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SITUATIONS REACTION TEST (SRT) INSTRUCTIONS Fill up your particulars in the answer sheet provided to you. This is again a test of imagination ( idea writing.

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1 SITUATIONS REACTION TEST (SRT) INSTRUCTIONS Fill up your particulars in the answer sheet provided to you. This is again a test of imagination ( idea writing test ) most commonly known as SRT. You have to write your answers in page No 10, 11, 12 and 13 of your answer sheet. Write your answer in English / Hindi in space provided in your answer sheet.

2 Do not turn over the page until you are told to do so. In this test a number of situations are presented to you. We would like to know how you would feel, think, and act in these situations. There are no right or wrong answers in respect of these situations. Every one is likely to read these situations in his own way. We would like to know your reactions to these situations.

3 Do not spend too much time in thinking out the answer to the situation. Write quickly the answer that comes to your mind first. You are to write your answers in answer sheet provided to you. Please dont write anything on test booklet. You will be given 30 minutes to do the test which contains 60 situations. Try to answer all questions in given time. To make you aware of time; half time, last 5 min, and last min will be announced.

4 SITUATIONS REACTION TEST (SRT) PRACTICE SET 1.While traveling by train he goes to toilet. On his return to his seat he finds his briefcase missing. He ______________________________________ _. 2.He receives conflicting orders from his two superior officers. He _________________. 3.He was appointed captain of basketball team but other players revolted against his appointment. He ______________________________________ _.

5 4.An epidemic has spread in the village due to poor hygiene conditions. He ______________. 5.While he discusses his viewpoints others do not listen to him carefully. He ______________________________________ _. 6.He notices a car moving with high speed running over a child on the road. He ______________________________________ _. 7.A fellow passenger has fallen from a running train. He ________________________.

6 8.His parents want him to marry a wealthy and less educated girl, but he has already found a suitable educated girl for himself. He ______________________________________ _. 9.He makes a silly mistake and his friend points it out. He ______________________. 10.He hears his neighbour screaming thief – thief at mid night. He _________________________.

7 11.A fellow passenger in the train objects to his smoking being an offence in public place. He _______________________________________. 12.He reached home from office and saw his house on fire. He _______________________. 13.He was going to Delhi for an interview but realised after one hour that he has boarded a wrong train. He _______________________________________. 14.While he was going up in a lift the electric power supply failed. He _________________________.

8 15.While he was hosting a dinner to his friends in a hotel he realised that he has forgotten his wallet at home. He ______________________________________ _. 16.His friends came to borrow the book from which he was preparing for next morning paper. He ______________________________________ _. 17.He was appointed to supervise evening games in the college but he was staying far away. He ______________________________________ _.

9 18.He proposed to invite a political leader to preside over the annual day celebration but others were against it. He ______________________________________ _. 19.He had undergone a major surgical operation but there was no one to look after. He ______________________________________ _. 20.His parents were insisting on his early marriage but he wanted to take up a job first. He ______________________________________ _.

10 21.He realised that his seniors were giving step-motherly treatment to him. He ______________________________________ _. 22.Hearing an unusual sound at night he woke up and found a thief jumping out of his window. He ______________________________________ _. 23.He was going to attend SSB interview. On reaching the Railway Station he noticed that his suitcase has been stolen with his original certificates needed at SSB. He ______________________________________ _.

11 24.While he was traveling on his scooter, someone at gunpoint demanded his purse. He ______________________________________ _. 25.He went to college but rowdy students told him to boycott the class. He ______________________________________ _. 26.His father has a dispute with his uncle on landed property. He ______________________________________ _.

12 27.He wanted to borrow money for his sisters marriage. The relative who assured him, declined to lend him at the time of marriage. He _______________________________________. 28.He was going on a bicycle in thick jungle. It was already dark and his destination was 10 Km away. His cycle got punctured. He _______________________________________. 29.He went to buy a ticket to travel by rail. On getting the ticket he found that his purse was missing. He _______________________________________.

13 30.While he was in a jungle in Nagaland, he saw six Nagas with lathis rushing to him. He ______________________________________ _. 31.He was appointed Langar Commander. The dal has often been having stones which was complained by the dining members. He ______________________________________ _. 32.He didnt do well in written test of SCO Commission. His friends advised him not to venture in future. He ______________________________________ _.

14 33.He was traveling in a train on reserved seat. A fellow passenger claimed to have the same seat on his reservation ticket. He ___________________________. 34.He wins a lottery of rupees one lakh. He ___________________________________. 35.His two school going children frequently miss the classes. He ______________________________________ _.

15 36.He was going to the market and he noticed a car and a tonga collide with each other. He ______________________________________ _. 37.He was asked to organise a picnic to a nearby historical place. He ______________________________________ _. 38.On returning to his barrack from the firing range, he finds that his friend had brought 20 rounds of 7.62 mm SLR. He ______________________________________ _.

16 39.A helicopter crashes in the vicinity of his unit lines. He ________________________. 40.He sees a rifle disc lying in the football field of his company. He ____________________________________ ___. 41.A speeding motor truck runs over a man as he happens to pass by. He ____________________________________ ___. 42.He was on a boat and he noticed mid stream water entering in the boat. He ____________________________________ ___.

17 43.He and his sister are passing through a thick forest on a scooter. The scooter is stopped at gunpoint for ransom. He ______________________________________ _. 44.He is called upon to organise a variety entertainment show in aid of Jawans welfare in his unit. He _______________________________________. 45.Due to financial difficulties his father cant support him for further studies after he passes his matric examination. He _______________________________________.

18 46.Demand of a loan from his close relative is urgent whereas he needs the same money for his sons hostel admission. He _______________________________________. 47.He enters the bathroom and notices a black cobra hanging from the ceiling of the roof. He _______________________________________. 48.Recently his younger brother has become arrogant. So he _______________________. 49.While he was watching cinema he suddenly noticed smoke coming out of cinema hall. The viewers started running causing stampede. He ___________________________________. 50.His father had borrowed some money for his higher studies which he could not pay back. So he _______________________________________.

19 51.While passing through a mountainous track he was challenged by two persons with weapons in their hands. He ______________________________________ _. 52.He has to appear in an exam. On reaching the city, he noticed that curfew has been clamped. He ______________________________________ _. 53.He was captain of basketball team and his team was about to loose in the final. He ______________________________________ _.

20 54.After marriage, his in-laws forced him to leave the job. He ______________________. 55.His parents often irritated him with their orthodox ideas about the role of women in a society. He ____________________________________ ___. 56.At the time of interview, he found that his certificates were missing. He ____________________________________ ___.

21 57.When he observed that his friend was having some suspicion on him. He __________________________________ _____. 58.He has already decided to vote for a particular candidate whereas his friends wanted his commitment for the other candidate. He __________________________________ _____.

22 59.His colleagues advised him to be tactful with is boss. He ________________________. 60.He happened to be present at a bus stop when a child who was with his mother was hit by a speeding motorbike and was injured seriously. He _____________________________.

23 END

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