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SPORT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM MAJORS WINTER 2011 Department of Sports Administration College of Business.

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1 SPORT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM MAJORS WINTER 2011 Department of Sports Administration College of Business

2 COURSE SCHEDULING SASM 301 – Sport Marketing, TR 10-12 noon SASM 376 – Facility Planning & Management, WF 10-12 noon SASM 391 – Risk Management in Sport, MW 8-10 am SASM 412 – Sport Governance & Ethics, MW 2-4 pm SASM 425 – Financial Issues in Sport, TR 10-12 noon SASM 435 – Sport Promotion & Sales Management, TR 8-10 am SASM 450 – Senior Seminar WF 10 am-12:00noon – Tier III equivalent – Dr. Kreutzer – Will NOT be offered in Spring BUSL 465 Sports Law, MW 2-4 pm – Typically offered F/W/Sp

3 COURSE SCHEDULING (CONT) Recommended Classes by Year ECON 318 TuTh 10am-12pm (Dr. Li) – 2010-11 will be offered W/Sp/Su – You MUST take it in Winter or Spring or Summer if you anticipate graduating after Fall 2011 – Permission required – priority given based on major status and registration access time – contact Dr. Li at to get on registration list

4 COURSE SCHEDULING (CONT) REMINDER! – OPN 310 does NOT automatically meet the requirements for the Business Minor – Sport Mgmt students should register for OPN 300 – Any substitutions for the Business Minor require approval of the College of Business

5 WINTER ELECTIVES SASM 350 – External Relations, TR 2-4 pm

6 SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION PROGRAM Free. Helps students share and master information as a group, review lecture notes, clarify text materials, discuss ideas, organize for tests, and evaluate and improve study skills ACCT 101, ECON 103 & 104, MATH 113 & 163A Also consider the Writing Center resources at and Math Center resources at /math/index.cfm /math/index.cfm

7 COB CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION The Center for Professional Communication provides instruction, guidance and assistance to COB students in all facets of human communication, from writing and speaking to listening and group and team interaction. If you need help, you can make an appointment with a Center for Professional Communication faculty member. Please visit the Centers website, to find out its hours of operation and availability of its staff. The Center is located in Copeland 301.

8 IMPORTANT WEB LINKS Department of Sports Administration, sadmin sadmin COB website for current students, nt nt

9 PLANNING FOR GRADUATION When planning for graduation (at least one full year before graduation), keep in mind the following: – Not all required courses are offered every quarter – Summer courses may not reach the required enrollment to be offered; if any course you need for graduation is cancelled during the summer, you will need to take the course during the fall quarter

10 PLANNING FOR GRADUATION (CONT) – Required courses may have time conflicts. – You should take ONLY SASM 400-LEVEL COURSES and electives during your final quarter on campus (preferably your final 2 quarters). – You can search for Tier III course options using the course offerings menu (SASM 450 is one choice of many). – YOU are responsible for making sure you have met all graduation requirements – Do not expect to substitute for a required major course

11 GRADUATION AUDITS If you are a junior or senior, you can make an appointment with a professional academic advisor in the COB Office of Student Services (Copeland 214) to conduct a graduation audits for you. The graduate audit will produce a written accounting of the courses and electives requirements needed for a student to complete the requirements of the sport management program. Students coming to the COB Office of Student Services for a graduation audits should bring a DARS report that lists grades from the immediately previous quarter.

12 PRACTICUM Required Practicum Meeting – For Winter Practicum Date/Time TBA See Practicum Info at Contact Professor Moran (

13 INTERNSHIPS Steps to registering for internship for WINTER 2010 – Review internship credit requirements at – Find an internship site – Complete contract w/ site supervisor – Attend internship meeting – Date and Time TBA – Return contract to Mr. Moran at internship meeting or ASAP to receive pink slip Internship Seminars to learn more about the internship search process will be held in January – more information TBA Contact Professor Moran for more information –, Grover E182

14 INTERNSHIPS (CONT) Resume Help Career Services (Baker 533)– Walk-in Hours Career Services – Monday – Thursday : 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. – Monday - Friday: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. – Wednesday: 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Resume writing guidelines: – 2.pdf 2.pdf

15 INTERNSHIPS (CONT) Departmental Assistance Help with finding internships/experience in the areas of sport in which you are interested Visit the Sport Management website for guidance Know when you can do an experience or internship before scheduling an appointment Check out these web resources: – – – Prof. Packy Moran – Office: Grover E191 – E-mail: – Fall 2010 Office hours: M-Th, 8-9; M 9-10; W 1-2; and Th 4-5

16 SALES CERTIFICATE PROGRAM Applications accepted in Fall/Winter For Admission to Sales Certificate Program: – Overall GPA of 2.75 or higher – Resume demonstrating characteristics that support a successful sales career – Panel Interview – Admission is Competitive and not Guaranteed – For more information, contact: Director of the Sales Centre, Ken Hartung at or Dr. David Ridpath at or

17 INDIVIDUAL ADVISING PROTOCOL To schedule an individual advising time, contact your advisor to schedule an appointment. You must have the following with you for any in- office advising: – Your DARS. – Your 4-year plan – A proposed schedule with alternate classes in case first choices are filled.

18 SPORT MANAGEMENT LISTSERV If you are not subscribed to the Sport Management listserv, go to to subscribe. Through this listserv, students will receive program-related information, including internship openings, and announcements about Sport Management events (including advising).

19 APPLICATION TO GRADUATE SCHOOL If you are interested in attending graduate school next fall, it is time to prepare for it. The following are a number of things you need to do immediately: – To determine what schools you want to apply – To find out the requirements and application deadlines of those schools Many schools set their application deadlines between February and March – To take the graduate school entrance exams, such as GRE or GMAT – To request your undergraduate transcripts and letters of recommendation to be sent – To prepare other required paperwork, such as the statement of goals. You are strongly recommended to talk to your advisor if you have any questions.


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