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Te Puna Whaiora Childrens Health Camps Christchurch NZ.

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1 Te Puna Whaiora Childrens Health Camps Christchurch NZ

2 Earthquakes Strike Christchurch, NZ February 22, 2011 Magnitude 6.3 181 Killed - $15 Billion Damage September 4, 2010 Magnitude 7.1 No Deaths, $1.5 Billion Damage

3 The Glenelg Childrens Health Camp at Christchurch was one of many structures destroyed by the earthquakes. Glenelg provided much needed support for vulnerable children, aged 5 to 12. It was the only Childrens Health Camp in the Christchurch region. The cost to replace the structure is estimated to be in excess of NZ $6.5 Million. World Potato Congress would like to help.

4 Glenelg Childrens Camp Exterior Structural Damage Glenelg has been forced to close. Local children are being deprived access to crucial community support.

5 Glenelg Childrens Camp Interior Damage Rebuilding and refurbishing will cost millions of dollars. But it is imperative that the job be done.

6 These special children in Christchurch, NZ, need your help. The recent earthquakes destroyed their camp. A place of refuge and renewal for children at risk.

7 Glenelgs Children These are the children who benefit from the loving, nurishing and caring atmosphere fostered at Glenelg.

8 Childrens Health Camps Helping Children At Risk… Te Puna Whaiora Childrens Health Camps support New Zealands most vulnerable children (aged 5 to 12) through the provision of a range of social work and therapeutic programmes for children and their parents. The children referred are often experiencing the impact of life trauma expressed through behaviours that frequently result in poor school achievement, high levels of hyperactivity, emotional issues, peer relationship difficulties, chronic health problems and poor social skills. The Service strives to maximise each childs capacity to live in healthy, happy and hopeful relationships as it is only through the experience of healthy adult relationships that lasting outcomes are achieved.

9 Childrens Health Camps Three stage transformation plan… Childrens Health Camps has chosen the Monarch butterfly (an international cultural symbol of transformation) to represent the significance of the child in the organisation. The first stage of their journey involves gathering initial information. This represents the beginning of the journey leading to transformation. The second stage of the journey is the Assessment and Care Planning process. This represents the life of the caterpillar as the time to fill and nourish and gather resources for the journey forward. It is a time of gathering sustenance and being well prepared for the next stage of the journey.

10 Childrens Health Camps Three stage transformation plan… The final stage of the journey is the delivery of the Care Plan. This is the time to consolidate and strengthen the self and the wholeness of the self. It is a very awe inspiring time when natural magnificence is seen. It is a time of immense insight, strength and resiliency building. It is the stage before gliding and ascending on the journey that connects children to their future. Preparing the child to take flight!!!

11 A Teddy for every child Comfort for body and soul!

12 Glenelg Childrens Health Camp A traditional form of greeting by Māori. The concept of this type of greeting is connected to something called whakahonohonotanga which involves sharing the breath of another or exchanging the life force between two people - mauri to mauri. Sharing a hongi:

13 When… we learned that World Potato Congress wished to support our cause … it was like feeling the life force of unknown people who deeply care about the children of this world and knowing that with such support we will rebuild, we will be stronger and we will have forged new friendships and good memories in the process. Thank you. Arohanui Dr. Fiona Inkpen CEO: TE PUNA WHAIORA, Children's Health Camps Life Force Capital 2011 TE PUNA WHAIORA CHILDREN'S HEALTH STAMPS New Zealand's flightless birds are raising funds for vulnerable children as the images chosen for this year's Children's Health stamps. " We think the flightless and endangered birds are perfect, because just like the children and families we support these birds need our help and nurturing in order to survive and thrive," says Te Puna Whaiora Children's Health Camps Chief Executive Dr Fiona Inkpen.

14 To contribute contact : World Potato Congress: or TE PUNA WHAIORA Childrens Health Camps Help us breath new life into Glenelg Childrens Health Camp. Give The Children Wings!

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