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Presented by Sandy Papadopoulos Supreme Governor Region 1 Atlanta, GA

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1 Presented by Sandy Papadopoulos Supreme Governor Region 1 Atlanta, GA
ATHLETICS Presented by Sandy Papadopoulos Supreme Governor Region 1 Atlanta, GA

2 Why Athletics? Athletics can be a very useful way to gain membership
We provide scholarships for our youth Maximize youth involvement There is something that everyone can participate in: Softball Golf Tennis Soccer Basketball Bowling

3 Ahepa golf (Golf Director: Chris Atsaves, Chicago)
The most well attended sport of AHEPA Athletics! 2 major National Tournaments including the Dr. Monthe Kofos Memorial Tournament (this year to be held at Innisbrook in Tarpon Springs, FL Regional tournaments hosted throughout the year in all parts of the country We encourage everyone to inform us if they would like to host a Regional Golf Tournament

4 National Golf Tournament Talega Country Club San Clemente, CA

5 AHEPA Basketball (Basketball Director: Costa Papademetriou, NY)
A long standing tradition throughout the Order of AHEPA Maximum participation from Sons of Pericles and AHEPA Most every district has a basketball tournament at some point of the year Re-established the National AHEPA Invitational Basketball Tournament at this year’s Supreme Convention in Miami

6 Regional Basketball Tournament hosted in New York

7 AHEPA BOWLING & SOFTBALL (Bowling Director: George Karras, Indiana Softball Director: Alec Alexander, Atlanta) 2 sports that are on the rise again! Bowling tournament hosted in Hammond, IN was very well attended and we even had a brother with a perfect 300 game! (Chris Atsaves) Softball once a widely supported sport, is now back on the rise after a small decline in attendence We had 4 teams at this year’s Supreme Convention National Softball Tournament

8 National Softball and Bowling Tournaments

9 AHEPA Soccer (Soccer Director: Steve Mavronis, Maryland)
Slowly but surely developing this program and are gaining interest especially from the youth We are making big strides in developing a curriculum for how to start and maintain an AHEPA Soccer Program in your respective communities Should be finished and developed by the Supreme Convention in Las Vegas

10 AHEPA Athletic Hall of Fame (Hall of Fame Director: Greg Stamos, CT)
We have amazing exposure through the establishment of the AHEPA Athletic Hall of Fame Honorees range from former players in most major professional sports as well as local sports legends Athletic Hall of Fame luncheon is ALWAYS well attended by everyone at the Supreme Convention

11 2009 AHEPA Athletic Hall of Fame Luncheon San Francisco, CA

12 AHEPA Scholarships (Scholarship Director: John Tanionos, MA)
The most important aspect of AHEPA Athletics Provide scholarships that are presented at the Hall of Fame Luncheon at the Supreme Convention Incredibly gifted recipients that we hope will be potential members of respective AHEPA family orders We encourage all members of AHEPA to promote the fact that Athletics gives out these scholarships

13 Scholarship Recipients

14 how does our district get started?
Contact your regional director to see if your district or chapter can host an event If your first couple of events do not do as well, don’t be discouraged! People will come and participate eventually, ESPECIALLY THE YOUTH! Make sure everyone is informed of our National events for every sport Make sure everyone in your area, especially high school and college students and their parents, are informed about scholarship opportunities Come and join us at a golf outing! You don’t have to participate to see what we’re all about. We encourage and welcome your participation!

15 For more information…. Supereme Athletic Director: Spiro Siaggas
Special Events & Sport Development: Sandy Papadopoulos Booster Club Director: Likie Beleos Hall of Fame Director: Greg Stamos Basketball: Costa Papademetriou Bowling: George Karras Golf: Chris Atsaves Scholarships and Awards: John Tanionos Soccer: Steve Mavronis Softball: Alec Alexander Tennis: Arthur Anastasiou

16 Regional Directors Mid-Atlantic: Likie Beleos (Camden, SC) Northwestern: Terry Karis (Seattle, WA) North Atlantic: John Levas (Plainview, NY) Mid-Eastern: Charles Mardis (Fairlawn, OH) Mid-Western: Chris Marinos (Kildeer, IL) Southeast: Gus Pantelides (Clearwater, FL) Western: Pete Marudas (Phoenix, AZ) Mountain West: Jim Peros (Denver, CO) International: Denny Rigas (Capo Beach, CA) Southwest: Michael Spartalis (Houston, TX) Canada: Andy Tzemis (Toronto, CA)

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