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Dual Credit NHS Requirements

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1 Dual Credit NHS Requirements

2 Dual credit courses for both juniors and seniors may be offered at NHS and/or SFA depending on the course. Taking dual credit courses after school (or as a night class) is permissible. Juniors will not be allowed to leave campus to take an SFA course.

DEPARTMENT HIGH SCHOOL COURSE SFASU COURSE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION English English III English 131 and 132 Class is weighted English IV Or a combination of two of the following: English 200, 211, 212 ,221, 222, 273 Speech Professional Communication Communication 111 Class is not weighted Modern Language Spanish Spanish 231 and 232 French French 231 and 232 Spanish Adv. Level I Any Spanish 303 or higher French Adv. Level I Any French 303 or higher Mathematics Calculus Math 233 and 234 Probability and Statistics Math 220 Precalculus Math 133 and 139 Independent Study In Math Math 138 Science Astronomy Astronomy 105 Chemistry AP Chemistry 133 and 134 Physics Physics 101 and 102 Physics AP Physics 131 and 132 Scientific Research and Design Geology 131 Health Health Education Health Science 121 Physical Education one-half credit of PE Kin 110, Kin 220, Kin 200, or Dan 200 or alternate course with counselor approval. Not an Advanced Measure Social Studies History U.S. History 133 & 134 Government Political Science 141 Psychology Psychology 133 Sociology Sociology 137 Economics Economics 231 Business Education Accounting I Accounting 231 Accounting II Accounting 232 Fine Arts Art and IV Art 100 or 110 or 130 prereq: Art I and II Art Art 280, 281 or 282 Music Music 140 Theatre Theatre 161 or 370 Dance Dance 140 or 341 US History History 134 Computer Science Computer Science 1 101

4 Dual Credit Courses offered at NHS
Medical Terminology Principles in Health Science Through Angelina College, contact Jamie Cook, NHS Instructor for more info)

5 Grades Actual grade (unweighted) is recorded on the NHS transcript. Weighted grades are used for ranking only. NHS will not have access to grades from SFA until the end of the semester due to FERPA. Concurrent courses (taken for university credit only) will not be included on the NHS transcript Failing a course is anything below 70. NHS credit will not be awarded; however grade will go on transcript. Options for retaking failed courses Advanced Measures For extracurricular eligibility purposes, dual credit courses are exempt Access to Grades: counselors are not allowed access to grades due to FERPA; contact the university with questions/concerns Advanced Measures: Receiving 80 or above in a 3 hour approved college course will count as 1 measure.

6 Parent/Student Responsibilities
Meeting all SFA application requirements Contacting potential universities to inquire how SFA credits will transfer (if your child is NOT going to SFA after graduation) Handling registration packets You can download the application packet at (search “dual credit”) SFA payment Registering for ACT/SAT Providing ACT/SAT scores to the university (NHS will provide TAKS/EOC scores and transcripts)

7 Testing Online Registration
ACT Testing Dates: June 8th SAT May 4th, June 1st There is still time for Juniors to sign up for a test voucher if they qualify for free or reduced lunch!!

8 Miscellaneous Information
Scheduling Issues Register at SFA quickly to reserve your “spot” in the course. Most important that the student gets NHS credit. Adhering to Deadlines Aug. 9th, 2013 for fall semester Absences for extra-curricular SFA does not excuse our absences Scheduling issues: Register as quickly as possible. Classes fill up fast. NHS students are competing with SFA students for spots. SFA will not hold your “spot”

9 Know Your Child Is your child ready to take Dual Credit?
Signs your student may not be ready for Dual Credit. Are they responsible? Are they self motivated? Will they take the initiative to register and figure out what they need to take or are you as the parent still doing this for them Will they show up to class? NHS will not be monitoring their absences off campus. Do you still have/need to monitor your child’s grades

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