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Dr. Eric C. Schwarz, Saint Leo University Dr. Dallas Branch, Jr., West Virginia University.

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1 Dr. Eric C. Schwarz, Saint Leo University Dr. Dallas Branch, Jr., West Virginia University

2 Summary of roundtable from inaugural CSRI Conference in Memphis. Finding and results – the over-aching dilemma for practitioners and academicians to overcome The connection issues as related to social and managerial theory/practice Recommendations for moving forward

3 Present conclusions from the findings of last years roundtable, which show that there is a need for further analysis of theoretical research and application methods related to this interaction of sociological theory and management science. College sports have a significant opportunity to serve as the catalyst for this analysis because they are simultaneously in a business environment and the academic environment.

4 If college sports can address these issues, there is a real possibility the results can be effectively utilized by the rest of the sport marketing industry segment, and hence enhance the entire sport industry by articulating the connection between social and financial concepts.

5 Roundtable of academicians and college sport administrators discussed the interaction of sociological theory and management sciences to identify the trends and issues in college sports that will affect the future of sport marketing.

6 There is fragmentation within the sport industry between academicians and practitioners, resulting in a large intellectual gap. Communication/conceptualization gap – as practitioners and academicians do not converse or think in the same way. Conflict between the intellectual nature of the effort from an academicians perspective and the realities of the practitioner.

7 The fundamental differences in "product outcomes" (value systems?) between academicians and practitioners. The inability to "change"--The notion that "we've always done it this way" inhibits paradigm shifts-- stifling creative solution generation to problems Mutual respect--lack of it. Problem resolution processes--different.

8 Connections Social and Management Theory/Practice The inability to quantify and sell the benefits of social capital to the practitioner The complexities of "multiple goals Athletics vs. Academics The inability to define and agree on social "goodness".

9 How can management and sociological theory and practice enhance college sports marketing efforts? Explore the rules of engagement Engage in mutually beneficial practices Emphasize common ground Become a student first--teacher second

10 Support for these recommendations through Collaborative, practical research Promote and publicize industry best practices Needs analysis of the sport industry, with specific focus on intercollegiate athletics Academic-Athletic Partnerships

11 Who Benefits Most? This IS NOT central question! Social goodness does not lend itself to keeping score Social marketing can be profitable Social marketing is value addedcompetitive advantage Social marketing is active, not passive Social marketing can differentiate marketing mix

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