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Ensuring Transfer Success 2014 Duplication, Limitations, Partial Credit – Oh My! Ensuring Transfer Success 2014.

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1 Ensuring Transfer Success 2014 Duplication, Limitations, Partial Credit – Oh My! Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

2 Evaluation Process – using two sample applications Challenging Evaluation Areas Advising Former UC Students More Q & A Resources 2 Presentation Content Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

3 3 Two sample admission applications Reviewing challenging evaluation issues Sample Applications Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

4 4

5 GPA3.18 Units70 semester (105 quarter) Challenging Evaluation Issues Gap in attendance Use Psych courses for UC-E and UC-M Several repeats (including of the same course) Duplication – accounting courses Limitations – P.E. activity and Math Lower Division Unit Limitation 5 Summary – Application One Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

6 6

7 7 Summary – Application Two GPA2.72 Units75.3 semester (113 quarter) Challenging Evaluation Issues Gap in attendance Use +/- grades for CSU Cal Poly SLO Use AP English for UC-E Use Psychology for UC-M Repeated courses at different colleges Duplication – repeated same course Limitation – Col Algebra + Precalculus Lower Division Unit Limitation Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

8 More Challenging Evaluation Issues 8

9 Credit for first instance of completing a course with a letter grade of C, B, A. If there is a repeat of the same course, with a higher grade, UC will not award credit. Even if the course is completed at a different institution. e.g. Bio 101 General Biology with a C; repeated with Bio 1A General Biology with an A. 9 Duplication Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

10 10 Gaps in Education History TermCollege AttendedReason for Gap Fall 2010 BUTTE COLLEGE Spring 2011None ReportedMoved out of state Summer 2011None ReportedNot Enrolled Fall 2011REEDLEY COLLEGE Spring 2012REEDLEY COLLEGE Summer 2012None ReportedNot Enrolled Fall 2012CSU FULLERTON Spring 2013None Reported Return to comm. coll for major prep Summer 2013SAN DIEGO CITY COLLEGE Fall 2013SAN DIEGO CITY COLLEGE Spring 2014SAN DIEGO CITY COLLEGE Summer 2014None Reported Not Enrolled Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

11 11 Language of Instruction School NameSchool Code Begin/End Dates Diploma DateLanguage of Instruction Dresden H.S.734322 08/2007- 05/2010 05/2010German College NameCollege CodeBegin/End Dates Language of Instruction Butte College422608/2010-12/2010English College Name TermCourse TitleUnitsGrade Butte College Fall 2010 First Sem German4A Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

12 Footnotes on the UC Transfer Course Agreement (TCA) on ASSIST are instrumental in our evaluation process To determine awarding of transfer credit Calculation of the GPA UC uses To ensure students are not short of units 12 TCA Footnotes Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

13 Two similar courses, each is transferable, but if a student takes both, UC will award credit for only one course. (e.g. College Algebra and Precalculus) Two series of courses, UC will award credit for only one series. (e.g. Business Calculus & Calculus for science and engineering) Total transferable units will be reduced. 13 Limitations Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

14 How much credit will UC award for the 3 courses completed below? 9 units? TCA Footnotes: 1 Maximum credit allowed for Poli Sci 101 is one unit if taken after Poli Sci105 or Soc Sci 132; 2 No credit for Poli Sci 105 if taken after Poli Sci 101 or Soc Sci 132 3 Maximum credit allowed for Soc Sci 132 if taken after Poli Sci 101 or Poli Sci 105 is two units 14 Partial Credit SOC SCI132Intro to Social Science4 units POL SCI105Amer Political Ideals2 units POL SCI101Intro to Government3 units Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

15 Dept.Fall 2011Course TitleUnitsGrade CHEMChem 1BGen Chem 24C 15 Sequential Coursework Dept.Spring 2012Course TitleUnitsGrade CHEMChem 1CGen Chem 34B Caution: Placement by the CCC based on AP Exam Score could be problematic Dept.Fall 2013Course TitleUnitsGrade CHEMChem 1AGen Chem 14A Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

16 Check the academic regulations of the institution to determine how to calculate an Incomplete (I) grade. At most collegiate institutions, an I lapses after one academic year. Check the students: academic records, additional comments, personal statement, Transfer Academic Update or contact the student directly for an explanation about the I grade. 16 How does UC evaluate an I Grade? Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

17 17 Transfer Academic Update (TAU) Applicants are notified by email to complete the Transfer Academic Update form when their application submission is acknowledged. Some campuses or specific majors may require additional forms. Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

18 What Happens if the TAU is NOT Submitted? Priority deadline is January 31 st Campuses review through March but no guarantee late submissions and/or changes will be reviewed 18 Transfer Academic Update Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

19 19

20 UC awards a maximum of 70 sem/105 qtr units of credit for lower division coursework Subject credit granted to satisfy requirements beyond the maximum units awarded AP, IB, and/or A-Level examination units are not included in the limitation UC units are added to the maximum lower division transfer credit allowed 20 Lower Division Unit Maximum Limitation Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

21 Example A: 2 yr + 4 yr + 4 yr Berkeley City College, San Francisco State University with both lower and upper division units, Pepperdine University with only upper division units Example B: 2 yr + UC + 2yr Modesto Jr. College, UC Merced, Oxnard College 21 Examples of Counting Units Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

22 60 sem units Berkeley City College + 24 sem units San Francisco State (4 Lower Div units and 20 Upper Div units) + 15 sem units Pepperdine Univ (all Upper Div units ) Total = 99 sem units Lower Division total is 64 sem (60 BCC + 4 PU) - LD limit not exceeded Add all Upper Division Units Deans Review required for some campuses Most campuses will not offer admission 22 Examples of Counting Units Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

23 76.5 sem units Modesto Jr College + 16 sem units UC Merced - All UC units are added + 15 sem units Oxnard College Total = 107.5 sem units. 21.5 excess lower division units (76.5 MJC + 15 Oxnard = 91.5) 107.5 – 21.5 = 85 sem units Total: 85 sem units Deans Review required by some campuses 23 Examples of Counting Units Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

24 Ensuring Transfer Success 2014 University of California 24

25 CCC Advisers Should Ask: What was the students academic standing at UC? What is the students goal: return to the same UC or transfer to a different UC campus? Did the student satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement while at UC? Does the student plan to complete IGETC? 25 Former UC Student at a CCC Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

26 Ask the student: Are you now or have you ever been on academic probation at UC? If yes, is the desire to: Return to the former UC campus? Transfer to a different UC campus? 26 Former UC Student On Academic Probation at UC College/UniversityUC Transferable Sem UnitsGrade PointsGPA UC Davis25.347.861.88 Orange Coast Col36.5122.03.34 Cumulative Totals61.8169.862.74 Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

27 If ELWR was not completed and the student is returning to same UC campus it must be completed at that UC campus. If ELWR was not completed and the student is transferring to different UC campus it can be completed at the community college. 27 Former UC Student Entry Level Writing Requirement Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

28 Transferring to a different UC Campus IGETC is acceptable but may not be necessary depending on the major Returning to the same UC Campus IGETC is not acceptable 28 Former UC Student To IGETC or Not Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

29 QUESTIONS 29 Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

30 Guides for Counselors: Examination Credit (AP/IB/A-Level) LOTE Graduation Requirement for Campuses Presenting Yourself on the UC Application – Transfer Statement of Transfer Credit Practices Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Matrix Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) Transfer Matrix Transfer Maximum Limitation Policy/Chart 30 RESOURCES Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

31 Submit Future Questions to 31 THANK YOU Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

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