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Prepared by Berezhnaya A. Form 10 School No 1 Teacher Kurilova Yuliya Pyatigorsk.

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2 Prepared by Berezhnaya A. Form 10 School No 1 Teacher Kurilova Yuliya Pyatigorsk

3 The 2012 Summer Olympics, officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad. It took place in London, United Kingdom, from 27 July to 12 August 2012. London was the first city to host the modern Olympic Games three times having previously done so in 1908 and in 1948.

4 London is the capital of Great Britain, it`s political, economic and cultural center. It`s one of the largest cities in the world. Its population is more than 9 million people. London is situated on the river Thames. The city is very old and beautiful.

5 The opening of the XXX summer Olympic games in London was on 27 July. The ceremony was attended by athletes from 205 countries. Once at the scene emerged all countries-participants of the Olympic games, President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge welcomed the sportsmen. The Queen of great Britain and Northern Ireland Elizabeth II announced the Olympic games open.

6 Seven young British athletes lit the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London. Fire in the Olympic stadium was delivered to the Thames on a boat famous footballer David Beckham. The stadium torch made Steve Redgrave, 50- year-old Briton, a five-time Olympic champion in rowing, which passed the fire of young athletes, which are considered to be sporting hopes Britain

7 Olympic stadium Stadium, located in the southern part of the Park and is surrounded on three sides by water. The stadium is designed for 80 000 places, was built 5 years and was inaugurated on may 5 - the slogan of the opening ceremony became a slogan of the «2012 hours before the Olympics». At the stadium have passed the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as competitions on track and field athletics.

8 Talismans of the Olympic and Paralympic games in London became the Wenlock and Mandeville. The names of these two animation characters were chosen not accidentally. In the city of Stoke Mandeville, located in the County of Buckinghamshire, originated Paralympic games, in the village of Much Wenlock, the County of Shropshire, in which large-scale sports games were held in the middle of the XIX century. By the way, they have served as an example of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who formulated the basic concepts of the Olympic games. As to that, who are these characters, then the organizers of the Games in London called them only as «two drops of steel from Bolton». «Drops» are the two eyes of the two men and wear Bicycle helmets with painted on them the Olympic symbols. Each detail of the mascots thought out and is important in terms of the Olympic symbols. Wenlock and Mandeville have one eye, because the eye, this is not that other, as the eye of the camcorder, through which they chronicle the events of the Olympic games and broadcast from all over the world.

9 The project of Olympic medals worked British designer David Watkins. Olympic medals, for which they are fighting the participants of the London games, became the largest in the entire history of the Olympic games - diameter from amounted to 85 mm, a thickness of 7 mm, and weight - from 375 to 400 grams. On the face of the awards was the picture of the logo of the Games surrounded by rays, on the reverse, the goddess of victory Nike against the background of the Thames. All were released 302 kit - 2100 medals.

10 The emblem of the London Olympic games was developed by Wolff Olins during the year - for its creation took 400 000 pounds - that's more than half a million euros. Over this year the emblem had time to lead as much several times. About it there was much dispute - it was called the «racist», something like the swastika, it is accused in the fact that she is epileptic seizures. The Iranian authorities at all at one point said that boycotting the Olympic games due to the fact that the logo reminds them of the word «Zion» - the name of Jerusalem in Hebrew. What made the world talk about the four pink polygons emblems that's the way it is now is not too important, it is important that the logo has survived all the spiteful critics and reign on all products, thus or otherwise connected with the Olympics 2012. So, the logo is a 4 irregular polygon, depicting the figure of «2012», in this first of two inscribed the word «London», and in the zero - image of the Olympic rings. There is a four-color version of the logo is orange, blue, yellow and green.

11 The closing ceremony of the summer Olympic Games-2012 took place on the main arena of sports in the British capital. Three-hour show called «Symphony of British music» crowned the 16 days of competition. The organizers have done the ceremony of not less impressive than the spectacular opening of the world celebration of sport in London.

12 It was wonderful Olympic games, which gave so much amazing emotions to the participants and spectators!


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