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Project of Zonda New Energy Bus. Yancheng Zhongwei Nanjing Jinling Beijing Yanjing Shanghai Guanghui Zonda Bus.

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1 Project of Zonda New Energy Bus

2 Yancheng Zhongwei Nanjing Jinling Beijing Yanjing Shanghai Guanghui Zonda Bus

3 Hybrid Bus CNG Bus Diesel BusElectric Bus Zonda Bus

4 4 Zonda New Energy Bus

5 Industrialization 5

6 Core Advantages of Zonda Electric Bus Qualification Zonda Group has been checked and accepted by the nation and is qualified to manufacture electric buses and chassises Strong support form state government Approved by China Ministry of Industry and Information and headed by Zonda Group, leading industrialization demonstration base of power system integration of Chinese electric buses are going to be set up. Adoption of special technology & high reliability Zonda electric bus has adopted such special technology as electric-magnetic management system, control system and energy recycling system,etc.The test by China Identification and Test Center of Automotive Vehicles and Test Center of Zonda Special Power Battery of National 863 Electric Vehicles shows all performance indicators are stable and reliable. Charging device can effectively ensure the balance and safety of charging. The battery keeps its temperature constant in operation without heating.

7 Effective balance of peak-valley of city grid The parking lot is equipped with charging device.The way buses run in the day time and are charged in the night is taken to balance the peak-valley of city grid and save energy consumption. Being provided with good marketability conditions The electric buses are characterized by long mileage, low energy consumption, safe and reliable operation, low cost of complete buses,light weight of batteries, short time of charging, long service life of batteries, zero emission without pollution, which make good marketability conditions. Core Advantages of Zonda Electric Bus

8 The Project of Electric Bus(electric bus power-train and chassis) Zonda Bus took over Qingshan New Energy Co.,Ltd. The three core technologies of pure electric bus (battery, motor and controller) have got China National Patents. The bus can run more than 500 kilometers on one time charge while the national standard is only about 200km. The battery can charge and discharge more than 1,000 times with energy consumption lower than 5kW.h/100km.t. The maximum speed is not less than 110km/h and the maximum grade ability is larger than 20 degrees. All technical indicators are superior to national standards. The bus has its own patented motor development technology and can recycle energy. Zonda Electric Bus Co., Ltd.

9 total investment of 1 billion Project land 600 mu (40 acres) power trains of 5000 units of electrical vehicles chassises of 5000 units of electrical vehicles production base of 5000 units of electrical vehicles annual production capacity 5000 units of electric vehicles and power trains annual sales revenue 12 billion total profits 1.16 billion Project Plan of Electric Bus and Power Battery In 2009 October, Nanjing Zonda Electric Bus Co., Ltd. was founded.It constructed the first modernized iron vanadium & lithium phosphite batteries and power train production line in China, which represents an important step towards the industrialization of pure electric vehicles. Recently we have obtained approval from authorities. Zonda is honored to become the third demonstration operation manufacturer of new energy vehicles in China and first in Jiangsu.

10 President Mr.Xu Liankuan, on hehalf of Beijing Zonda Yanjing Bus Co.,Ltd. under Zonda Group, signed a cooperation agreement on New Energy Bus Project. During this project 10,000 units of buses shall be researched and developed.

11 Tianjing Transportation Group signed a contract with Zonda Group to order 50 units of pure electric buses which will serve the 2010 Davos Economic Forum.

12 Production Line of Zonda New Energy Batteries

13 Key task-1: enlarge auto parts industry of the new energy bus and promote the development of key parts and localization of production 6/2/ Heavy current slow pulse charger Inverter Power-train and controller of pure electric bus Electric power steering control DC converter Car Chargers Motor controller

14 Key task-2: speed up construction of new energy vehicle industrial park The main functions of the new energy vehicle industrial park: 6/2/ knowledge park Research and Development park parts park complete bus park logistics park trading and service park

15 Key task - 3 vigorously carry out demonstration and popularization of new energy vehicle and optimize the operation environment of new energy vehicle Under the premise of corresponding to the related national policy, laws, standards and guiding principles, preferential treatment in policy is given to the usage and consumption of new energy vehicle.In the aspects of tax levy, licence issuing, driver training, management of operating buses,price of electricity and way of traffic management, etc.we should explore the mode of management that is required by consumer and in conformity with conditions of state, province and city in order to encourage the germination and development. 6/2/ State laws & regulations Conditions of state & province & city Tax for new energy License issuing Management of the operating vehicle Market demand Trial operation

16 Key task-4: do the basic work well for the development of new energy bus industry 6/2/ Raise the level of the logistics industry enhance the strategic brand management of Yancheng new energy automotive industry solve the problem of financing of SMEs and innovative enterprises Expand overseas market Create a high level of producer services environment

17 Security measure: actively preparing for building the testing ground for new energy vehicles and testing center for vehicle batteries 6/2/201417

18 Market prediction of global new energy vehicle Pure electricity Plug-in hybrid Common hybrid USAJapanEuropeChina 1China 2 CAAM The next decade will be the golden time for the development of new energy vehicle,t he sales quantity will be substantially increased. If our policies are proper, including restrictions on fuel consumption, the concessions and subsidies of new energy vehicles, also think about the rapidly rising oil prices,the number of hybrid vehicles is expected to be more than 2.5 million by 2015 (including the BSG, ISG and kinds of hybrid vehicles) and the number of pure electric vehicles will be over 750,000 units (including small electric bus).

19 Investment Estimation and Financial Appraisal of the Project of 10,000 Units of Pure Electric Buses Produced per Year of Zonda Automobile Group Estimation of total investment (unit:million USD) Total investment of Fixed asset investment of 321 Construction investment Interests in construction period 8.7 Liquidity of 283.8

20 Funding plan (unit:million USD) Total investment of Fixed asset investment of 321 Capital funded by Zonda 48.3 Long-term bank loan Funds from society Liquidity of Capital funded by Zonda 85.2 Circulating funds loan 198.6

21 Sales revenue (unit: USD) Cost analysis (unit: USD) The total cost of the project is 1562 million per year,including raw materials purchased,fuel and power purchased,wages and welfare fund,depreciation cost and repair cost,etc. Profitability analysis(unit: USD) Average unit priceSales revenue per year(including tax) 0.3 million3 billion Overall profits per year Overall profits after tax per year Repayment period of fixed asset investment IRR of project investment Investment return period 227 million170 million 3.59 years40.13% 3.57 years

22 Development & Planning of Zonda Automobile Group

23 Wish our cooperation a complete success!

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