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Quality management in Higher education area-overview of projects

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1 Quality management in Higher education area-overview of projects
Dejan Bokonjic Srdjan Lozo Nenad Markovic University of East Sarajevo

2 History QA team formed on Medical faculty Foca in 2004
Our team started to work seriously on introduction of different QA procedures in the end of 2004 Joint action with other Medical faculties in different Tempus projects-most of them established QA offices in same time Following procedures which are in accordance with recommendations and plans got from University QA office Dissemination of results to University level Activities financed by Tempus grants, several smaller grants by government and Faculty

3 Main fields of action Education of QA teams and staff
Development of protocols and frames for different QA procedures Evaluation of different courses Self-assessment of medical faculty External evaluation Strategic and action plans

4 2. CM-C005A05-2005, QUMAMED Quality Management in Medicine
List of projects: 1. Tempus –JEP 19037_2004 INTEGRATED LEARNING IN MEDICINE 2. CM-C005A , QUMAMED Quality Management in Medicine 3. Tempus CM SCM COB EUSER BIH EU oriented self evaluation report for BH Universities

5 Integrated learning in Medicine
Three years project Five medical faculties Five partners from EU

6 INTEL M project main outcomes
Identification of present teaching methods at medical faculties Universities in the region and EU Universities Creating of plan for introducing of new teaching methods Implementation of new teaching and examining methods during third project year Evaluation of changes in teaching process at Med. Faculties in B&H during and at the end of the project-current activity (preparation of SER) Dissemination of project results

7 Quality management in medicine
One year project Five BH Medical faculties Three partners from EU

8 List of activities QUMAMED project
1.1 Management of the project 1.2 Organization of planning meeting and evaluation meeting. 2.1 Training visits about QM at EU Universities 2.2 Education of staff about quality management during seminars at partner Universities 3.0 Preparing of manual and questionnaires for internal assessment 4.1 Introduction of web site of the project 4.2 Dissemination conference and establishing of office for QA

9 Main outputs of Qumamed project
Core teams and office for QM on medical faculties Manual for Quality management in medicine-empty frame New version of questionnaires Model for introducing and evaluation of course

10 Manual for quality management in medicine-structure
Part I : Quality Management and Quality Assurance in Medical Education – an Introduction Part II: Faculty internal and external organisation of quality assurance procedures and standards Part III: Guidelines for Curricula and Course management (QA in educational processes) Part IV: Quality Assurance of Students’ Body

11 Manual for quality management in medicine
Empty frame with examples of procedures and processes Our QA team started to fill up manual with our original procedures and protocols Manual will be offer to University QA office

12 EU oriented self assessment report for BH Universities
One year project Five Universities from BH Three partners from EU Two experts

13 List of activities EUSER-BIH project
Management structure of the project 1.2 Organization of planning meeting and evaluation meeting. 1.3 Monitoring of project results Retraining seminar in EU for preparing self assessment report Retraining seminar in BH for writing self assessment report. 3.1 Development of self assessment report 3.2 Preparation and realization of external evaluation 4.1. Preparation of guideline for self and external assessment of Universities 5.1 Development of web site of the project 5.2 Dissemination conference and evaluation of external evaluation report 

14 Main outcomes EUSER-BIH project
Education of QA staff at BH Universities for preparation of self assessment report Preparation of self assessment report and organization of external evaluation of all BH participating Universities Writing of final evaluation report with recommendations for all participating BH Universities Creation of guideline with common procedures for self and external evaluation of BH Universities

15 Final outcome Development of model of self assessment report which will be offered to all Universities in BH. External evaluation of different faculties involved in the pilot project Preparation of strategic and action plans based on external evaluation reports

16 Plans Preparation of our faculties and Universities for accreditation procedures Regular evaluation of different courses and teaching staff Introducing new QA procedures New self assessment and external assessment of Medical faculty and University


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