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Library 19 September 2012 Web of Science EconLit Google Scholar.

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1 Library 19 September 2012 Web of Science EconLit Google Scholar

2 Library Web of Knowledge (Institute for Scientific Information) Web of Science top tab default Reference guide 11 languagesReference guide

3 Library Bibliography-building Searching & Citations Topic Author Cited references Breakout (eg. by year) Export Times cited Citation report Search history Alerts Mapping citations Scientific Web

4 Library Phrase definition & authors Phrase Searching eg. Outright Monetary Transactions finds this exact phrase Parentheses Use parentheses to group compound statements. For example: (Eurozone OR Euro) AND (inflation targeting) Author Name Enter the last name first, followed by a space and up to five initials. - Artis M* finds: Artis M, Artis JM, Artis Michael &c. - Artis finds all authors with the last name Artis

5 Library Connecting Web of Science

6 Library Institutional Data Times Higher Education –2012 World University Rankings (3 October)2012 World University Rankings Using 'Advanced Search' OG= Organisation

7 Library World University Rankings World University Rankings Times Higher Education The Learning Environment (30%) Citations / Research Influence (30%) Research volume, income, reputation (30%) International outlook: people, research (7.5%) Industry Income: innovation (2.5%) pp.28-29, Times Higher Education rankings supplement, 6 October 2011

8 Library Some Caveats: international coverage The journal selection process –"Many excellent regional journals target a local, rather than an international, audience. Therefore, the emphasis on extensive international diversity is less than for internationally focused journals."

9 Library Caveats… Emphasis on articles not books –(TR developing Book Citation Index) Main articles sometimes mis-classified as reviews Language coverage – diacritic errors in citation 'Web of Science' does not correct/change metadata Abstracts only since 1992 Not all series are indexed – eg. NBER Author names – variations Citation because of controversial or bad science

10 Library Google Scholar eg: "social inequality" Link EUI full text journalsEUI full text journals Advanced Scholar search Preferences

11 Library Scholar Citations Google Scholar Citations – Details and corrections

12 Library

13 Library Text Analysis Ngram Viewer –

14 Library Pros. & Cons. Google Scholar not by 'relevance' but by metadata Not limited to 'published' documents Google keeps algorithms, metrics and definions of 'scholarly publication' secret Control is less rigid: a pro or a con? July upgrade: 'top publications' list.

15 Library EconLit –e-bibliography of economics literature, compiled by the AEA with abstracts, indexing and chapter lists of edited works. –1,200,000 records (1886-2012)

16 Library RePEc Research Papers in Economics –RePEc database of Economics literature and references, founded in 1993database –RePEc blogblog

17 Library 19 September 2012 Web of Science EconLit Google Scholar

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