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Why Rebranding Matters. Our brand is arguably our most important asset.

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1 Why Rebranding Matters

2 Our brand is arguably our most important asset.

3 What is a professional services brand? Our brand is the totality of how our audience sees, talks about and experiences our firm.

4 How do you measure a brand? Reputation x Visibility = Brand Strength

5 What Does This Mean? The better and more focused our reputation and the greater our visibility within our target client group, the more valuable our brand.

6 The strongest brands… > Have 32% higher realized billing rates > Close a higher % of new business > Generate new leads earlier and less expensively > Attract higher quality job applicants

7 Rebranding Readiness… > Do we have specific goals we want to achieve? > Does top management recognize the need? > Does marketing staff recognizes the need? > Is rebranding is a priority? > Have we set aside a budget? > You we identified the internal team? > Have we identified our outside branding partner?

8 How Rebranding Impacts Our Firm… > Re-focuses our strategy to the right targets > Strengthens our value proposition > Tells our story in a clear and powerful way

9 Top Reasons Firms Rebrand > To grow faster > To offer new services > To target new clients > Their message is not clear or compelling > Their brand is out of date > More competition in the marketplace

10 Overview of Rebranding Process… 1. Get the strategy right 2. Build the new brand 3. Roll it out 4. Build it over time

11 1. Get the Strategy Right > Structured research of clients, prospects, competitors, and influences > Study external and internal brand > Brand strategy ● Audiences ● Differentiators ● Positioning ● Messaging ● Visual expression ● Value proposition

12 2. Build the Brand > Name, logo, tagline > Identity Package > Website > Collateral and tools > Tools to tell the story

13 3. Roll It Out > Roll out plan > Building internal buy-in > Training

14 4. Build It Over Time > Marketing plan > Support and troubleshooting > Track and adjust > Outsourced services

15 How Long Will it Take? > Depends on many factors: > Size of your organization > Number decision makers > Amount of research required > Scope of deliverables > Responsiveness of both teams

16 How Much Will it Cost? > Average firm spends about 5% of revenues on marketing > Rebranding usually requires 10%-20% of marketing budget

17 Scenario: Start-Up/ Small Firm > Scope: Basic rebranding (research, positioning, messaging, logo, tagline, website, brand guidelines) > Timing: 3-5 months > Cost: $75,000-$100,000

18 Scenario: Firm Re-focus > Scope: Brand strategy refinement (Research, positioning, messaging, tagline, messaging architecture) > Timing: 8-12 weeks > Cost: $20,000-$30,000

19 Scenario: Complex Firm > Scope: Comprehensive Rebranding and Go-to- Market Strategy (Research, positioning, messaging, logo, tagline, website design & development, multi-piece collateral design & writing, messaging architecture, expanded brand style guidelines, marketing plan) > Timing: 4-8 months > Cost: $100,000-$200,000

20 Selecting a Branding Partner > Clear goals and outcomes > Do they understand our firm and industry? > Have they done it before? > Do they take their own medicine? > Can we try before we buy?

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