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Most popular bussystems

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1 Most popular bussystems
Internal ISA / EISA VLB PCI AGP External USB Firewire

2 ISA (1980) (Industry Standard Architecture )
8-bit bus 16-bit bus (compatible to 8-bit)

3 ISA (1980) (Industry Standard Architecture )
Graphiccards Controllercards (storage) Networkcards (MoDem, LAN) Soundcards Serial & parallel ports (com, lpt) Replaced in new systems (PCI-bus)

4 EISA (1988) (Extended Industry Standard Architecture )
Extension of ISA-Standart Bus-Mastering (direct communication between cards) Mainly used in Servers or network-hosts Compatible to ISA-Standart 32-bit EISA slot 16-bit ISA slot

5 Vesa-Local-Bus (VLB) (1992) (Video Electronics Standard Association)
Compatible to ISA-standart 32-bit bus Mainly used for graphic- and videocards extension of the 486 processor/memory bus (only used in 486er systems) Not established due to PCI-system in connection with the Pentium-CPUs.

6 PCI (1993) (Peripheral Component Interconnect)
Actual system standart 32 and 64 bit bus (with Bus-Mastering) First system controlled by the mainboards chipset Usable for nearly all device cards

7 AGP (1997) (Accelerated Graphics Port)
64 bit bus Used only for graphiccards different modes: 1x standart 2x double data rate per clock 4x quad data rate per clock ability to share the main system memory with the video chipset

8 External Bus Systems USB 1.1 USB 2.0 Firewire 1 (i-link, IEEE 1394)

9 USB 1.1 / 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus)
Hot plug Capability Hot swap (PNP) Built-in in all newer PCs Built-in Power supply Bandwith (max.): USB 1.1: Mbit / sec USB 2.0: Mbit / sec

10 Firewire 1 & 2 Hot plug capability Hot swap (PNP)
Without power supply With power supply Hot plug capability Hot swap (PNP) Requires additional controller Built-in Power supply Bandwith (max.): Fw 1: / 200 / 400 Mbit / sec Fw 2: up to 3,2 Gbit / sec

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