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Bucknell University Plan for Prominence

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1 Bucknell University Plan for Prominence
Chip Marrara Asst. Dean of Students and Director of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

2 History of the Plan for Prominence
Committee developed this plan in the fall of 1999 to look at the Bucknell Greek System Current conditions were poor Existing data was poor Focus groups were created to discuss Planning forums coordinated Creating a vision for the Greek system Identified goals Plan is built on visions and goals

3 National Trends in Greek Life at the Time
Poor perceptions - Low Membership Declining Interest - School Control Self Evaluation - Poor Values Member Involvement - Housing Conditions Poor Meal Programs - Senioritis (checked out) Drug/Alcohol Abuse - Alcohol Free Housing Risk Management - Zero Tolerance Advisors in Decline - Lacked Solid Advising

4 Background on the P for P
Charge from the Board of Trustees in 1999 clean up the Greek system or we will dissolve it Responses to the Charge Timetable created – formal committee, identify stakeholders, data collection process Status reports (current and future) – presented at various times to Alumni Greek Council (AGC), Committee on Complimentary Activities (CCA), IFC, PH, & BOT Input and Feedback – IHQ & chapter representatives, other stakeholders, web-sites, CCA

5 History of Plan for P continued
Eleven Strategic Goals Broken down to 44 separate initiatives All are very specific and can be read from pages 3 – 18 of the Plan for Prominence

6 History of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs at Bucknell
1855 – first national Greek organization – Phi Kappa Psi 1887 – first sorority – Beta Delta Phi 1895 – first national Greek sorority - Pi Beta Phi 1982 – alcohol related activities were banned from by CCA and BU administration Sunday to Friday 1984 – Faculty voted to improve system (it did not happen) 1988 – Greek Review Committee was formed 1989 – Faculty voted to abolish the system (margin of 94-46) 1992 – Sophomore recruitment was voted in and implemented 1996 – Ordered to follow all Greek IHQ policies 2001 – Plan for Prominence was approved and voted in and scheduled to begin for calendar year 2002 2002 became a trial year – 2003 was the first full year

7 Plan for Prominence Accreditation
Eight Categories totaling 100 points Good Standing Minimum chapter score is 90 points Silver Star Minimum chapter score of 100 points Silver status in all categories Gold Star Minimum chapter of 100 points Gold status in all categories

8 Eight Plan for Prominence Categories
Academics – 20 pts – 10 pts/semester All Chapter gpa of 3.0 or higher All Chapter gpa of 3.33 or higher All Chapter gpa of 3.50 or higher Academic Plan submitted by Feb. 1 of each year Alumni Relations – 10 pts How strong are your alumni boards, web-sites regularly updated, newsletters, communication, active advisor, alumni boards, etc.

9 Categories Cont. Community Service & Philanthropy – 10 pts.
See the handout – very important 10 hrs and $20 – Good Standing 15 hrs and $30 – Silver Star 20 hrs and $40 – Gold Star Educational Programming – 10 pts. Six educational program categories – must have programs in five of the six Alcohol/Drug, Gender/Sexual Assault, Hazing Prevention, Diversity/Tolerance, Faculty Relations, Health Education, Other approved areas Excused absences do not count toward your required attendance numbers – Have the program when members can attend 5 programs and 70% attendance - Good 8 programs and 75% attendance - Silver 10 programs and 80% attendance - Gold

10 Categories Continued Campus Involvement – 10 pts. – easiest category
2 events with 50% attendance - Good 3 events with 60% attendance - Silver 4 events with 70% attendance - Gold New Member Education – 10 pts. End of semester and no violations - Good 10 weeks and no violations - Silver 8 weeks and no violations - Gold An approved hazing prevention program for all new members New member education program submitted by Sept. 1 Need proof of initiation when new members are initiated

11 Categories Cont. Chapter Management – 15 pts. $3 million insurance
Meet with the DOS appointed advisor regularly Regular university advisor contact Meet or exceed housing occupancy levels Who lives in?... How many officers?... Bucknell Standard policies Pass the regular housing inspections

12 Categories Cont. Social Responsibility – 15 pts. – not difficult
Number of Alcohol violations 10 good – 4 silver – 2 gold Number of Risky violations 8 good – 4 silver – 0 gold Member accountability program Must have one actively in place and submitted by Sept. 15 Non-alcoholic event requirements per semester – one good - two silver – three gold

13 Rewards - Plan for Prominence
Gold Star $5000 to the chapter and an award Placed in their on-campus account Silver Star $2500 to the chapter and an award

14 Failure to Make Good Standing
Placed on Conditional Recognition Status Require permission from COGL to: Host any event (on or off campus) with alcohol Participate in recruitment Participate in Intramural sports Participate in Greek Week Chapter goes before COGL in April for re-accreditation $500 accreditation fee

15 Failure to make “good standing” Two Semesters in a Row
Placed on Stayed-Suspension Status Require permission from COGL to: Participate in recruitment May not: Host any event with alcohol Participate in IM’s Have voting privileges from IFC or PH rescinded Meet with COGL in November $1000 re-accreditation fee

16 Forms and Paper Work to Turn in - Important
Academic Achievement Plan is due February 1 of every year Alumni Newsletters are due when you create them Full length, detailed New Member Education Program is due September 1 of every year Proof of new member initiation Membership Accountability Program is due September 15 of every year New Proof of Liability Insurance is due every year at the time the old policy expires

17 Forms and Paper Work to Turn in
Community Service – blue form – within 30 days of completion – completely filled out – get from the GL office Philanthropy – green form – within 30 day of donation – with a copy of the check or some form of proof Campus Involvement – orange form – within 30 days of the event – with a verification signature Programming – yellow form – within 30 days of the event – with proof of attendance Non-Alcoholic Events – pink form – within 30 days of the event – with a copy of the invitation sent to campus No forms will be accepted prior to the completion of the event

18 Questions and Answers Chip Marrara Assistant Dean of Students
Bucknell University 218 Elaine Langone Center (ELC) Lewisburg, PA 17837 (570)

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