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Tardebigge CE First School Walking Bus Frances Devey September 2013.

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1 Tardebigge CE First School Walking Bus Frances Devey September 2013

2 Tardebigge First School Walking Bus When it started, in September 2001, it was the only one in Bromsgrove and Redditch and one of the first in Worcestershire. A pavement was built along Church Lane especially for it! Traffic calming measures were built on Holyoakes Lane and High House Lane. The Walking Bus has been running ever since and we are keen to ensure its continued success.

3 What is the Walking Bus? The Walking Bus is a scheme that encourages parent volunteers to walk children to school along a set route. The bus is driven by a minimum of three (CRB checked) parent volunteers, (called the drivers), who accompany the children, (called the passengers) as they walk to school. One driver walks at the front, one at the back and the third supervises in between. The children walk in pairs and everyone wears a high visibility fluorescent tabard.

4 Where does the Walking Bus go? Our walking bus route is from the car park, at the Tardebigge Pub, to school. We meet at 8.20am and the bus leaves by 8.35am. When does it run? At present the Walking Bus operates every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

5 Why have a Walking Bus? 1. Benefits to parents. Parents can leave their child/ren at the meeting point with 2 drivers and know they will arrive safely at school. Parents have more time to travel to work, or other schools, after dropping off their child/ren. Parents can walk with their child/ren if they wish and can elect to help as a volunteer driver on one or more days each week. Fewer cars in and around the school car parks make them a safer place for the children.

6 Why have a walking Bus? 2. Benefits to the school. Less traffic congestion and danger around the school car parks. Less pollution around the school and the promotion of a green lifestyle. Educating the children in road safety and pedestrian skills before they move on to Middle School. A positive attitude to learning from the Walking Bus children who settle to work more quickly and concentrate better.

7 Why have a Walking Bus? 3.Benefits to the children. Children love activity and walking to school gives them an opportunity to exercise. Walking builds stronger bones! The children can chatter and socialise as they walk to school and the adult volunteers can point out anything of interest on the route. Regular walking encourages the children to improve their road safety skills. After walking to school children find it easier to settle down to work.

8 Benefits to the children (continued) Each Walking Bus child is given a fluorescent tabard and a passport. Every time they walk they receive a sticker to put in the passport and prizes are awarded when they have completed a page. Badges are awarded every month to every child who Walks at least Once a Week, (WOW).

9 The Walking Bus is carefully regulated and safety is the primary concern. Volunteers are CRB checked and trained. The route has been risk assessed. Parents and children receive operating guidelines before starting on the Walking Bus. The County Council provides Public Liability Insurance.

10 General Information. More information is included in the leaflet – Walking Bus, general information for parents which you are welcome to take. This leaflet includes the application forms for would be drivers and the consent forms to be completed by parents and children. During the Autumn Term Reception children must be accompanied by an adult but can use the Bus on their own in the Spring Term. If you would like your child to join the Walking Bus and /or become a driver you can: speak to me; speak to Josie McElhoney – who organises the rota of volunteer drivers and always walks with the Bus; pick up a copy of the Walking Bus information leaflet, fill in the forms and send them back to school. Any questions?

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