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NEW EMPLOYEE INDUCTION. welcome to the family to make a new recruit familiar with various aspects for their effective functioning with respect to the.

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2 welcome to the family

3 to make a new recruit familiar with various aspects for their effective functioning with respect to the Industry & Company objective

4 Travel & Tourism the industry an exciting business and profession it is an adventure education & experience all rolled into one

5 art & science selling travel is both a science and an art an art in terms of the places we sell and the richness of the cultures that we enjoy, and a science in terms of managing the business side of it.

6 products/services worldwide air & rail ticket hotel car rental transfer arrangements tour packages cruise package foreign exchange money transfer travel insurance international sim/calling cards passport & visa documentation meet & assist services at airports

7 Tourism is the worlds largest growth industry with no signs of slowing down Technological advances, such as the Internet, have changed the way the travel agents do business, not the agents themselves. worlds largest industry

8 The worlds largest export earner. Creates employment to an estimated 100 million people worldwide. Stimulates enormous investments in new infrastructure. Provides governments with millions of dollars in tax revenues each year. tourism is…….

9 New Delhi, NCR Amritsar, Punjab Jaipur, Rajasthan Ahmedabad, Gujarat Kolkata, West Bengal Guwahati, Assam Mumbai, Maharashtra Nagpur, Maharashtra International Airports of India Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Goa Chennai, Tamilnadu Bangalore, Karnataka Calicut, Kerala Cochin, Kerala Trivandrum, Kerala

10 Nature of work Travel & Tourism industry is more of a people business. In the changing world,a combination of high-touch & high-tech skills are necessary to work productively & efficiently in the industry. Tremendous diversity of employment opportunities Core business unchanged-selling destinations & experiences. Age of specialist- selling niche products. The multidisciplinary nature offers job openings for everyone.

11 the company Established as Riya Travels in the year – 1980 Incorporation of Riya Travel & Tours in the year Incorporation of Riya Resorts & Properties Pvt Ltd in the year Incorporation Riya Holidays Pvt Ltd in the year – 2007 Establishment of Riya Institute of Hospitality in the year – 2007 Online portal Riya Connect in the year – 2007 Incorporation of Riya Education in the year – 2010 currently having 48 offices across India and 4 in USA strong family


13 regions & branches northern region delhi gurgaon jalandhar jaipur lucknow sikar

14 regions & branches western region mumbai (fort) – corporate office andheri navi mumbai (vashi) ahmedabad vadodara surat pune goa

15 regions & branches eastern region kolkata

16 regions & branches southern region hyderabad vishakapatnam vijayawada bangalore mangalore chennai madurai trichy coimbatore salem nagercoil kasargode kannur calicut edappal thrissur cochin thiruvalla pathanamthitta kottayam trivandrum (2)

17 On all Domestic & International air routes On all Budget / No Frills & Full Service Airlines reservations / booking & ticketing for Services that we offer

18 Foreign Exchange Travel Insurance Money Transfer Home Calling Card Indian Rail Tickets


20 Indian Passport Emigration Clearance related services Certificate Attestation Manpower Recruitment

21 worldwide reservations for trains & cruise ships accommodation (hotels) attractions (museums, cultural sites, theatres) organizing meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (mice)

22 Indias 1st B2B Online Application for both Agencies and Corporates Provides : Web portal solution Secured application based solution Features : Sell all products Air Tickets (LCC & FSC ), Hotels, Indian Railways. Easy GUI based menus RIYA CONNECT

23 Offers professionally oriented on the job training courses CRS courses services that we offer

24 Offers professional advice on institutions & courses in New Zealand, Canada & Singapore services that we offer

25 our business model with respect to

26 commission / service fee one should use ones skills to retain maximum possible commission and or to charge service fee wherever applicable depending upon the time and effort spent on handling a customer market environment should be given due consideration

27 Employee Hand Book Human Resources Department April 2012

28 Dear Employee, Welcome to the Riya group of Companies Before you begin your journey with us, I would like to share with you a brief overview of the companys success. In 1980, our parent company Riya Travels commenced operations with a small, yet extremely dedicated group of employees. Today, two decades later, we have over 1,000 employees working with us at Riya Travels, Riya Travel & Tours (India) Pvt. Ltd., Riya Holidays Pvt. Ltd., Riya Resorts & Properties Pvt. Ltd. And Riya Institute of Hospitality across the country. Our growth is a strong demonstration of the level of commitment each of our employees exhibits. The Riya Group of Companies mission is to consistently provide the industry with high quality service, stimulated vyorld class infrastructure. Our quest for the same has been duly acknowledged by respective industries. I am extremely proud of my peoples achievements and their commitment to the company. I also understand that we are a family and therefore, must be united in a common vision, driven by similar values that are supported by a sense of caring. As an employee, one must know the company well. We need to understand its culture and mission; uphold its values and have complete awareness of individual responsibilities. This will enable us to be more productive and enjoy our role within the company. Above all, it will help us maintain focus on our mission and exceed customer expectations. I am, therefore, exceptionally confident that this Employee Handbook will be the perfect companion as it guides you through your journey with us. I look forward to your commitment, hard work and team spirit; moreover, a bright future within the Riya family. Sincerely, G.M.J. Thampy Chairman & Managing Director. A Word From The Chairman & Managing Director

29 This Employee Handbook provides an overview of Riya Group of Companies and its Human Resource policies and procedures. As an employee of Riya Group, you are expected to abide by all the policies and procedures presented in this Handbook. It is, therefore, in your best interest to read this Handbook and familiarise yourself completely with all of its contents. The terms and provisions of these policies and procedures may change from time to time. Whenever such changes do occur, you shall be suitably notified. As an employee, you are responsible to keep yourself updated with the same. This Handbook serves as your first reference regarding clarity over Company policies. Should you have any questions concerning information contained in this Handbook, or if you have specified questions not answered in the Handbook, consult your immediate supervisor or Department / Unit Head or the H.R. Department. This Handbook is meant strictly for internal use. The contents of the Handbook are general and solely intended as a guide. The language used and the information contained in this Handbook is supplementary to and will not override the terms of an employment contract between the Company and any of its employees. Introduction

30 Expect the Expected... thereby ensuring the well being of customers. Riya Group is deeply committed to this vision.Since the company operates strictly according to the customer needs, even in the midst of cut throat competition, Riya Group delivers the best. Vision Statement

31 Our mission is to be a world class travel service provider with a customer centric and value oriented approach in all our activities. Mission

32 At Riya, our employees are our most valuable assets. We strive to facilitate an atmosphere that encourages our team to grow, develop and perform to the best of its ability. We believe in : Team Spirit and Leadership High standards of excellence and ethics Commitment towards quality, innovation and efficiency Continuously reaching towards higher goals with clarity in vision and powerful commitment. Building a long term relationship with our employees and customers. Culture & Values

33 Take pride in your work and your reputation. Always handle your customers needs first. Return all telephone calls; even the unpleasant ones. Always keep your workspace clean and tidy. Maintain a high standard of ethics and integrity in all your dealings. Do not share confidential information. Accept your mistakes. Treat everyone with respect, courtesy and professionalism. Dont make negative comments about your colleagues, customers, or competitors. Dont be stingy with praise - people respond to praise five times faster than criticism. Maintain mutual trust and teamwork. They are the key to our success. Work Ethics

34 Job Acceptance Upon being offered employment with Riya Group, you will be asked to sign and return a copy of the Appointment Letter indicating your acceptance of employment with the Company. Joining Procedures

35 No employee should, by writing to any persons (including other employee) or by any communication to newspapers, journals etc., or by writing or publishing books, pamphlets or leaflets or by speech or discussion at any place, disclose or cause to be disclosed, any information or document, relating to the work in the company, except with the prior approval in writing of the management or as authorized or permitted under law. Secrecy

36 The Competent Authority may order an employee to hold additional charge of any other post or work and on such an order, he/she should attend to such duties in addition to the duties of his/her own and should also be responsible for the due discharge of those duties. For such charge/duties extra remuneration is not payable, except in cases where extra hours or work are involved. Additional Charge / Duties

37 Every employee recruited / appointed by the management should be on probation for 6 months. The concerned authority may terminate or cut short the probation period at any time. An employee on probation will continue to be on probation, until he / she is confirmed by a specific order of the management. Probation

38 An appointment letter will be issued with the terms and conditions of employment, salary offered & other benefits. A confirmation of acceptance of conditions will be obtained from the employee. Confirmation

39 All employees are required to undergo the performance appraisal process. This is done in two stages of self-appraisal by the employee and the appraisals by the concerned managers. The results of performance appraisal should be discussed with the employee and proper actions should be planned to improve the performance. For all management staff key result areas and key performance indices should be defined, measured and reviewed. All promotions and salary hikes are linked to the performance appraisal and its results. Performance appraisal process

40 No employee can claim promotion as of right. Whether or not vacancy that has arisen should be filled up by promotion or by outside or direct recruitment, will be decided by the management. If a vacancy is decided to be filled up by promotion, the basis of promotion will be suitability for the post, efficiency, skill, conduct, seniority etc. of the employee in lower posts. Promotion

41 Subject to the terms and conditions in the order of appointment an employee should not resign, leave or discontinue his/her service in the company, without giving prior notice. The period of such notice should not be less than: a)7 days in respect of probation or temporary service and b)30 days in case of permanent employee The management may permit an employee to resign, leave or discontinue his/her service without giving or after giving a shorter notice than prescribed above either on his/her paying or agreeing to pay an amount commensurate with the situation and as fixed by the Management. Resignation

42 Every employee, have to join the P.F. scheme and the deductions will be as per the P.F. Act. The company also will contribute its share towards P.F. which will be an additional saving for the employees future. Provident Fund

43 For any employee whose gross salary is less than Rs. 15,001/- per month, the Employees State Insurance Corporation provides medical facilities. At Riya Travel & Tours (India) Pvt. Ltd. an employee whose gross salary is less than Rs. 15,001/- per month contributes 1.75% of his/her salary and the Company contributes 4.75% of his/her salary, per month, towards E.S.I. The main objective of this insurance scheme is to provide medical relief and sickness benefits to all members and maternity benefits to all women employees through a contributory fund. The E.S.I. Corporation provides every employee covered under this scheme an Identity Card. By showing this card the employee and his/her family members are entitled to receive medical benefits at an ESI designated hospital or clinic. E.S.I. Contribution

44 Any employee who has completed a minimum of five years of service with the Company is entitled to the Gratuity benefits at the rate of half monthly (15/26) emoluments (Basic Salary) for each completed year of service. The Gratuity benefits are payable to an employee upon retirement or upon voluntarily or involuntarily leaving the service of the Company, provided he/she has completed five years of service. In case of an unfortunate death of an employee, total number of years of service till the age of retirement is taken into account in calculating a gratuity amount. This amount is provided to the employee nominee. Gratuity

45 Working hours: The normal working hours will be from 9.30am to 5.30pm on all days. The lunch break duration will 30 minutes. All Sundays are weekly off-day. The office will remain closed on the national and regional holidays declared by the company every year. The holidays will vary according to geographic location of the branches. Actual work timings also will vary based on the location, customer service requirements and business requirements. The regional management from time to time will declare this. However all employees are required to work extra time when warranted by the customer demands and organizational needs. General Rules

46 During work hours, all employees must wear appropriate formal business attire. Recommended formal business attire may be the following: For Men : Plain or striped shirts, formal trousers, matching tie and socks and leather shoes. In winter, blazers, suits, may be appropriate. For Women : Saree, salwar suits, formal western outfits and leather sandals or shoes. Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, sneakers, and chappals are not considered formal business attire. All employees are expected to look neat and tidy while on duty. Long hair must be tied back. Cosmetics and jewellery must be used minimally. Dress Code & Appearance

47 The leave period will be from 1st April to 31st March for every year. Total of twenty four days per year (for confirmed staff) Out of which 14 can be encashed ( for those who have completed one year ) Leave

48 For Probationers: At the time of probation period i.e. six months, a probationer can avail one day leave in a month. If a probationer is taking more than one day leave in a month, those leave will be deducted from his/her gross salary.

49 Leave Rules Leave can be granted in units of half day or full day. If taken in units of half day, the lunch break will be taken as the dividing line. All leave must be approved before availing. Application for leave of 3 days or less should be made at least 24 hours prior to the day from which leave is required. Application for leave for more than 3 days should be made at least 7 days before the date from which the leave is required.

50 The Company observes national and festival holidays. A list of official holidays is prepared and distributed annually by the Human Resources Department. Employees who are required to work on these holidays will be given compensatory time in lieu of the day worked. No special holiday / leave is admissible for the period of bandh / harthal etc. Holidays

51 A notice board will be maintained at a convenient place in the establishment. Publication of notices

52 All personal calls, either incoming or outgoing, are discouraged. If you ever need to use the office phones for personal calls, please keep these calls brief. Usage of Internet facility is limited to official purpose. Using Internet for personal or entertainment purpose is not permitted. The Companys facilities should not be used for personal mail except in the case of an emergency. Personal mobile are not allowed during office hours. Personal Telephone Calls and Internet

53 The Companys objective is to provide its Customers with the best possible service. Employees are expected to treat clients in a courteous, respectful manner at all times. Customer Relations

54 once again welcome to and best wishes In case of any grievance, any of the management team members including chairman and managing director can be contacted directly

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