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G.A.T.E. Open House 2011 - 2012 Mrs. Gibeault Lamping Elementary School.

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1 G.A.T.E. Open House 2011 - 2012 Mrs. Gibeault Lamping Elementary School

2 Welcome Introduction and Background – Mrs. Gibeault - 14 th year teaching, 7 th year at CCSD and 7 th year teaching GATE. - Endorsements in Gifted Education, Reading, Elementary Ed., 7-12 Biology & General Science. - I have taught Special Education, K, Gifted Programs 1-6, 5 th Grade, 6 th & 8 th Science. - I was in gifted programs as a child. - My previous career was as a costumer.


4 About G.A.T.E. G.A.T.E. is an acronym for Gifted and Talented Education. Once you qualify for G.A.T.E. you are not re-tested each year, continue in G.A.T.E. the next year. The CCSD model is a 150 minute pull-out program during the school day. Lamping Elementary School provides an option of G.A.T.E. services after school for 4 th & 5 th graders. **parent link messages G.A.T.E. is under the same umbrella as special education services, just at the other end of the spectrum.

5 Goal of the G.A.T.E. Program Concentrates on process rather than content. Develops skills of analysis, synthesis & evaluation. Enhance creative, productive and divergent thinking. Flexibility, inquiry, discovery, investigation and creativity are emphasized. Often not focused on the right answer, but rather the many possible solutions or approaches.


7 How does your child benefit from coming to GATE? I promote your childs individuality and creativity by supporting their development of unique tasks, innovative products and performances. I provide a challenging curriculum that is creative and complex. I provide education and support in the affective domain to help students bridge the gap between their intellectual sophistication and emotional maturity. I provide opportunities for gifted students to interact with other students who have similar cognitive abilities.

8 My goals for your child I will promote and encourage critical thinking and reasoning skills, creative thinking and inquiry based learning. I will promote and enhance problem solving strategies and higher level thinking skills. I will promote understand of Universal Concepts, themes, units and real world problems. I will encourage inquiry. I will help students develop communication skills, social skills and confidence in expressing their ideas and opinions. I will foster self-understanding and an awareness of issues and problems that can be associated with being gifted. I will promote and encourage development of life-planning skills and assist students in understanding the importance of making positive contributions to society.

9 Classroom Expectations & Procedures The goal of discipline is self-direction. Clearly stated and mutually understood and agreed upon rules. (mission statements) Gifted children often need fewer constraints. My classroom environment strives to be one in which students can share thoughts w/out fear of criticism, be supportive of each other and encourage growth.

10 Progress Reports Differ from the regular report card, and do not impact classroom grades. Report cards will come home twice a year: January 27 th & June 7th

11 GATE Curriculum Universal Concept - Structures I start the year off with introductory activities. 3 Units: Metacognition – 3 rd – Blooms Taxonomy – 4 th – Multiple Intelligences – 5 th _ Creative Thinking ** Sheeps Brain Dissection Hands-on Technology Units – 3 rd – Geocaching – 4 th & 5 th – Robotics Roller Coasters - basics of structures (buildings & architecture) as brief intro

12 GATE Curriculum Universal Concept - Structures Routines, Homework, Projects etc. Daily Warm-Up and points. Students earn up to 5pts. per warm-up. Monthly high scores= Prize Homework : most of the homework will be associated with the unit projects. Most often they will have 1 week to complete the homework. H.A.M.S. will be given for missing homework and they will be asked to sit out at recess until homework is completed. Assignments are posted to http://my.ccsd.net There will be a project that the students will be required to complete at home for each of our 3 units. (4 th & 5 th ) Field Trip

13 Ways you can support your child Ask your child about the ideas and topics they explore in GATE. Ask your child about the Universal Concept of Structures. Explore and utilize resources - (Mrs. Gibeault) - handouts



16 Conclusion Thank You for your attention and time this evening. Feel free to contact me: 799-1330x1440 or e-mail --- teacher: Gibeault Questions

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