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2 Careers Teachers Ms Susanna Kwan ( Staff Room B ) Tel : Ms Mandy Yip ( Staff Room D ) Tel : Mr. C Lo( Staff Room B) Tel : Mr. YL Chung (Staff Room A) Tel:

3 Why do you want to study overseas ? For better education ? For easier education ? You prefer living in a foreign country ? Your friends are going overseas ? For better qualification for job hunting ?

4 When to go ? The HK education system is now in line with education system in most overseas countries except UK You want to join the education system of the other countries at which level ? If you want to join the UK education at secondary school level, you have to consider carefully when you would like to go to UK. Before or after completing S5? Give enough time for research about the schools or universities of your choice Dont miss the deadline for application

5 Food for thought from Prof K.M. Cheng:When should we send our children to study overseas? ( ) ?. ( ) ?. UXRno4EKKw&feature=BFa&list=PLC F4DF9D08EDAC9D9 UXRno4EKKw&feature=BFa&list=PLC F4DF9D08EDAC9D9

6 Where to go ? Which country ? UK ? USA ? Canada ? Australia ? China ? Taiwan? Study the education system of the country you have chosen Compare their curriculum with that in HK

7 2012 DSE % / % (%) (87.72 %) Vs. (8%) (80.63 %) 27.33%~ %~ %~3800 (7.09%) 4.74%~ %~ % 0.09% 0.12%

8 (7.09%) (%) 1.83 % 1.52 % 0.97 % 0.95 % 0.92 % 0.35 % 0.55 %

9 Which part of the chosen country ? Weather condition (e.g. Will it be too cold in winter time ?) Friends / relatives living around the neighbourhood ? Population size / Chinese population ?

10 Reminders for Some Popular Places

11 United Kingdom No.: 200+ UCAS Pros & Cons: many choices easy fit-in Cost: ~ pounds for tuition tuition fees raised 3 X in ~ pounds for living Link:

12 United Kingdom – some examples InstitutionRequirements King s College, University of London University College London University of Nottingham5* (X Chi) University of Cambridge5*5*5 University of Leicester University of Warick555 (x Chi) University of Aberdeen

13 Australia No.: ~39 Pros & Cons: varied qualities (esp private ones) can work Cost: A$ ~ for tuition A$9 300 ~ for living Link:

14 Australia – some examples InstitutionRequirements Central Queensland University18 Macquarie University16-25 Monash University18-25 University of Canberra22-25 University of the Sunshine Coast 333

15 New Zealand No.: ~8 with 24 institutes Pros & Cons: secondary students welcome can work if permitted relatively low IELTS requirement Cost: NZ $ ~ for tuition NZ $ ~ for living Link:

16 Canada No.: ~76 Pros & Cons: one of the best places to live safe welcome immigrants Cost: Average C$ more expensive in B.C. & Quebec Link:

17 United States No.: HUGE~! Pros & Cons: TOEFL + SAT : 7 times / yr + ACT depends numerous choices emphasis on ECA / community service / leadership should plan well in advance Cost: Tuition: US$ ~ Link:

18 Japan No.: ~700 Pros & Cons: Must be DSE graduates With pass in Japanese Level 1 or 2 Exam + interview Cost: HK$ to Link:

19 ~130 vs HK$18K ~ 36K; 20K~50K


21 5

22 Others Macau einter_dsej_page.php Singapore ex.asp ex.asp

23 Proceedings Collect data Application Down-payment of school fee/ boarding fee Application of student visa Booking of air tickets Inform the school that you are leaving

24 Collect Data : Information can be obtained from : EDB Service to students and parents Careers Guidance Further studies Non-local

25 Collect Data : Non-profit-making organizations like Consulates or Commissions

26 Considerations : Money Tuition fee, boarding fee, traveling expenses Cost effectiveness ( do you get a good education for the money spent ? ) Students grant and loan ? Scholarships ? (Consult Ms Yip)

27 Which School / College ? Check web-sites of the chosen school / university Curriculum Any agreement with other universities for further studies ? Which University / College is most outstanding in which subject ? E.g London School of Economics Entry requirements ( e.g. results of SAT, GCSE, GCE, TOEFL, IELTS ? ) e.g. to apply for universities in UK, you must score at least 6.5 in IELTS

28 Recognition/Ranking Search for ranking of universities through the internet singaschool/a/ranking.htm

29 Top 400 World Universities (World University ranking ) World Rank InstitutionCountry 1 California Institute of Technology USA 2 University of Oxford UK 2 Stanford University USA 4 Harvard University USA 5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA World Rank InstitutionCountry 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA 2 University of Cambridge UK 2 Harvard University USA 4 UCL (University College London) UK 5 University of Oxford UK

30 Proceedings Collect data Application Down-payment of school fee/ boarding fee Apply for student visa Booking of air tickets Inform the school that you are leaving

31 Application Direct application to the school Apply through agencies Be cautious if the proceedings involve depositing a large down-payment Find out whether you will be at liberty to move to another institution in the same country and in what circumstances any fees paid would be refundable

32 What will SJC provide ? Transcript Recommendation letter

33 Predicted Grades

34 Please hand in to the school office an application letter for issuing your transcript Enclose a passport size photograph (in school uniform) The school will only issue one transcript to each student ( Send certified photocopies overseas if necessary ) What will SJC provide ?

35 Application for Letter of recommendation Fill in the application form (available from the school office or download from the school website) Photocopies of your report cards, any certificates or awards obtained for the past 2 years Pre-stamped addressed envelope

36 Please notice Allow at least 5 working days before you can get you transcript and your letter of recommendation During long holidays, school will only certify photocopies of your documents ( must have better planning ahead and apply for necessary documents before the holidays begin )

37 Please notice We do not respond to requests of overseas schools asking for students reports and personal data unless we receive request from their parents We will not be responsible for supervision work relating to entry to a school abroad

38 Proceedings Collect data Application If you are successful, Congratulations Down-payment of school fee/ boarding fee

39 Proceedings Apply for student visa Booking of air tickets Inform the school properly that you are leaving SJC

40 Overseas Studies Seminar Thank You

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