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Professional Hiring Automation and Workflow

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1 Professional Hiring Automation and Workflow
On-line Applications, Screening, Workflow, and HR Automation

2 WinOcular: One Product, Many Solutions
Interview Management HQT Analysis On-line Interviews On-Line Applications Pre-Screening Reporting Paperless Hiring Personnel Action Notice Automation Import / Export Integration Document Management Recruitment Job Masters Job Posting On-Line Reference Checks Manages ALL Applicant Types WinOcular provides solutions for a wide range of hiring needs. Position Control WinOcular: One Product, Many Solutions WinOcular

3 CCR, Inc.: Leaders in Personnel Office Automation
We’ll take you… WinOcular transforms your hiring from a paper-based system, to an on-line, low-stress process. From This …. To This! WinOcular

4 Integrating and Optimizing
Applicant Recruiting and District Marketing Personnel Action Notices / Authorization Workflow Position Control / Allotment Teacher Profiling / Screening Criminal Background Checks Employee Records Management Finance / HRMS And Much More…. WinOcular: The Glue That Binds It All Together WinOcular: We cover every facet of the hiring process. WinOcular

5 Teaching Certification WinOcular
Hiring Process Begins Position Control Allocates Employees Request for New Employees Employee Transfers Applicant Pool Personnel Selection and Assessment Criminal Records Checks State DPS Systems Certification Management Teaching Certification Reference Checks Approval HR | Finance Data Exchange HRMS Other Business System Multi-stage processes ensure that every task is accomplished. Screening and Interviews HR Screening HR Interviews Principal Interviews Selection and Hiring Recommendation to Hire Board Recommendation WinOcular

6 WinOcular Ties It All Together
WinOcular: Proud to be used by North America’s greatest districts. WinOcular

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