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Lauren Jaffie Reily McEvers Chelsea Gosnell.

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4 Lauren Jaffie

5 Reily McEvers

6 Chelsea Gosnell

7 Marisa Feehan

8 Maria

9 Cathy Lee

10 Monica

11 Ashley

12 MC

13 Abby

14 Lindsey

15 December 23 rd : Registration CLOSES! First week in January: Your Recruitment Counselor will get in touch with you with details January 13 th : Prepare to be back in Boston (dorms will be open at 10am!) January 14-18 th : Recruitment at the Marriott Copley

16 We dont call it Rush its called Recruitment PNM: Potential New Member Parties: The visits to the chapters RC: Recruitment Counselor ICS: The computer program you will use to make your selections

17 Take the Green Line INBOUND to the Copley T Stop. There will be Recruitment Counselors at the Copley T stop giving directions to the hotel Follow the RCs! PLEASE BE AT THE COPLEY T STOP NO LATER THAN 8:00AM on January 14 th !

18 On day one you will visit all nine sororities for 15 minute parties At the end of the night you will use the computer to make your selections You will select seven chapters you wish to return to and then rank the remaining

19 Women and chapters are matched based on their combined level of interest in each other

20 Know what is important to you when it comes to an organization. What are you looking for? Then figure out questions you can ask to see if a chapter possess these traits Figure out what YOU can bring to the organization. How will you emphasize YOUR strengths when you are visiting the chapters? How will you show them that you will be an asset.


22 Come as you are. Casual. Its a long day and you will be meeting lots of women so it is important to be comfortable. Example: Jeans and comfortable shoes



25 Business attire. Slacks, dresses etc. Examples: black pants, a nice skirt, flats


27 Formal attire. You should come dressed to impress- dress as if you were going to a nice wedding. Example: cocktail attire, dresses, skirts, nice pants, flats



30 Good Things to Discuss: Friends, Family, Fun, Favorites, Future High School Activities Involvement at BU Travels over break Kardashian Gossip

31 Taboo topics Men, Fraternities, Alcohol There should be no talking in the PNM Room Do not discuss your selections or invitations with your peers No TEXTING! Respect Recruitment Counselors, Recruitment Team, Chapter women and your peers!

32 Please feel free to wear sweats and boots to the hotel. Its cold out Bring books, magazines, quiet games, snacks, money for lunch Do NOT bring laptops, iPads

33 Download the PNM Handbook book at or on the Facebook Page

34 Where do I send Recommendations? Email Who do I contact if I have travel delays? Contact your Recruitment Counselor

35 LIKE BU Sorority Recruitment on Facebook to make sure you get important updates and information Follow BU Panhel on Twitter Frequently check

36 for all questions

37 We cant wait to see you in JANUARY!!!

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