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Update on the Protected Areas System Master Plan March 2011.

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1 Update on the Protected Areas System Master Plan March 2011

2 What is a Protected Area? » A clearly defined geographical area of land and or water that is dedicated to and managed for the long term conservation and sustainable use of its ecological systems, biodiversity and/or specific natural, cultural or aesthetic resources

3 Jamaicas Protected Areas Act & CategoryGovernment Agency » Fishing Industry Act (fish sanctuaries) Fisheries Division » Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act (marine and national parks) » Beach Control Act (protected areas) Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA)/National Environment and Planning Agency » Forest Act (e.g. forest reserves) Forestry Department » Jamaica National Heritage Trust Act (e.g. heritage sites) Jamaica National Heritage Trust In some instances managed in collaboration with other government agencies and non-governmental organizations (Montego Bay Marine Park Trust, Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust & Caribbean Coastal Area Mgt. Foundation)

4 Jamaica and the Convention on Biological Diversity » Contracting Parties committed to: Conserve biological diversity Sustainable use Equitable sharing of the benefits derived from the use of genetic resources » Establish a system of protected areas or areas where special measures need to be taken to conserve biological diversity (Article 8) International Commitments

5 Jamaica and the Convention on Biological Diversity » 2004: At the 7 th meeting of Contracting Parties to CBD 188 Parties agreed to a Programme of Work (POW) on Protected Areas (goals, actions) » Goal: To establish a comprehensive, effectively managed and ecologically-representative national and regional systems of protected areas by 2010 (terrestrial) and 2012 (marine) International Commitments

6 Vision 2030 Jamaica: National Development Plan (2009) » Goal 4: Jamaica has a Healthy Natural Environment » National Outcome 13: Sustainable Management and Use of Environmental and Natural Resources » National Strategy 13.2: Develop and implement Mechanisms for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management » Key Action: Finalize and Promulgate the PASMP Local Commitments

7 Protected Areas System Plan Components Ecological GAP Assessments Ecological Working Group Management Effectiveness Assessments Capacity Development Working Group Capacity Development Planning Capacity Development Working Group Sustainable Finance Planning Sustainable Finance Working Group Adapted: J. Parrishs (TNC) Presentation Working Groups: NGOs, academic institutions, government agencies & individuals

8 Protected Areas System Master Plan Where are we now? Legal, Heritage and Culture, Public Education and Awareness Reports Jamaicas Ecological Gap Assessment Report Revised draft of PASMP prepared & currently under review by the Protected Areas Committee Financial Sustainability Plan for the Protected Areas System of Jamaica National Report on Management Effectiveness Assessment and Capacity Development Plan

9 Protected Areas System Master Plan Step 1. Consultations Step 3. Submission to relevant Ministries Step 2. Revision of PASMP Step 4. Cabinet Submission Step 5. Final PASMP

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