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Humankind Nature Powered Flight Non-Powered Flight.

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2 Humankind Nature

3 Powered Flight Non-Powered Flight

4 Helicopters Aeroplanes – different types Rockets Satellites Dirt bikes Blimp

5 What makes a blimp fly? Mixture of helium and air is used to help the ship float. Wings and propellers keep the blimp moving in the right direction.





10 What keeps them in orbit? Air Resistance No atmosphere Weight Speed

11 Hang Gliders Kites Parachutes Sport Skateboards Projectiles – darts People Hot air balloon

12 Hot air filled in the balloon makes it go up. Releasing the hot air out the valve makes it go down.

13 Pilots Acrobats Astronauts



16 High jump Long jump Triple jump Gymnastics Trampolining



19 Pilot must run down the slope Wind generates lift Gravity keeps it in the air

20 Birds Plants Animals Insects Shooting Star

21 How does a bird fly through the air? When a bird flaps its wings, air is pushed downward. This produces an opposite force that lifts the bird into the air. Since a birds wing is in the shape of an airfoil, it produces some lift even when the bird is just gliding.

22 Gravity! "Shooting stars" are space rocks falling to Earth. They glow because of the extreme heat generated by their passage through the atmosphere.




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