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Office of the National Science Advisor Bureau du Conseiller national des sciences Jack Smith, Director S&T Foresight CRN World Care Conference September.

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1 Office of the National Science Advisor Bureau du Conseiller national des sciences Jack Smith, Director S&T Foresight CRN World Care Conference September 11, 2007 Vignettes – Foresight Glimpses on Selected Dimensions of Prospective, Nano Futures

2 Foresight Disclaimer Foresight is a collaborative, sharing and challenging exercise; It involves diverse individuals and organizations doing forward research together in search of better preparedness for surprise; Nobody owns foresight outputs except those that actually participated; This presentation does not represent Canadian government policy, nor the views of the National Science Advisor of Canada The presenter is representing his own expertise and reporting upon the insights of those who have joined him in exploring the uncertainties associated with foresight

3 Current Mindsets are (Quite) Often Limited Heavier than air flying machines are impossible - Lord Kelvin, President Royal Society 1882 The horse is here to stay, the automobile is a novelty - Bank Manager to Henry Ford 1908 There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom - Robert Milliken, Nobel Prize in Physics 1923 Who the hell wants to hear actors talk? - Henry Warner, Film Producer 1927 There is a world market for about five computers - Thomas Watson IBM 1943 We dont like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out - President Decca Records, rejecting the Beatles 1962

4 Brockmans List: The Next 50 Years 1.Cybersphere: information beams, portable tele- connection & ubiquitous smart networks; 2.Bio-engineering & bio-robotics, astro-biology, personal genomics & embryo simulation, artificial life models; 3.Quantum math & computing, teleportation, computational and emergent complexity; 4.Search for ETI and biophilic universes; 5.Neuro-sentience & convergent cognition, computational pharmacology,neuro- regeneration 6.Sub-terranean thermophilogy & Triphibious flexible transport 7.Nano-structural products, sensors, materials, fabrication and molecular tailoring

5 Business 2.0 List 1.Bio-interactive Materials - small sensing devices reside on or inside people, animals, and crops 2.Bio-fuel Production Plants - ethanol, methanol, bio- diesel, eliminating dependence on foreign oil 3.Bionics - the next-generation of sophisticated prosthetic limbs or even artificial organs 4.Cognitronics - to link the brain directly to computers 5.Genotyping - making the connection between DNA and specific physical attributes; i.e. longevity, disease. 6.Combinatorial Science - algorithms and computing to develop hypotheses by observing large amounts of data. 7.Molecular Manufacturing - the building of complex atomic structures one atom at a time 8.Quantum Nucleonics - tapping the energy of the atom for energy

6 Fraunhofer-Germany Long Term Tech List 1.Smart Environments – micro components, smart sensors, cyber bots; 2.Man-Machine Cooperation – intuitive brain-computer links; 3.Polytronics – plastics in displays, energy systems and virtual environments; 4.Digital Medicine - imaging, simulations, medications via genomics, proteomics; 5.Digital Logistics - automated commerce - transactions, storages, fleets; 6.Integrated Production – digital mass customized and virtual, flexible products; 7.Adaptive Structures – piezo-ceramics to dampen vibration, noise, save energy; 8.Photonics Enablers- universal light controls: medicine, electronics, materials; 9.Nano-Ultra-Violet – extreme ultaviolet nano-processing radiation applications; 10.Simulation and Modelling - of everything – quantum & grid computing power; 11.Customized Energy – distributed, portable networks, less central power.

7 What is Foresight? A set of strategic tools that support government and industry decisions with adequate lead time for societal preparation and strategic response. Anticipates multiple, plausible futures 5 – 25 year time horizon A rehearsal for potential futures Accommodates uncertainty & diversity Highlights emerging opportunities & threats

8 Foresight Tools Environmental Scanning Scenario Planning Technology Mapping and Road-mapping Expert Technical Panels Robust Factor Analysis and Strategies Development Web Virtual Conferences Computerized Modelling and Dynamic Simulation

9 Scenario Basics Stories With Implications Rich context Provocative diversity Relate to perceived needs & opportunities Designate some edges – choices, boundaries Consider also the opposites - + and - Critical Parameters 4-7 is best, > 10 confuses Plots are useful when transparent, consistently structured, concise Focus is critical to engage key stakeholders Challenges-evidence tests may be useful Balance of structure-free form helps ensure vibrancy Evocative names help recognition & thematic links

10 Foresight Systems Lenses Relevance-Importance Plausibility Technical feasibility Probability Convergence character Disruptive potential Relative preference Relative expectation Instant Buzz Factor Spheres of Influence Ecological Economic- Productive Socio-ethical Educational Geo-political Military-Intelligence Values & Culture

11 Effectiveness -Robustness Real uncertainties exposed, elaborated in different ways Consensus on risks leads to clear divides between positives and negatives - OR Strong and diverging pathways ensures issues and choices are clear with implications Stakeholders articulate and begin to advocate new opportunities, strategies for avoidance of threats Meta-insights emerge about the fundamental mission and its risk- reward systems

12 Environmental Scanning Strategic Trends: i.e. factors that shift as a result of change patterns, but we have little influence: e.g. more nuclear equipped nations; failing states proliferation; Critical Drivers and Uncertainties: i. e. discernible change patterns that may be amenable to stakeholder actions; e.g. global security; major S&T developments Possible Shocks: i.e. wild card, high impact, low probability events that alter fundamentals; e.g. 9-11; Iran as a nuclear power

13 Macro Shaping Trends Ambient Intelligence – progress toward the Singularity Miniaturization of Technology Globalization of Capital, Terror, Disease, Eco-environment Anti-globalization of Biodiversity, Culture, Sustainability De-Carbonization of Energy Economy Harmonization - Standardization for Trade Migration, Multi-Culturalism of Populations Intensification, Differentiation, of Wealth Bi-polarization of religious Values and Secular Evolution Transformation, of Infrastructure Systems Virtualization, Digitization & Integration of: Business-Professions, Production, Communications, Entertainment, Education Acceleration of Knowledge Services as Economic Driver Proliferation of Surveillance - Security

14 Key Societal Change Domains Demographics – population shifts, immigration issues Science & Technology – genomics, biotech, convergence, nanotech, telecom & energy innovations Environment – carrying capacity, global ecology, treaties Attitudes, Values, Beliefs – from opinion to religion to geopolitical impacts on culture, security-terror etc. Global Economy – interdependent markets, trade, wealth shifts, productivity & management of innovation Governance & Institutions – political organization, nascent, failed and rogue states Evident Threats - to civilization, growth economies & infrastructure and to specific populations/segments

15 ONSA Foresight 2004 - 06 Canadian Foresight – ONSA Led ChallengesResults Future fuel- technology options, alternatives to conventional oil Technology roadmaps for bio-fuels, hydrogen-fuel cells, unconventional hydrocarbons Technological innovation for the Canadian Health System; Technology maps and health commercialization advice; identified new technologies and regulatory stewardship S&T for public safety and all hazards Canadian security; Threat scenarios, S&T strategies for the DRDC – PSEPC Center for Security Science, links with USDHS, Proteus Critical Thinking Game; How to manage public anxieties re animal diseases and mass culls- disposal; Technology-communications measures for the CFIA to manage R&D and threats to public health, and strategies for proactive public anxiety reduction; How bio-products might factor into our future economy Scenarios and Canadian policy drivers for emerging bio- product markets and development paths

16 ONSA Connections with Global Foresight Networks USA National Science Advisor, Cyber Security Task Force, National Science Foundation, National Intelligence Council, Director of National Intelligence UK Chief Scientist and Foresight Office Finland and Sweden: Finnsight 2015, Swedish Foresight Laboratory - Vinnova European Commission DG Research: Euro Research Area Foresight Network; Institute for Prospective Technology Studies, Framework Program 7 NISTEP Japan; KISTEP Korea APEC Centre for Technology Foresight, Industrial Science and Technology and Energy Working Groups UN University Millennium Project Germany Futur; France Futuris

17 Define Project Topic Review Current Situation Identify Key Lenses Answer Challenge Questions Identify Change Drivers Select Critical Drivers Identify Scenarios Populate Each Scenario Backcast to Present Synthesis & Recommendations Foresight Process Overview

18 Three Revolutions in Science Nanotechnology Systems Biology Advanced Computation

19 Strongest material known to man 100 times stronger than steel, only one-sixth the weight Stiffness-to-weight ratio 40x higher than that of aluminum Electrical conductivity better than copper Thermal conductivity greater than diamond Hollow: gas storage, drug delivery Water filtration Actuation demonstrated Electronic Properties: Structural properties: Composites 1 nm Carbon Nanotubes: Convergent Potentials The best field emitters known Already developed for field emission displays, lighting Molecular wires Semiconducting or metallic Single-electron transistors demonstrated Ballistic transport (10 9 A/cm 2 ) – up to 1 mA per tube! Courtesy of Battelle - Dave Geohegan, ORNL

20 The Billion-Ton Vision: Biomass Could Displace 30% or More of Our Current Transportation Fuel Needs Post-genomic biology offers the promise of controlled design of energy systems Controlled Bio-Energy Convergence

21 Research Methodology… Each technology/application area was evaluated by each expert panel member on three relevant dimensions: Commercial Potential Technical Feasibility Public Policy Issues The midpoint of each team's evaluation are shown in the following 3 diagrams…

22 Convergent Technologies for Health and Life Sciences 2020 Anticipated Market Size Anticipated Feasibility

23 Convergent Technologies for Energy and the Environment Anticipated Market Size Anticipated Feasibility

24 Convergent Technologies for Water, Food, and Bio-fuels 2020 Anticipated Market Size Anticipated Feasibility

25 Converging Technologies For Canada ? 1."Clean Coal" technologies 2.Bio-nano-health Monitors 3.Implantable Nanoarrays for Livestock 4."CO 2 Sequestration" technologies 5.Environmental nanobiosensors 6.On-time Nano-vaccinology 7."Biomass Biofuels" technologies 8.Medical "Tricorder" 9.Smart Agri-bio Nanoencapsulation 10.Food-tracking Nanotags 11.Directed Evolution Chips

26 Extreme Views of Convergence

27 Trends in Nanotechnology Smart materials with nano films, structures Integration of functions and structure in membranes, fabrics, fibers, self powered entities, biomimetic materials New environmental leaps in performance: e.g water filtration and purification, biocidals, bioremediation and decontamination Nano sensor networks, tracking capacities – nano- electro-mechanics (eg HVAC embedded) Wearable personalized nano sensors with data and communications capabilities Energy and power efficiencies improvements, battery power management Smart dust capability for widespread human, environments surveillance Computational devices embedded in consumer, commercial goods Functional, programmable nanostructures for controlled drug delivery, performance of implants, protheses New devices, building materials and fabrics that incorporate nano film solar power and are climate responsive

28 Trends in Biotechnology Control, improvements in living organisms Bio-sensing at the micro and nano level, micro and nano electromechanics Integration with wireless, RFID, photonics-molecular level cameras Tissue engineering, artificial organs, implants and protheses Targeted drug delivery and use of in vitro capacities Rapid scaleable bio-assays for molecule ID, medical diagnosis and forensics Personalized medicine using large data sets of patient information, disease statistics, gene sequences and genotypes Genetically modified insects to counter pathogen carriers In silico- computer testing and comprehensive modelling for drug characteristics, side effects and receptor simulation – lab on chip Molecular recognition –targeted drug delivery to organs, tumours

29 Trends in Infotechnology & Ambient Intelligence (ICT) Progress toward ubiquitous access and embededness; Open source collaborative tools and deeper peer- to peer functionality; Continued migration towards device and functional convergence; Infobased manufacturing, claytronics for distributed fabrication; Broader object based nodes and networks so everything can be smart and connected; Pervasive E Science and dynamic simulation and modelling; Gaming for personal and organizational decisions, learning; Emerging horizons for faster, exponentially more powerful encryption, quantum information Sustained info markets growth for surveillance, sensor networks, tracking capacities, nano-electromechanics Wearable, implantable personalized micro-nano-bio info sensors with data and communications capabilities

30 Glimpses of the Nanocosm* Targeted delivery of nano-scale pharmaceuticals; Nanoparticles for cancer treatment; Smart bio-nano materials and implants; Nanosensor determined synthetic environments; Nanosistors – wavicles: logic gates for molecular DNA based computing; Impermeable, anti corrosive nano composite coatings Wearable polymer nano-electronics for portable, personal bio-cogno self monitoring – computing * Nanocosm by William Illsey Atkinson, Penguin Books Canada 2003

31 The Big Uncertainty When, how and with what implications, nano level self assembly will be practical for not only new materials but new machines with new and amazing programmable capabilities

32 Pathways Toward Self Assembly

33 CRN Scenarios 1.New Arms Race: Secret Military Development 2.Positive Expectations - Evolutionary Potential 3. Molecular Anarchy & Redemption 4. Nano-Recede: Elusive Drextech 5. And Not a Drop to Drink 6. Nano-Policy Crisis 7. Breaking the Fever 8. Newshound Notebook 2018

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