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Established in 1990 18 years in the Russian Financial Market OJSC CHELINDBANK – the major universal bank in the Chelyabinsk region Since 1996 – the principal.

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2 Established in 1990 18 years in the Russian Financial Market OJSC CHELINDBANK – the major universal bank in the Chelyabinsk region Since 1996 – the principal member of VISA INTERNATIONAL A professional participant of the securities market Joint projects with EBRD Participant No 1 in the Deposit Insurance System Customer base – more than 18,5 thousand of legal entities and entrepreneurs, 550 thousand of individuals The amount of issued VISA cards – approximately 332,4 thousand. Customer service network – app. 56 of structural units in the Chelyabinsk Region, a branch in Yekaterinburg, representative office in Moscow, 126 ATMs Activity Key Figures as at January 1st, 2009: Assets - 22,9 billion rubles Capital adequacy - 18,6% Capital – 3,5 billion rubles ROA - 2,5 % Customer loans- 15,5 billion rubles ROE - 15,2 % Individual Deposits – 10,3 billion rubles Enterprise assets - 6,5 billion rubles Financial Statements IFRS FS – PriceWaterhouseCoopers RFRS - PeterburgBankAudit (since 1995) 2

3 3 Mission We are the major universal bank in the Urals Region. We create and maintain the customer base and establish mutually beneficial relations with customers. We feel committed to participate in spheres of activities of our customers providing them with the wide range of banking services meeting their requirements and complying with the international banking practice and standards. We ensure absolute fulfillment of all obligations undertaken to our partners and gaining profit to our shareholders. We conduct our business open for customers and shareholders in strict compliance with the Russian laws based on corporate management standards, fair competition, updated IT solutions and high professional level of the Bank executives and staff. We reward our employees according to the contribution of each to the Bank results achieved. We regard social demands with attention and together with local authorities aim at participating in promotion of social projects for the benefit of the society, growth and improvement of economy of the Chelyabinsk Region.

4 Licenses CHELINDBANK has the following licenses: The General Banking License 485 dated 16/09/2002 issued by the Central Bank of Russia The License on Banking Operations with Precious Metals 485 от 16/09/2002 The Licenses entitling the Bank to operate as a professional participant of the securities market The FSS (Federal Security Service) License entitling the Bank to work with means for cryptographic protection of information The Bank belongs to the 26 Russian credit institutions that were the first to join the Obligatory Deposit Insurance System. State corporation Deposit Insurance Agency included OJSC CHELINDBANK into the register of participants of the Obligatory Deposit Insurance System under No1. Participation in associations and unions: Regional Banks Association Russia Russian Banks Association Principal member of VISA International Association (since 1996 года); has regional acquiring license of VISA International (since 2003) Bill Market Members Association Association of Industrial Enterprises and Banks of Chelyabinsk Region Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) Participation in Exchanges: Member of the Urals Regional Currency exchange (г. Yekaterinburg) Member of Government Securities and Currency sections of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (Moscow) Member of Stock Exchange of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (Moscow) Member of Currency section of Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange (Novosibirsk) 4

5 5 Branch Network CHELINDBANK has 28 branches and 18 outlets on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region and a branch in Yekaterinburg.

6 6 Ratings CHELINDBANK is a major universal Russian regional bank. The main activity region of the Bank is the Chelyabinsk Region. According to the ranking of the Interfax-100 as for the results of 2008 CHELINDBANK is ranked as the 111th by assets and as the 98th by ownership capital among the major Russian banks. Based on RosBusinessConsulting agency data according to the results of January 1st, 2009 among 1000 Russian universal commercial banks CHELINDBANK holds: 52-nd position by personal savings 69-th position by the volume of retail credit portfolio 85-th position by the deposit portfolio 91-th position by the credit portfolio According to the rating of "Expert-Urals" magazine as at 01.01.2009 CHELINDBANK is ranked as the 7th in the Urals region by the volume of retail deposits and as 8th by consumer loan portfolio, as the 7th by assets, as the 7th by corporate loan portfolio, as the 11th by corporate customer accounts. On October 8th, 2008 Fitch Ratings, belonging to the three leading international rating agencies, assigned CHELINDBANK Long-term Issuer Default (IDR) «В-» (B minus), National Long-term «ВВ+(rus)», the outlooks are Stable. Fitch points out that «The bank has remained resilient to the ongoing turmoil in domestic and international financial markets». CHELINDBANK is the first bank of the Chelyabinsk region to get ratings according to the international scale.

7 As at 01.01.2009: Authorized capital – 809 mln.rubles Ownership capital – 3,5 billion rubles Assets – 22,9 billion rubles Assets, ownership capital, authorized capital 7

8 8 Customer services Services to corporate customers Retail BankingForeign exchange transactions and services Bank cards services Cash and settlement services Deposit operations Lending Guarantee operations International settlements Service of customers foreign economic activity Salary projects Issue and discount of bills Collection Remote banking service systems: «Client+Bank», «Telephone+Bank», «Client+Bank Online» Securities market services Operations with precious metals coins and bullions Safe custody Issue and service of corporate bank cards Leasing Deposits in rubles and foreign currency Lending Issue and service of VISA cards Transfers in rubles and foreign currrency (including Western Union, Migom, SWIFT operations) Foreign exchange purchase and sale operations Individual payments to organizations for rendered services Payments and other banking services provided via mobile phones to VISA card owners Remote banking service systems: Telephone+Bank, Client+Bank Online Operations with precious metals coins and bullions Safe custody Securities operations Issue and discount of bills Foreign settlements in all forms internationally accepted: transfer, letter of credit, collection by SWIFT Bank guarantees and confirmation of L/C by the first-class European and American banks with or without coverage Individual foreign currency transfers without opening a current foreign currency account (including Western Union) Foreign exchange transactions Purchase and sale of foreign currency Foreign exchange control Transactions with currency with restricted convertibility Issue and servicing VISA Gold, VISA Classic, VISA Electron, including microprocessing VISA cards Acquiring in VISA system Issue and servicing corporate customers local settlement systems cards including Bon Appetit cards Corporate cards issue and handling Regular payments from card accounts Loans to cardholders

9 9 Corporate banking CHELINDBANK renders services to corporate customers of different industries, patterns of ownership and scope of activity. The Bank corporate customers are defense enterprises, enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous industry, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, food industry, travel agencies and trading companies etc. Our customers are: FGUP PA «Mayak»CJSC «Unichel» Footwear company FGUP «RFYAC-VNIITF»Grains and Bread Products company n.a. Grigorovich JSC «Chelyabinsk Electolytic Zinc Plant»OJSC «Chelyabvtormet» JSC «Ufaleynickel» Pokrovsky Passage Chain Store system JSC «Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant»

10 10 Cooperation with the EBRD The Bank has been dealing with small and medium business lending under the EBRD program for more than six years. As at 01.01.2009 the EBRD has provided CHELINDBANK with a 10 mln. USD and 260 mln. rubles loans for small business development. The Head office and 29 branches are taking part in the program. As at January 01, 2009 CHELINDBANK has granted approximately 6 thousand small and micro loans for the total amount of 1,9 billion RUR. In September 2006, the Bank and the EBRD entered into a loan agreement for mortgage financing. According to the terms of the Agreement the EBRD provides the Bank with the loan of 140 mln RUR for 7 years.

11 11 Retail Banking Being an active participant of individual loans market the Bank offers its customers full range of services. Retail lending aims at further specialization of lending products: consumer loans, auto loans, real estate lending, mortgage lending, lending within the frameworks of salary projects. As at 01.01.09 total amount of granted retail credits comprised 5,4 billion rubles. The Bank has granted approximately 65,5 thousand of loans. Retail service development is one of the Banks priorities. The Bank offers a wide range of term deposits, that makes possible different variants of depositing and saving individual funds. As at 01.01.09 total amount of attracted individual funds comprised approximately 10,3 billion rubles.

12 12 Retail banking As at 01.01.2009 the amount of VISA cards holders comprised 317 thousand. In Chelyabinsk and other towns of the Region 126 ATMs and 448 point-of-sale terminals have been installed. More than 2,5 thousand of agreements for corporate service in the framework of salary projects with the use of bank cards have been signed.

13 Financial results RFRS (published reports) 13 Figures2008H1082007 Total assets Cash and due from Central Bank Due from banks Net lending receivables Securities owned, net Fixed Assets, intangible and tangible Other assets 23 092 923 1 646 875 521 024 15 369 309 2 044 698 3 162 086 348 931 21 938 821 1 380 285 1 092 103 15 428 712 2 125 033 1 626 131 286 557 19 630 160 1 506 789 1 442 405 12 675 829 2 151 629 1 601 368 252 140 Total liabilities Amounts owned to banks Customer funds, total Including individual deposits Other liabilities 18 139 178 948 713 16 885 656 10 294 253 304 809 18 525 132 1 019 931 17 190 911 10 264 596 314 290 16 404 542 586 070 15 390 016 9 652 452 428 456 Shareholders funds4 953 7453 413 6893 225 618 Net interest and similar income Net fees and commissions received Profit after taxation 1 575 257 631 505 305 129 742 540 297 202 226 030 1 176 228 604 572 272 857 Requirements: N1(min 10%) N2 (min 15%) N3 (min 50%) N4 (max 120%) ROA ROE 18,6 38,2 78,3 87,1 2,48 % 15,18 % 17,1 40,7 69,0 88,1 3,0 % 18,69 % 18,0 60,2 82,8 78,4 2,45 % 15,73 %

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