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The [City/Town X] Clean School Bus Team Kick-Off Meeting.

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1 The [City/Town X] Clean School Bus Team Kick-Off Meeting

2 Why Care About Our Air? Asthma: Third leading cause of hospitalization among children under the age of 15 Accounts for 14 million lost days of school missed annually Cost of treating reaches $3.2 billion every year Lung cancer: Leading cause of cancer deaths amongst Americans 100,099 men and 80,163 women were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002 90,121 men and 67,509 women died from lung cancer in 2002 Diesel exhaust contains a harmful and potentially deadly cocktail of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter

3 Why School Buses? 25 million children ride a school bus everyday Kids spend 1 ½ hours in a school bus everyday In-bus exhaust exposure is 5-15 times more than outside air

4 Options for Pollution Reduction Technology solutions – Diesel Oxidation Catalysts – Diesel Particulate Filters Alternative fuels – Bio-diesel – Compressed Natural Gas – Ethanol Anti-idling

5 Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs) Reduce emissions: –PM by at least 20% –Hydrocarbons by 50% –Carbon monoxide by 40% Cost $1,000-$2,000 Take only 1-3 hours to install Require little maintenance

6 Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) Reduce emissions: –60-90% of PM –60-90% of hydrocarbons –60-90% carbon monoxide Cost $5,000-$10,000 Take 6-8 hours to install Recommend cleaning every 100,000 miles Last for 7-15 years

7 Bio-Diesel Reduce emissions: –Carbon Dioxide 15% –Carbon monoxide 10% –PM 15% –Hydrocarbons 10% Renewable, produced domestically Produced from new and used vegetable oil and animal fats

8 Anti-Idling Idling school buses burn approximately half a gallon of diesel for every hour spent idling Engine manufacturers recommend no more than 3-5 minutes of idling Reach out to school administrators, bus drivers and parents ensure they understand the consequences of their idling

9 Success Stories 2006 Fort Wayne, IN – 30 DOCs and biodiesel fuel Caddo Parish Public School, LA – fuel 500 buses with biodiesel Tuscola Intermediate School District, MI – 24 DOCs and biodiesel fuel Mid-America Regional Council – retrofit 1,957 buses in MO and KS with DOCs and biodiesel fuel Capital Area Council of Governments, TX – installed DOCs, DPFs and biodiesel fuel

10 Next Steps Timeline: Committee Kick-Off MeetingMay Seek Biodiesel Supplier and select a contractor May-July Committee Check-in MeetingJuly Initiate Fuel SwitchEnd of Summer Committee Anti-idling Support MeetingSeptember, prior to 1 st day of school Anti-Idling ImplementationAugust-October Committee Check-in and Planning MeetingDecember

11 …the Clean School Bus! For More Information Contact: [YOUR CONTACT INFO] Dont Miss the Bus!

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