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Lesson 6 (4 th 6 Weeks) TEKS 6.9A. The chance of something happening.

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1 Lesson 6 (4 th 6 Weeks) TEKS 6.9A

2 The chance of something happening

3 Something may happen

4 One of the possible events in a probability situation.

5 An experiment that is conducted to predict probability

6 The set of ALL possible outcomes for an event Ways to display the sample space: List all possible outcomes Table Tree diagram

7 You can also use multiplication to find the total number of possible outcomes. EX: 2 types of bread x 3 sandwich fillings = 6 different sandwiches that can be made

8 On track and field day the students have a choice of either a tuna sandwich, turkey sandwich, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They can have water or milk to drink. Create a list that shows all the possible combinations that the students can have for lunch.

9 Tuna & Water Tuna & Milk Turkey & Water Turkey & Milk PBJ & Water PBJ & Milk Total of 6 Combinations

10 Jennifer is arranging her science book, math book, and social studies book in her locker. In how many different ways can she arrange them? Order of Books First BookSecond BookThird Book Science Math Social Studies

11 There are 6 colored tiles in a bag: 2 blue tiles, 2 red tiles, and 2 yellow tiles. With looking, you draw 2 colored tiles out of the bag at the same time. What are the possible color combinations of the 2 colored tiles drawn?

12 BlueRed Yellow BlueRedYellow RedYellow

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