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Texture in Fashion.

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1 Texture in Fashion

2 Texture Blindfold activity
Was it easy or hard to guess what type of fabric it was? Why? What clues did you have?

3 Texture Where is texture found? What is it?
In the thickness and appearance of fabric. What is it? The one element that you can see and feel What are the different textures we have here in class?

4 Texture What words describe texture? How is texture created?
Loopy, fuzzy, furry, soft, shiny, dull, bulky, rough, crisp, smooth, sheer… How is texture created? By the fiber type, weaving or knitting process, or by the fabric finishes

5 texture There are two types of texture: TACTILE VISUAL
Texture that can be felt by touch. (rough, prickly) VISUAL Texture that can be seen. (shiny, dull, matte)

6 Texture activity Turn to page 182 in “Clothing, Fashion, Fabrics & Construction” On the left side of your page write “increase” on the right, write “decrease” and put a line down the middle Read about each of the fabrics and write which illusion they create. If the fabric can go in both, put it in parenthesis and tell why.

7 Texture Why is texture important in fashion?
It can increase or decrease the appearance of body size. It can draw added attention to a design.

8 Increasing size Which do you think would increase the appearance of body size? Shiny or glossy (reflect more light) Thick Bulky, shaggy, fuzzy, wrinkled

9 Decreasing size Which textures would decrease the appearance of body size? Dull (because they absorb light) Thin to mid-weight Smooth, flat surfaces


11 Texture portfolio page
Address the following in the paragraph: Describe the specific textures in the outfit. (shiny, fuzzy…) Tell what kind of textures they are. (tactile or visual) What does the texture do to the body appearance? (increase, decrease size) Do the textures draw attention to specific parts of the design? What message does the texture give? (casual, formal…)

12 Texture Portfolio page


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