State Machine Workflow External events drive processing order State2 State1 Event Rules + data state drive processing order Rules-driven Activities Rule1 Rule2 Data Step2 Step1

25 Windows Workflow Foundation

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