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Forum Educasport Monde 2013 The Social Sport World Forum 27 - 28 - 29 novembre 2013 Paris Ε.Υ.Ζ.Η.Ν NATIONAL ACTION FOR CHILDRENS HEALTH Ε.Υ.Ζ.Η.Ν NATIONAL.

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1 Forum Educasport Monde 2013 The Social Sport World Forum novembre 2013 Paris Ε.Υ.Ζ.Η.Ν NATIONAL ACTION FOR CHILDRENS HEALTH Ε.Υ.Ζ.Η.Ν NATIONAL ACTION FOR CHILDRENS HEALTH Hôtel de Ville - Roland Garros Prof. Labros Sidossis

2 Sommaire / Summary DURATION: 2013 – 2017 E.Y.ZH.N. is a program carried out by the Hellenic Ministry of Education aiming at raising awareness and knowledge on healthy eating and wellbeing, ensuring the healthy development of children and adopting more balanced eating habits and physical activity

3 The Program includes various tests and activities taking place in primary and secondary education, designed to offer knowledge and skills in the field of wellbeing to offer services for the child, family, school and society …in order to develop strategies for a lifelong healthier attitude The E.Y.ZH.N. program

4 Specific goals of the Program: Offering access to all students and parents to valuable services related to their health - even in cases where access is not feasible due to geographic, economic or other barriers Preventing and dealing with risk factors for the health of children Τraining the educational community on issues related to promoting the health of students Creating a link between school, family and society, through collaboration between parents and teachers, including the parallel actions implemented for the community Resulting to design and provide targeted health policies. The E.Y.ZH.N. program

5 Noteworthy the ideal cost-effectiveness relationship: about 0,2 euro per child The Program run by Physical Education Teachers that already work in schools, while there is a minimal cost for the measurements The Program is supported by both the central and the decentralized structure of Physical Education and School Sport, of the Greek Ministry of Education The E.Y.ZH.N. program

6 E.Y.ZΗ.N. applied successfully for the first time during the school year Α total of 359,262 students from 4,451 schools all over the country, participated in the Program (from Kindergartens, Primary and Lower Secondary Education Schools) E.Y.ZH.N. contributes to design and provide targeted health policies, based on the outcomes and the specific conditions in each area of the country The E.Y.ZH.N. program

7 Three fields of actions… …dealing with children, parents, teachers, society… …taking place not only in schools Assessment Information/ Education Intervention The E.Y.ZH.N. program

8 Primary action The Program each year records and evaluates: the growth rate dietary habits physical activity and level of fitness of all students in Greek schools (primary & lower secondary education, including kindergartens) Action: Assessment

9 ...through various tests… Action: Assessment

10 ...including: anthropometric measurements body weight & height waist circumference sport tests sit-ups sit-and-reach standing broad jump, shuttle run; endurance & speed dietary questionnaire physical activity questionnaire Action: Assessment

11 The Program informs the parents on the growth and development of their children, through the Annual Individual Development Report, diet and fitness Disciple… Action: Assessment

12 …giving information about the health status of each individual child Action: Information/Education

13 …as well as advices them about the growth and development of the children Action: Information/Education

14 Health Education Physical Education Health Services Diet & Nutrition Counseling & Phycology Healthy School Environment Informing Society Engagement Family - School E.Y.ZH.N. In the meanwhile, parallel activities are taking place

15 ...such as the Programs website with specific advices and information on the field of children development, diet and physical activity …based on the different target groups, such as children, parents, teachers and scientific community Action: Information/Education

16 E.Y.ZH.N. also designs and provides support material for teachers… …to implement health education programs at schools… Action: Intervention

17 …through an easy… …and funny way Designed to be attractive for children … Action: Intervention

18 …. Also especially designed for the childrens needs Action: Intervention

19 E.Y.ZH.N. also organizes information sessions for students and educators, in schools and elsewhere, implemented by the scientific team of the Program Action: Intervention

20 … provides educational material (brochures, activities for home etc) for students, with topics relevant to healthy eating and physical activity Moreover… Action: Intervention

21 … designs and carries out training courses via the Internet (e-learning) for children, parents and teachers, on the areas of health, diet and physical activity Action: Intervention

22 … and offers scientific articles in the media, on the fields of diet, physical education and children development in order to contribute to the societys information and awareness Action: Intervention

23 Geographical distribution of childhood obesity in Greece

24 Questions – Réponses Questions – Answers


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