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Open Knowledge Repository (OKR)

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1 Open Knowledge Repository (OKR)
@ The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) Eliza McLeod, Head WBG Library September, 2013 UN LINKS, Geneva Modified from presentation by Jose de Buerba, Sr. World Bank Publishing Officer & Paschal Ssemaganda, World Bank Publishing Officer

2 Agenda Roots of OKR ORK & Access to Information Policy
Policy Scope & Requirements Working with Bank authors Features & General Costs of the Repository

3 Part of Larger Open Development Trend
Open Knowledge Repository Part of Larger Open Development Trend “We need to recognize that development knowledge is no longer the sole province of the researcher, the scholar, or the ivory tower. The aim is to open the treasure chest of the World Bank’s data and knowledge to every village health care worker, every researcher, everyone.” Robert B. Zoellick, Former President, The World Bank Group, Georgetown University, September 2010 In fact, Open Development trend and transparency, I argue began under Wolfensohn in the 90s when knowledge management and sharing buzz began. Dr. Kim, Current President, The World Bank Group Stimulate use of development knowlege to solve development problems The goal of open development, …is to improve the lives of people around the world through access to information.

Embracing Openness Open About What We Know (Data and Knowledge) What We Do (Operations and Results) How We Work (Partnerships for Openness) Open Government (Transparency, Accountability) Paradigm shift from Knowledge is Power to Knowledge Sharing is Power. THE WORLD BANK OPEN AGENDA

5 Open Knowledge Repository Background
Built on the work of the Internal Documents Unit which created Imagebank (internal official Bank documents repository) in Created external version of Imagebank in 1996, called World Development Sources which changed the name to Documents & Reports Imagebank (internal repository) contains Research and Publications and also Operations and Project and Board papers and flagship documents Jeannette Smith with Denise Bedford spent several years teaching Terragram to help with tagging keywords (metadata) to the works in Imagebank. 4 staff currently in India to do abstracting, 2 contractors and 1 short term consultant and 2 staff at HQ to help with cataloguing documents which includes the need for foreign language cataloguing In fact, librarians had been involved in focus groups with the IDU over the years to offer suggested improvements and functionalities IDU catalogs between 10-14,000 documents a year FY13 Total FY12 Total FY11 Total 14,103 12,451 12,648 As of June 30th, 152,748 documents available publicly in Documents & Reports

6 Strategic Review of World Bank Publishing
Open Access Policy Creative Commons Open Knowledge Repository In July, 2010, WBG approved Access to Information Policy (related to Archives and sharing older bank information) also, Office of the Publisher began looking at how to better share Bank publications and research which helped fuel the creation of the Open Knowledge Repository, (which turned 1 in April) built on the work of our Internal Documents Unit (some of you will recall Jeannette Smith and her presentation last year about the Knowledge Capture Project, she runs the IDU where they manage our Internal Repository of official Bank documents and reports which has a public database, aptly called Documents and Reports ---we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the internal repository this year and Documents and Reports has been accessible to the public since 1996 ….The Open Knowledge Repository or OKR is a subset of the published research building on our larger documents and reports database. or Open Access Publishing

7 Why an Open Access Policy?
To provide greater access to Bank research and knowledge outputs To encourage innovation allowing use and re-use (i.e., derivative works, translations, text-mining,etc.) To join a growing Open Access community (e.g., governments, universities, and other institutions) To align Bank’s Publishing with Bank’s Open Development Agenda

8 Policy Scope WB OA Policy applies to manuscripts and accompanying data sets: resulting from research, analysis, and economic and sector work; which have undergone peer review or have been otherwise vetted and approved for release to the public; and for which approval for release is given on or after July 1,

9 Policy Requirements For works published by the Bank
Available immediately in OKR Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) For works by Bank staff published externally (mostly journal articles) Working paper version available immediately in OKR under CC BY Final, peer-reviewed Accepted Author Manuscript (AAM), available in OKR after Publisher's embargo under CC BY NC ND (unless more liberal license is accepted)

10 World Bank Publishing Intranet web site

11 Step-by-Step Guides for Authors
Internal Training Step-by-Step Guides for Authors

12 Features Optimal Discoverability:
Interoperable with other repositories Adherence to Open Access standards (Dublin Core metadata and OAI-PMH) Systematic metadata curation process Intuitive Interface: Several browse options, advanced search, most viewed content, citation information, permanent links, etc. Built on DSpace - OA platform Allows Use, Reuse and Building-on Bank’s Work: CC BY copyright license New Content: Content published by external Publishers

13 FEATURE: Advanced Metrics
While we can see which countries are downloading what, we need to be better at measuring impact of what clients are using…how does this research help transform, contribute to innovation? That is the challenging part.

14 Usage: Total Downloads, First Year
1 million downloads in 1 year (44% from developing countries)

15 Interoperability & Discoverability
DSpace is limited in flexibility for metadata harvesters. Current solution: Allow filtering via facets like country and topic to create virtual sets. The resultant XML output is OAI-PMH compliant and exportable. Working on upgrade to allow mobile improved search. Indexing in Google Scholar. Internal pressure from WBG regions for local language searching and content I believe that if we want better impact we will absolutely need to work on translations and the OKR, like Documents and Reports, will need interfaces in languages other than English.

16 Costs $120K in development, 2011 to date (August, 2013) Contracted a Belgian developer Hosting cost $25K/year, hosted in cloud On-going costs approximately $30-40K 2 FTEs, 1 repository manager, a project manager and .5 FTE for marketing & social media support Information provided by Matt Howell (who has moved to ADB).

17 Conclusions Still in early stages in Open Access publishing.
Academic publishers are rebuilding their business models: some embrace, some resist and some hide. Embargo periods vary per publisher, only 1 publisher has agreed so far (Routledge, Elsevier being negotiated). Open Repositories built on open software (DSpace, ePrints) increase dissemination significantly… but marketing & outreach are still important. WB focused on technical innovations and building new partnerships to drive usage and discovery I would like to see the OKR and Documents and Reports become one interface with filtering / facets and also some rating elements like in social media to get at how useful the research is.

18 Comparison of Document Collections Open Knowledge Repository (OKR)
World Bank eLibrary Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) Documents & Reports Tools/Functionality: Quick & Adv. Search (+ Full Text Search) MARC records Save Favorites and Searches Full Text Search Citation exporting Customized new content alerts Indexed in Lib. Search & Disc. Services Athens & Shibboleth Authentication COUNTER-compliant Reports Mobile optimized (forthcoming) Custom eBook Tool (forthcoming) Customer service Content: Full collection of all Publications & Research since 1990s World Bank Economic Review (WBER) and World Bank Research Observer (WBRO) since 1996 with no embargo All Policy Research Working Papers since 1998 All Development Outreach issues Links to related datasets (forthcoming) Full text PDF + Chapter-level access/ XML for new books (forthcoming) Creative Commons CC BY licenses (WB-published content only) Volume: 9,000 (52% overlap with OKR) Tools/Functionality: Quick & Advanced Search Citation information Author Profiles “Most Viewed Content” & Usage Statistics Interoperable with Open Access repositories (Dublin Core) Indexed in Google Scholar Content: Publications & Research since 2005 Policy Research Working Papers since 2005 Economic & Sector Work since 2005 Annual Reports & Independent Evaluation Studies since 2005 World Bank Economic Review (WBER) & World Bank Research Observer (WBRO) with 18-month embargo All Knowledge Notes Links to Bank-authored, external journal articles Full text PDF Machine-readable text files Creative Commons CC BY licenses (WB-published content only) Volume: 10,000 Tools/Functionality: Quick & Advanced Search Citation information Interconnected with Bank operations portal and websites Interface and Search available in six languages Content: All publically-available World Bank documents since 1946 (including newly de-classified documents) Publications & Research World Bank Economic Review (WBER) and World Bank Research Observer (WBRO) since 1986 with 18-month embargo Policy Research Working Papers Economic & Sector Work Annual Reports & Independent Evaluation Studies Board Documents Country Focus Project Documents Translated content (selected) Full text PDF Machine-readable text files Volume: 140,000+ This is a quick at-a-glance comparison of the 3 collections. Most of the differences (highlighted in bold) are in the functionality of the site, volume, and the content date ranges. Please note this is not a comprehensive list; there is much more detail behind each item. Please contact OR if you have any questions. Free. Select Content Subscription: More Tools & Functionality Free. Most Content 9/2013

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