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General Information & Course Selection Information for Grade 8 Students & Parents/Guardians 2013-2014 Academic Year.

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1 General Information & Course Selection Information for Grade 8 Students & Parents/Guardians 2013-2014 Academic Year

2 Maureen Weaver, Principal Joe Mancuso, Vice Principal Lisa Perez, Vice Principal Melissa Schmidt, Vice Principal

3 Unionville High School is a semestered school We house one of the four intensive arts programs that the York Region District School Board offers – ARTS Unionville UHS offers the Specialist High Skills Major program in Arts & Culture and Business

4 Diploma Requirements (O.S.S.D.) for the 4 year program O.S.S.D 18 Compulsory Credits 12 Optional Credits Successful completion of Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test 40 hours of Community Involvement

5 4Credits in English (1 credit per grade) 1Credit in French as a Second Language 3Credits in Mathematics (at least 1 in Gr. 11 or 12) 2Credits in Science 1Credit in Canadian History (grade 10) 1Credit in Canadian Geography (grade 9) 1Credit in the Arts 1Credit in Health and Physical Education.5Credit in Civics &.5 Credit in Career Studies (grade 10) Plus………..

6 Group 1: 1 additional credit in English, or French as a Second Language, or a Native Language, or a Native Studies, or a Classical or an International Language, or Social Sciences and the Humanities, or Canadian and World Studies, or Guidance and Career Education (including Learning Strategies), or Cooperative Education* Group 2: 1 additional credit in Health and Physical Education, or Business Studies, or the Arts (music, visual art, dance, drama), or French as a Second Language or Cooperative Education* Group 3: 1 additional credit in science (grade 11 or 12) or technological education (grades 9-12), or French as a Second Language or Computer Studies or Cooperative Education*

7 Administered in April of the grade 10 year A test based on language and communication (reading and writing) expectations of curricula up to and including grade 9 Accommodations, deferrals and exemptions may be appropriate for some students If a student does not meet the standard in the first attempt, schools will provide remedial support; the test will be re-administered until the student successfully completes the test or alternatively successfully completes the Grade 12 Literacy Course

8 A diploma requirement Encourages civic responsibility, promotes community values and reinforces importance of volunteerism Students can start their community service on July 1 st after their Grade 8 school year Complete 40 hours before graduation Student responsibility to keep record of activities Guidelines and forms will be provided to help track community involvement A good way to explore career interests


10 TYPEAPPROACH APPLIEDStep by step approach to learning using theory and practical examples. ACADEMICTheoretical and independent approach to learning with a focus on critical thinking skills LOCALLY DEVELOPED Guided approach to learning using practical examples and concrete objects. OPENAn opportunity to explore an area of interest for all students ABILITY Working at or above grade level Working below grade level in Math, English or Science Available to all students

11 English Math French Science Geography History Applied or Academic English Math Science Locally Developed

12 Optional Courses For Grade 9 Students At Unionville High School Technological Studies Exploring Technologies TIJ1O1 Exploring Computer Technology TEJ1O1 Business Studies Information and Communication Technology in Business BTT101 The Arts Dance ATC101 Dramatic Arts ADA101 Music Band, Instrumental, Woodwinds, Repertoire, Choral Visual Arts AVI101 Family Studies Exploring Family Studies HIF101

13 Parents and students will select courses in collaboration with elementary school teachers, guidance counselors, student success teachers and administrators It is important that students do an honest self assessment, matching their ability with their interests and aptitudes Remember that initial decisions made in grade 8 are not final decisions. There are many pathways to the destination your child dreams of!

14 UNDERSTANDING THE COURSE CODE SUBJECTGRADECOURSE TYPEFOR IN SCHOOL USE Eng = English1 = Grade 9 2 = Grade 10 3 = Grade 11 4 = Grade 12 The fifth character (P in this example) refers to the type of course P = Applied D = Academic L = Locally Developed O = Open E = Workplace C = College M = University/College U = University The sixth character (1 in this example) is for in school use M = Arts Unionville ENG 1 P 1

15 STUDENT TIMETABLE Home Room 8:30 – 8:35 SEMESTER 1SEMESTER 2 Period 1 8:35 – 9:50 ENG1D1-02 (English) 303 BTT101-03 (Business) 319 Period 2 9:54 –11:09 PPL108-01 (Physical Ed) 108 CGC1D1-02 (Geography) 349 Period 3 11:13 – 12:28 Lunch/AMI101 132 Lunch/AMI101 132 Period 4 12:32 – 1:47 SNC1D1-05 (Science) 328 FSF1D1-02 (French) 232 Period 5 1:51 – 3:06 ADA101-01 (Drama) 134 MFM1P1-03 (Math) 243 ASP 3:10 – 4:30 AMR101 (Music) AMR101 (Music)


17 Go to Scroll down to the bottom left Click on CAREER CRUISING – SECONDARY COURSE SELECTION



20 Click on Course Planner



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