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TM BULLIES Who bullies are, what bullying is, and how we stop it.

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1 TM BULLIES Who bullies are, what bullying is, and how we stop it.

2 WHO IS A BULLY? What does it mean to bully someone? TM

3 Systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students. BULLYING IS:

4 Break into groups of 4-5 students. Choose one student to speak on the groups behalf. Within 10 minutes identify three behaviors on the handout that you believe do not constitute bullying. Try to reach a unanimous decision. The group speaker should be prepared to explain the groups choices. TM Exercise: Identifying bullying behaviors TM


6 What did each group decide? TM Lets look at each of the behaviors on the list. TM


8 1. Is it bullying to make fun of another student because he or she dresses differently than other students while on a school field trip? TM

9 2. Is it bullying to spread rumors about someone behind his or her back? TM

10 3. Is it bullying to deliberately not invite someone to hang out with you and your friends to make that student feel bad? TM

11 4. Is it bullying to send an insulting text message to another student while you are riding the school bus at the end of the day? TM

12 5. Is it bullying for a teacher to tell a student that he or she is worthless in front of the class? TM

13 6. Is it bullying for one student to tear up another students homework? TM

14 7. Is it bullying to use a personal cell phone to post a nasty comment about a student on Facebook between class periods? TM

15 8. Is it bullying to whisper secrets to a friend in front of another student to make that student think you are talking about him or her? TM

16 9. Is it bullying to leave a mean note on a students locker? TM

17 10. Is it bullying to tell a teacher that one student is humiliating another, even though the student who informed the teacher knows this is not true? TM

18 11. Is it bullying to block the hallway while a student is trying to get to class? TM

19 12. Is it bullying to follow a student around with the intent to scare him or her while attending a school dance? TM

20 13. Is it bullying for a student to threaten a teacher by saying, If you call my parents, youll be very sorry. TM

21 14. Is it bullying to intentionally trip a student at football practice after school? TM

22 ALL of these examples constitute bullying behaviors. TM

23 Is bullying a problem at your school? Do you think there should be a law against bullying at school?

24 TM Question: If a certain type of behavior is not included in the law, it is still considered bullying? Did you know? In 2008, the Florida legislature adopted a public school anti-bullying law.

25 TM ANSWER: It can be. Bullying can occur at any time and any place. The statute adopted by the Florida legislature, however, only covers conduct that is school-related. TM

26 Example: You send someone a mean or threatening anonymous email from your home computer. Although not part of the school anti-bully statute, most people would consider such hurtful conduct to be bullying. TM

27 What can we do to stop bullying in schools? TM

28 In any bullying incident, there are at least 2 people involved: The BULLY, and The VICTIM. TM

29 Sometimes, a third person or group is involved: The BYSTANDER Why? Because a bully likes to have an audience! TM

30 Ignore the bully and walk away. Walk to class in a groupbullies tend to attack when you are alone. If you know where bullies hang out, avoid that area or route. If you are a victim of bullying, what are your options and resources? TM

31 Tell the bully to stop his or her conduct in an assertive voice. Note: If there is any risk to your personal safety, do not take this approach. Tell someone who can help. Note: Schools are required by law to investigate reports of bullying. TM

32 Dont join in the bullying conduct! Befriend the victim. Remember, bullies tend to prey on people who are alone. Walk with the victim to class. What if you observe bullying? Can you help and make a difference? Answer: YES! TM

33 Tell the bully to stop. Note: As with a victim, if there is any risk to your personal safety, do not take this approach. Make an excuse that gets the victim away from the bully. (Example: Hey Steve, the principal wants you to come to her office NOW.). Report the incident to an adult. What else can you do as an observer? TM

34 TELLING IS NOT TATTLING Tattling is when a student tells an adult about another students actions simply to get him or her into trouble. Telling is when a student speaks to an adult about another students actions because those actions were unsafe or hurt another person. TM

35 If you are not the one being bullied, should you care? TM

36 Bullied students can become sad and depressed. Many will try to avoid school to escape a bullys harassment. What if someone bullied you? Would you want someone to speak up for you or assist you? TM Answer: Yes TM

37 Bullying is one of the leading causes of school violence. Researchers interviewed 41 school shooters. Two-thirds of the shooters were students who had been bullied. Hard realities: TM

38 Kids who are bullies turn into adults who bully and are more likely to have children who will bully others as well. Would you like for your kids to be bullied? TM

39 Bullies and criminal conduct: One study revealed that 60% of boys who were bullies in middle school had at least one criminal conviction by the age of 24. TM

40 What about the bullies? Is there any reason for bullies to stop their bad behavior? TM

41 ANSWER: YES If an investigation reveals that you have bullied someone in school, you can be punished by your school. Punishment will vary according to the policy of your school district. TM

42 What other, more serious, consequences could follow? A college student in New Jersey spied on his roommate through his webcam. He then made it possible for others to access the webcam and spy on his roommate as well. TM

43 The student was expelled from college and also convicted of a number of criminal offenses for his conduct, including invasion of privacy. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 3 years probation. TM

44 There are many reasons to be concerned about bullies even if you are not the victim of their attacks. You can help stop bullying in your school! TM

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