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ClearPath Dorado Storage Update OS-3029, UNITE 2011 Tuesday, 9:15am Steven M. OBrien Unisys Corporation Malvern, PA.

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1 ClearPath Dorado Storage Update OS-3029, UNITE 2011 Tuesday, 9:15am Steven M. OBrien Unisys Corporation Malvern, PA

2 Todays Topics What drives Storage Modernization? ClearPath Storage Products and Solutions Data Protection Storage Roadmap Page 2

3 What drives Storage Modernization? Three primary forces at work 1.Technological obsolescence: The condition where a technology, either slowly or suddenly, is no longer desired even though it may still be in good working order 2.Technological convergence: The tendency for different technological systems to evolve towards performing similar tasks. 3.Technological economics: The tendency for newer technologies to create economic trajectories toward lower cost of goods and higher value of functionality 3

4 Technological Obsolescence 4 100 GB capacity 1000 GB capacity 3 2 Requirement: Transition from old technology to new technology must provide continuity and ongoing business enablement

5 Technological Convergence 5 Requirement: Convergence must be evolutionary – the right size for the intended task – and adaptable over time

6 Technological Economics 6 Disk Drive Cost Per GIGABYTE Requirement: Acquisition cost must not overwhelm the lower costs associated with new technology and higher value must be client recognized

7 Tiered Storage OLTP Online, mid-Tier, and archive Page 7 Storage Array Options For ClearPath Libra, ClearPath Dorado, Windows, Unix, and Linux

8 Industrys Best Enterprise Storage Page 8 Symmetrix V-MaxSymmetrix DMX-4Symmetrix DMX-3 Symmetrix Storage Array platforms Tiered storage optimization –Storage tiering, mobility, and management capabilities Lowest total cost of ownership –Reduce costs and deliver higher service levels via scale-out and multi-level storage tiering Information availability –Most advanced and widely deployed business continuity platform Simplified management and operations –Simplified storage allocation, resource management, and tiering ClearPath qualified #1 in high-end external RAID (IDC, Jan 2011*)

9 V-MAX Tiered Storage Options Page 9 PLATFORM-BASED TIERING CAPABILITIES Best of-breed storage systems and technology SOFTWARE-BASED TIERING CAPABILITIES Quality of Service Management Cache Partitioning Virtual LUN Technology ControlCenter Symmetrix Optimizer Advanced functionality to optimize storage tiering Virtual Provisioning New Flash Drives First and Only High-end Array with Flash Drive Technology Breaks the Performance Barrier and Reinvents High End Storage Tier 2 Tier 1 Tier 0 Tier 2 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 1

10 10 VNX Series Storage Arrays - Unified Storage Platforms

11 VNX Series Hardware Overview VNX5100VNX5300VNX5500VNX5700VNX7500 Max. Drives 751252505001000 Drive Types SAS, NL-SAS, Flash I/O Slots 04 to 84 to 136 to 186 to 42 X-Blades none1 or 21 or 2 or 32 or 3 or 42 to 8 System Memory n/a6 GB / blade12 GB / blade 24 GB / blade Protocols n/a NFS, CIFS, MPFS, pNFS NFS, CIFS, MPFS, pNFS NFS, CIFS, MPFS, pNFS NFS, CIFS, MPFS, pNFS SPs 22222 System Memory 4 GB /SP 8 GB / SP12 GB / SP 18 GB / SP24 GB / SP Protocols FC FC, iSCSI, FCoE, FC, iSCSI, FCoE, FC, iSCSI, FCoE, FC, iSCSI, FCoE, File Block 11

12 Powerful, Flexible Modular Architecture More processing power. Self-optimizing pools. Any network. Multi-controller scale* Add X-blades for the right amount of file sharing power Add storage processors for more storage pool scale Scales to 96 CPU cores and 4,000 drives Self-optimizing storage pools Active Data is automatically moved to FLASH for fastest performance Inactive Data is automatically moved out of FLASH to large disks for lowest capacity cost Fully Automated. Always on. No management intervention needed. Set-it-and-forget-it. Lowest transaction cost and lowest capacity costsimultaneously! Unified multi-protocol Full support for any network Unified block, file and object support Share volumes and files Fully provisioned LUNs SSDHDD SAN BLOCK iSCSI FC FCoE NAS FILE CIFS NFS pNFS MPFS CLOUD OBJECT REST SOAP *2 SPs requires Gateway with multi back end

13 New FLASH 1 st Data Strategy for Symmetrix V-Max and VNX Series Hot data on fast Flash SSDscold data on dense disks Hot high activity As data ages, activity falls, triggering automatic movement to high capacity disk drives for lowest cost Highly active data is stored on Flash SSDs for fastest response time Movement Trigger FLASH SSD Cold low activity Data Activity High Cap. HDD Data Age

14 The FAST Technology FAST Cache continuously ensures that the hottest data is served from high performance FLASH SSDs FAST VP (Virtual Pools)* optimizes storage pools automatically, ensuring that active data is being served from SSDs, while cold data is moved to lower cost disk tiers Together they deliver a fully automated FLASH 1 st storage strategy for optimal performance at the lowest cost attainable Monitor and Tune the whole system with the complementary Unisphere QoS Manager and Unisphere Analyzer Highest performance and capacity efficiencyautomatically! * Not available for VNX5100. Flash SSD High- Performance HDD High- capacity HDD Real-time caching with FAST Cache Scheduled optimization with FAST VP

15 FAST Cache Overview Support for file and block Extends mid-tier cache using Flash drives –Adds up to 2 TB of cache Less than a third of the cost of DRAM Hot data automatically ends up in FAST Cache RAID 1 for Read/Write protection Transparent to SP failure, no need to warm up the cache Applicable to most workloads FAST Cache Disk Drives DRAM 30 8 1 Fastest Performance Capacity ExchangeSharePoint Oracle Database FileVMwareSAP Run workloads up to 3X faster FAST SUITE

16 FAST VP for Block and File Access Automates movement of hot or cold blocks Optimizes use of high performance and high capacity drives Improves cost and performance Optimize VNX for minimum TCO LUN 2 LUN 1 Tier 2 Tier 1 Pool BEFOREAFTER Tier 0 Most activityNeutral activityLeast activity FAST SUITE

17 FAST SuiteFAST VP + FAST Cache FAST Virtual Pool FLASH FAST Cache Copies hottest data to Flash Optimizes Flash utilization Dynamic movement in near real time 64 KB sub-slices ideal for bursty data FAST VP Tiers across drives in pool Optimizes drive utilization Relative ranking over time 1 GB slices ideal for deterministic data FAST SUITE DRAM Cache FAST Cache FLASH

18 Tape Modernization = Tape Virtualization

19 Tape and Tape Library Virtualization Tape and Tape Library Virtualization Technologies –Virtual Tape Appliance – dedicated server with software which emulates one of more industry tape drives – dozens to hundreds of tape drives –Virtual Tape Library - dedicated server with software which emulates a tape library robot and one of more industry tape drives – responds to robotic commands – pick and place and features dozens to hundreds of tape drives Page 19

20 Unisys Family of DSI VTLs - For ClearPath and Open Systems VTL Head Unit Standard or HA Capacity to 500+TB Performance up to 2400 MB/s More Information: DSI Virtual Tape 9000 SeriesDSI Virtual Tape 9000 Series Page 20 VTL Head Unit Standard or HA Capacity to 200+TB Performance up to 2400 MB/s Standard dual, quad-core processors Capacity to 48TB Performance up to 1200 MB/s Holds more than 30,000 36-track cartridges Standard dual, quad-core processors Capacity to 9TB Performance up to 400 MB/s Holds more that 6,000 36-track cartridges Full Host Integration with DSI Library Manager Enterprise Medium to Large Small DSI 9983 DSI 9923/33 DSI 9253 DSI 9303 EMC Symmetrix EMC VNX DSI 900 Head Units with choice of storage

21 Page 21 ClearPath Tape Manager Integration Fibre Channel Library Environment Dorado VTL Agent FCI TM Features and Benefits –FCI TapeManager with Agent Import virtual cartridge from virtual vault Export to physical tape Replicate to remote VTL Support VTL tape stacking/un-stacking Manage VTL backend library

22 Virtual Tape Subsystem - EMC DLm for Unisys OS 2200 Mainframes Modernize tape infrastructure True 36-track tape emulation Transparent to mainframe operations Leverages modern, low-cost disk drive technology High performance reads and writes Unmatched remote replication capability Ideal for setting future tape-free operations Investment protection Lowest Total Cost of Ownership ClearPath Dorado 700, 800, 4090, 4100 –FICON Channel attach Unisys and EMC supported product –QA and tested at EMC eLab on Unisys ClearPath Dorado mainframes –Manufactured by EMC –Maintained by Unisys and EMC –Professional Services by Unisys and EMC Unisys ClearPath Dorado mainframes EMC Disk Library for mainframe

23 IBM zSeries Multi-Mainframe Tape Virtualization – EMC DLm for UNISYS and IBM mainframes Unisys and IBM mainframe support Fully supported infrastructure by Unisys and EMC eLab Experienced professional services Full remote replication support Single easy to manage solution Lowest overall cost of ownership New Optional Configurations –ESCON connection for migration –DataDomain backend storage for Data De-Dupe of IBM data –DataDomain backend storage for integrated Open Systems backup Unisys ClearPath Dorado mainframes EMC Disk Library for mainframe 23 Open Systems Backup Servers LAN

24 Disk Library for Mainframe Components Virtual tape emulation controller (VTEC) –Includes the virtual tape engines (VTEs) –Emulates 36-Trk 3480/3490/ 3590 tape drives 256 tape drives per VTE Up to 1,536 with six VTEs –FICON connectivity Throughput of 1.2 GB/s with six VTEs (FICON) –Transparent to mainframe tape management systems –Virtual cartridge size up to 16 TB –Disk consumption is based on data, not cartridge size –Supports hardware compression Back-end storage –Leverages 1 TB and 2TB SATA II drives –RAID 6 (12+2) configuration with Hot Spare per disk tray –Stores all tape images as files –Shares all tape volumes between all VTEs VTEC Back-end storage VTE EMC Disk Library for mainframe

25 Disk Library for Mainframe Family DLm120DLm960 Number of VTEs1 or 21–6 Connectivity FICON ESCON (RPQ) Number of channels to host2 or 42–12 Number of virtual tape drives Up to 512Up to 1,536 Maximum capacity (usable) 9.5 TB–47.5 TB28.5 TB–1.2 PB Performance Up to 400 MB/sUp to 1.2 GB/s Number of cabinets 12–13 Replication Hardware compression

26 How Disk Library for Mainframe Is Mapped to the Mainframe Host The mainframe host views the DLm as a collection of tape drives –Each VTE can emulate 256 tape drives Tape Administrator will map specific range of tape drives to a specific VTE –Each of the tape drives can access part or all of the tape drives Each tape VOLSER is kept on disk as file –File name is the same as the VOLSER –Scratch files start with ~ Ability to scratch without releasing space –No pre-allocation of space Self-maintained for space –Automatic space release when low space Unisys ClearPath Dorado mainframe EMC Disk Library for mainframe 0000-00FF 0100-01FF 0200-02FF 0300-03FF VT E

27 Physical Tape and Tape Library Solutions More Information: DSI Tape Systems and Oracle StorageTek Tape Page 27 LTO3 HH – 800 GB per cartridge Standalone or 8 cartridge autoloader 4MM – 72 GB per cartridge 10 cartridge autoloader Library – 96 TB capacity 1-4 LTO drives 30 to 60 cartridge slots LTO4 HH – 1.8 TB per cartridge Standalone or 8 cartridge autoloader Encryption option Library – 96 TB capacity 2-8 LTO drives 60 to 120 cartridge slots Library – 1,000 PB capacity 9040, T10K, LTO drives Up to 100,000 cartridge slots Library – 60 PB capacity 9040, T10K, LTO drives 200 to 5,925 cartridge slots T9840D T10KB LTO4

28 Industry Leading SAN Infrastructure Top rated 8Gb/s fibre channel switches –Entry-level to enterprise class switches Investment protection –Forward and backward compatibility for 2Gb/s, 4Gb/s and now 8Gb/s SAN networking infrastructures Advanced features –Resilient Fabric OS, e-Ports with virtual trunking, energy efficient, setup wizards Flexible and Easy to Use –Configurations ranging from 8 to 80 ports – core to edge networking ClearPath qualified Page 28 Brocade Fibre Channel Switches

29 Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

30 Page 30 Understanding RPO and RTO Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) 5 a.m. 6 a.m. 7 a.m. 8 a.m. 9 a.m. 10 a.m. 11 a.m. 12 a.m. 1 p.m. 2 p.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 5 p.m. 6 p.m. 7 p.m. Event occurs 10 a.m. RPO Amount of data lost from failure, measured as the amount of time from a disaster event to the last good backup RTO Targeted amount of time to restart a business service after an event

31 Page 31 Technologies for Data Protection Deployment of These Technologies Dictated by Cost, RTO and RPO Tape Backup Replication Days Hours Minutes Seconds Disk Backup and VTL Global Deduplication Backup Replication Space- Saving Snapshots CDP Array Snapshots RPO/RTO Cost

32 2011 GOIS Portfolio Sales Training | © 2010 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. Page 32 Converged DR with RecoverPoint Solutions Supported on ClearPath MCP, ClearPath OS 2200, Microsoft, Linux systems RecoverPoint splitter comes with each CLARiiON or VNX PRODUCTION DISASTER RECOVERY Linux Windows RecoverPoint SAN/WAN RecoverPoint ClearPath MCP ClearPath OS 2200 SAN/WAN Linux Windows ClearPath MCP ClearPath OS 2200 DSI Head VTL

33 Roadmaps ClearPath Dorado

34 ClearPath Dorado Storage Roadmap Page 34 VNX FAST – Fully Automated Storage Tiering RecoverPoint Symmetrix FAST – Fully Automated Storage Tiering New VTL Engines - inc performance - 8 Gb/s fibre channel Brocade 16Gb/s FC Sw VNX Unified Storage Symmetrix V-Max DSI VTL Series EMC DLm Series Tape drives Encrypting tape drives Tape Libraries * Check with Storage Portfolio Management for details Today 2Q11 2H11

35 Summary Unisys understands Enterprise Storage Best-in-class Storage Portfolio Worldwide sales, support and service Roadmap to success Questions 35

36 ClearPath Dorado Storage Update UNITE 2011 – OS3029 Questions?

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