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What we learnt from our first year with the iPads.

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1 What we learnt from our first year with the iPads

2 benefits issues scenarios ideas useful apps

3 responsive monitoring quick access to individual support tools cutting the umbilical cord

4 Device limitations: Ss distracted and sidetracked with manipulation of apps lack of charger lack of iPad lack of app grogginess

5 Handling instructions: getting whole class attention not on the same page hard to see if on task: angle, dimming

6 Students personal iPad use: gaming social networking watching football, movies pictures, incoming messages/reminders esp. during transitions break time activity lag addiction to non-educational uses of mobiles


8 You want to start the lesson. Some students have their iPad on and are doing various games or social networking. Others have their iPad off.

9 All of the students should be working on the same task. However, three students keep flipping back to the game app that they are involved with.

10 The students should be using various apps to complete a group task. However, one team member is spending most of her time social networking.

11 One student doesnt have the app you need and doesnt seem to be able to download it.

12 You strongly suspect that a student is gaming in this lesson but you havent caught them at it. Every time you go near them they have the task on their screen.

13 monitoring walking around seating constant monitoring lots of time at back of class random S selection

14 device specific iPads flat on the desk have S sit next to a power point delete the app apps that record S activity guided access

15 punitive – not iPad specific admonishing ignoring complete in own time

16 increase engagement collect phones engaging tasks time accountability more pair and group work stress personal responsibility competitive games quizzes and mini-tests

17 Guided Access Socrative (28 th Aug 1pm) Class Dojo Some apps that weve found helpful for iPad classroom management

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