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Learning Disability Service Management Team Presentation April 2011.

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1 Learning Disability Service Management Team Presentation April 2011

2 Presentation Format IntroductionMax Naismith 5 to 3 UpdateMax Naismith Operating ModelSteve Bardsley Transitions Team o Achievements & PlansSteve Bardsley Development Team o Achievements & PlansAndrew Garrick Assessment & Care Management o Achievements & PlansGraham Heffernan Planning Team o Achievements & PlansSteve Foy Evaluation of Operating ModelMax Naismith

3 5 to 3 Update Background as to project Workstreams LD Workstream updated Equality Impact Assessment Communication Strategy Timescales

4 Operating Model

5 Transitions Team History of transitions service Current Transitions Team Future developments

6 Learning Disability Development Team Achievements of Reviewing and CHC Establishment of Reviewing Team to work alongside LD Contracts Improved management of the LD pooled budget. Enhanced support provided to care management and contracts teams Continued, improved efficiency in the delivery of LD Continuing Healthcare

7 Learning Disability Development Team Plans for Development in WNW Set up and establish the new WNW care management team in Pudsey Establish new links and partners in the new area Deliver the new initial response team Provide a quality service to customers in the context of the Self Directed Support and safeguarding adults

8 Assessment & Care Management Achievements Development of Practice in relation to Court of Protection Development of Learning Disability Housing Strategy Self Directed Support

9 Assessment & Care Management Development Plans Utilisation of new framework agreements Development of links with neighbourhood resources Development of Partnerships with Health

10 Planning Team Achievements Demise of hostel accommodation Development of local services Prize for Customer Involvement

11 Planning Team Developments New team formation Day Service Transformation Joint Working – Third Sector

12 Evaluation of Operating Model Independent consultant Format Timescales Feedback to stakeholders

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