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MATH CHAPTER 15 4 th GRADE. Area rectangle height square perimeter 1.The ______is the distance around a shape. 2.A shape that has 4 right angles and 4.

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2 Area rectangle height square perimeter 1.The ______is the distance around a shape. 2.A shape that has 4 right angles and 4 equal sides is called a ______. 3. A shape that had 4 right angles and 2 pairs of parallel sides is called a ______.

3 Find Each Product. 6 x 57 x 98 x 87 x 4 3 x 65 x 48 x 54 x 9 9 x 68 x 43 x 98 x 7

4 Identify Each 2D Shape



7 AREA is the number of square units needed to cover a region.

8 Count the square units inside the shape to get the exact area of the shape.

9 Sometimes you can estimate the area.

10 If you make a guess, say that it is an estimate. It is about ______ squares.

11 Tell if the area is exact or an estimate.

12 Aubry bought 4 notebooks, 2 boxes of markers and 3 glue sticks. How much money did he spend on his supplies. $2.98 $1.87 $.55 $2.46

13 What would be a good estimate of area outside of the green shaded area?

14 A bookstore is having a sale. When customers buy 3 books they get one book free. If Doug buys 12 books, how many books will he get free?

15 What is a good estimate for the area of the go cart park? = 1 sq mile

16 Dirk bought a poster for his room. What is the area of the poster? 3 feet 4 feet

17 Standard Units of Length and Area UNITSQUARE UNIT inch (in.) square inch foot (ft) square foot yard (yd)square yard mile (mi)square mile centimeter (cm)square centimeter meter (m)square meter kilometer (km)square kilometer

18 Jim has painted a mural on his wall that measures 8ft by 12 ft. What is the area of his mural?

19 Josephines family has started a vegetable garden. What is the area of their garden?

20 Judy wants to surprise her mother by creating a flowered tablecloth. What is the area of the tablecloth?

21 Ida bought 0.6 pound of green beans and 0.43 pound of grapes. Did she buy more beans or grapes? How much more?

22 Keri wants to make curtains for her bedroom. Two windows are 6 ft by 5 ft. The curtain material must be doubled to make the curtains. How many yards of material are needed? ( hint: 3 ft = 1 yd )

23 Richard is helping his mom paint their living room. The room is 12 ft by 14 ft. The ceilings are 8 ft tall. A gallon of paint covers 300 sq ft. How many gallons of paint will be needed?

24 Mitch wants to paint an area on the blacktop for basketball practice. The court is 23 yards by 40 yards. What is the area of the court?

25 Janet wants to cover a bulletin board with poetry. The board is 7 ft by 9 ft. How much area does Janet have for her poetry display?

26 Ethans garden is 4 ft wide and has a total area of 32 sq feet. What is the length of his garden?

27 Lakeisha wants to make a quilt for her Grandmothers bed. The quilt needs to have an area of 56 square feet. If she makes one side 8 feet long, how long will the other side be?

28 This picture of Van Gogh is 4 ft by 8 ft. What area will it take up on the wall?

29 Lanier wants to tile a table as a gift for his mother. The table will be 4 feet by 3 feet. If he uses 2 inch square tiles, how many tiles will he need?

30 Reuben drew a polygon with 4 sides. The polygon has 1 set of parallel sides. What type of polygon did Reuben draw?

31 Malcolm is helping tile the kitchen floor. The kitchen is 16 feet long and 8 feet wide. The tile costs $7 per square foot. How much will it cost to tile Malcolms kitchen?

32 Melinda ordered doughnuts for the bake sale. She ordered 9dozen boxes. She sold all of the doughnuts except 5. If she sold each doughnut for $.50 how much money did the school make?

33 Iesha wants to tile the backsplash in the kitchen. The grid shows the part that needs tiles. What is the area of the backsplash? = 4 sq inch

34 Phoebe glued square tiles on the border around the picture frame. What part of the frame did she decorate? = 1 sq in

35 Looking for a shortcut? Find the area of the whole shape. Find the area of the small shape. Subtract. GARDEN PATIO

36 Raymond needs to finish tiling the bottom of the swimming pool. What area of the pool still needs to be tiled?

37 Monica drew two designs. How much greater is the area of the yellow figure than the area of the green figure?

38 Lisa built these figures out of craft sticks. If she continues the pattern, how many craft sticks will she use for the 5 th figure? 1 2 3

39 Tressa is digging a garden in her backyard. What is the total area of corn and tomatoes? CORN CARROTS BEANS TOMATOES

40 How can you find the area of an irregular figure? 7 feet 5 feet 6 feet

41 Count the whole units then combine partial units and add.

42 Count - combine - add.

43 Count – combine – add.

44 Can you find the area?

45 Measure and find the area of each.

46 Zoe bought 75 feet of sod to repair the miniature golf course where she works. Will she have any sod left over?

47 Wayne wants to design a sand trap that is 360 square yards. If one side is 12 yards long, what is the other side?

48 Dustin drew figures on grid paper. What is the area of each picture?


50 Mrs. B drew the figure. How could you divide the figure to find the total area? Russell drew the figures. How could you divide the figure to find the total area?

51 What is the approximate area?

52 Write the algebraic expression to show: six times a number is 24 ___________________ Write the algebraic expression to show: 3 times a number is 90 + 3 ____________________

53 What fraction is turquoise blue?

54 It took 13 months to build the worlds largest boot. It is 16 feet tall and weighs 2,300 pounds. How many days did it take to build the boot?

55 Different area – Same perimeter

56 Draw different rectangles with perimeters listed. Tell the dimensions and area of each. 16 20 24 40

57 You have 48 counters. You are creating groups with the Rule: +2 The first group has 3 counters. How many groups do you need to make to use up all 48 counters?

58 Alyssa made the same number of goals in each of 4 soccer games. If she made a total of 24 goals, how many did she make each game?

59 Jerry drew a rectangle with a perimeter of 20 inches. The smaller side measured 3 inches. Tanya said the longer side had to be 7 inches. Is she correct?

60 Which statement is true? They both have the same height? They both have the same base? They both have the same area? They both have the same perimeter? 2 3 1 4

61 Same Area Different Perimeter You must solve the castle puzzle. You have 16 castle tiles to make a rectangular castle and 16 water tiles to make a moat. How can you completely surround the castle with water?

62 Mr. Smyth is using 64 carpet tiles to make a reading area in his classroom. Each tile is a square that measures 1 foot by 1 foot. What is the length and width of the rectangular area he can make with the smallest possible perimeter?

63 The length of the base of each side of the Great Pyramid of Khufu is about 756 feet. If the Great Pyramid of Khufu is a square pyramid, what is the distance around the base of the pyramid?

64 East School and North School cover the same area. In physical education classes, each student runs one lap around the school. At which school do the students have to run farther?

65 The perimeter of rectangle P is 12 feet. The perimeter of rectangle Q is 18 feet. Both rectangles have the same area. Find the area of each rectangle.

66 Which shapes cannot be congruent to a rectangle?

67 Talaya bought 2 sweaters for $18 each and mittens for $11. ABOUT how much money will she get back in change if she pays with 3 twenty-dollar bills?

68 Measurement Tools Which tool should you use to measure a basketball court? An insect? A notebook? A postage stamp? A bedroom wall? A large lake?

69 Which Measurement Tool Should You Use? inch ruler centimeter ruler yardstick meter stick GARAGE DOOR CALCULATOR SOCCER FIELD PENCIL

70 Trey is thinking of two whole numbers. The product of the two numbers is 28. Their difference is 3. What are the numbers?

71 Rosanne has 3 hats, 4 scarves, and 2 pairs of gloves. How many different choices of 1 hat, with 1 scarf, and 1 pair of gloves does she have?

72 There are 250 horses entered in a show. All but 95 are jumpers. How many jumpers are entered in the show?

73 Kurt displayed 8 paintings in each of 4 rows. Which equation could NOT be used to find how many paintings he displayed in all? 4 x 8 = p8 p = 4 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 = pp 4 = 8

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