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The EVVE Experience Building a Business and Marketing Plan The Clients Perspective Rose Trasatti Heim NAPHSIS Project Manager June 5, 2013 Phoenix, Arizona.

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1 The EVVE Experience Building a Business and Marketing Plan The Clients Perspective Rose Trasatti Heim NAPHSIS Project Manager June 5, 2013 Phoenix, Arizona

2 Background EVVE System has been operational for over 10 years Pilot system enhanced to provide Nationwide coverage Support higher volume, auditing, increased functionality and reporting Close to 50 jurisdictions online supporting birth queries Solid but limited EVVE user customer base SSA, OPM, DOS State Medicaid Offices, VA DMV, OK State Treasurer EVVE user agencies very complimentary of the system Improves business processes/customer service Detects fraud

3 Understanding the Problem Usage of EVVE has plateaued Number of EVVE queries ranges between 25k-32k/month Volume expected from the DMVs (REAL ID) has not materialized A lot of interest in EVVE by a variety of federal/state agencies Lack of follow up by agencies to come onboard Pricing model deters potential new users Concern there will be competition with other sources to verify birth/death data Public DMF usefulness has been reduced, can EVVE provide solution for death queries If so, what enhancements are needed?

4 Assessing the Problem EVVE Pricing model Needs to be competitive with other similar query systems Positive revenue for NAPHSIS and jurisdictions Agencies should be billed based on their own volume Should not be a penalty for early adopters How to secure potential customers that expressed an interest in EVVE Marketing the EVVE system to expand services to untapped agencies Onboard new customers more efficiently Identification of opportunities/enhancements to support fact-of-death queries Should pricing of fact-of-death queries be different than traditional queries?

5 Approach NAPHSIS strategic plan recommended development of EVVE Business and Marketing Plan Focus on increasing volume of EVVE transactions Plans will improve understanding of EVVE technical components Market potential and our competition NAPHSIS and jurisdictional capabilities Financial feasibility of expanding EVVE capabilities and user community NAPHSIS assembled team to support the project through its lifecycle Identified our budget and expectations for these documents Needed to bring in outside resources to supplement in-house expertise

6 What is a Business Plan? Business Plan Clear and compelling document that provides a guide for building a successful organization/product/service Focuses on achieving certain goals within a defined period Helps analyze the potential market and its size Describes benefits/values of the product and services – why is this product and service better, convenient, more reliable, cost-effective Identifies needs, assets, resources, funding sources, revenue streams Classifies key activities and services provided by the organization and product Categorizes key partners, customer segments

7 What is a Marketing Plan? Marketing Plan Document describing current market position of an organization and its marketing strategy for a defined period Clearly show steps to undertake to achieve the marketing objectives Describes competitors, demand for the product and service, and the strengths and weaknesses from a market standpoint of both the organization and its competitors Marketing tactics and materials to communicate the value of the product and services

8 EVVE Documentation Development Process Kick off meeting Identification and Roles of the Team QuantumMark, NAPHSIS staff, EVVE Committee Chair, FOD WG Chair Project Plan, Outcomes and Management Communication details and frequency Deliverables, Milestones and Schedule Aggressive schedule, limited budget and 3 month timeframe Major Tasks Expectations of NAPHSIS staff and team Existing documentation and resources available Information gathering/educational session for QuantumMark

9 Constructing the EVVE Business Model NAPHSIS provided information, documentation and insight to QuantumMark on EVVE – meetings, conference calls, emails Description of the EVVE system and its services Current customer base, customer needs, EVVE performance Potential customers that have contacted NAPHSIS Existing pricing model, strengths, weaknesses, recommendations for change Process for onboarding new customers, MOA, contracts Use of EVVE to support fact-of-death queries for administrative use, beyond the current federal/state government customer base QuantumMark conducted interviews with current and potential EVVE customers and partners NAPHSIS wanted a business model that distinguished between the current EVVE product and EVVE as a FOD query solution

10 Constructing the EVVE Business Model Canvas Customer Segments – who are NAPHSIS/jurisdictions helping Value Propositions – value provided by the EVVE system Channels – how do potential customers know NAPHSIS and EVVE, how do we deliver the product/services Customer Relationships – how should NAPHSIS interact with customers and jurisdictions over time Revenue Streams – how does NAPHSIS and jurisdictions earn revenue Key Resources – what assets are required to run EVVE Key Activities – what are the important activities/processes for EVVE Key Partners – who will help NAPHSIS/EVVE product be successful Cost Structure – NAPHSIS and jurisdiction costs

11 Constructing the EVVE Marketing Plan Collaborated on marketing tactics for each of the business/market segments Existing EVVE Product - State/Local, Federal, DMVs EVVE as FOD solution – Life Insurance Agencies, Pension Plans, Credit Bureaus Listed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats for each segment Developed tactics that could be phased in over time Discussed revisions to the EVVE pricing model Focus on strengthening the existing EVVE markets Work with DMVs – large market potential if can reach in-kind agreements Pursue a high-volume market Build relationships with trade and professional associations Leverage the decline in value of the Public DMF and need for insurance companies to more vigorously and timely identify deceased individuals

12 Proposed Marketing Materials Branding EVVE – image, logo Enhance NAPHSIS website for EVVE product, social media online marketing One-pager marketing sheets for each business/market segment Testimonials from customers and champions, case studies, white papers Track current/potential customers through CRM system Direct outreach to high potential customers/partners Publish articles, speaking engagements, trade shows On-line demonstrations/tutorials on how the EVVE product works Advocacy to state and national legislatures and regulatory bodies

13 Factors that Constrain/Enable EVVE Development & Marketing Constraints Current pricing model is a show stopper to potential agencies, penalizes early adopters, hard to budget Cost of customer acquisition is high for small volume users NAPHSIS staff limited in resources/expertise to expand into new markets and system enhancements Enablers Insurance companies can have big effect on EVVE use for FOD queries Reciprocal Pilot with VR offices and DMVs to verify BCs and DL/ID cards In-kind services can be evaluated, strengthen partnerships Eager customers – DoD/PERSEREC interested in evaluating EVVE for background checks

14 Before Embarking on a Business/Marketing Plan Make sure you understand what you are trying to accomplish/goals Have internal resources available that are subject matter experts Know what is reasonable to expect for your available budget Look outside your four walls for external resources to supplement areas where you lack expertise Manage the development of these documents as you would any project The process will be iterative, and the documents will have a life span Communication among all team members is crucial, need to set expectations Reviewing documents and providing input/comments is crucial Be ready to have resources available to move forward with prioritized recommendations

15 NAPHSIS Experience Was a valuable process to have an external entity document a lot of the EVVE knowledge gained by staff/customers over the past 10+years EVVE documents consolidated information and data from a variety of sources NAPHSIS was able to confirm, through an independent entity, the barriers that were impacting the wide-spread usage of EVVE Documents will help NAPHSIS focus on specific activities, steps, and recommendations needed to increase EVVE volume Time is of the essence We need to be nimble in making adjustments to EVVE to be more cost attractive to potential users We need to invest in enhancements to EVVE for FOD queries sooner rather than later

16 Contact Information Rose Trasatti Heim NAPHSIS Project Manager 301-563-6001

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