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Deployed Processing Discrepancy Reporting Tool (DPDRT)

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1 Deployed Processing Discrepancy Reporting Tool (DPDRT)
POC: John Wollslager , DSN or Mr. John Wollslager AFPC/DPWPA 1 Mar 12

2 Deployment Processing Discrepancy Reporting Tool (DPDRT)
Program Objective DPDRT Program Manager Role Reporting Process Deployment Processing Discrepancy Reporting Tool (DPDRT) Instructions Discussion Items Summary

3 Program Objective To ensure Air Force units support the AOR Component Commander’s war fighting mission needs by providing forces that are trained, ready, and equipped. Program inception: VCSAF Memo Result of deployed commanders tired of personnel showing up without all required training, records, shots, etc. The hope was to identify the problems and fix the deployment processes to lower the rates over time.

4 DPDRT Manager Role Track Reported Discrepancies by: MAJCOM Base GLOC
Provide Data Recommend Possible Resolutions to Reporting Instructions, MISCAPS, and Requirements Dispute Resolution Identify Trends I look at every new discrepancy every day, along with every answer from the wings. I can track and report on those discrepancies with the tool broken down any way anyone wants. I provide data for several briefs internal and external to AFPC, including the AEF Debriefs. When I see a problem with reporting instructions, I’ll point it out to AFCENT and try to work it out with all the parties involved. The most recent was getting online OJT records approved instead of hard copies. I act as the arbiter on a daily basis between the wing and the PERSCO team. I’ll suggest daily one way or another to the PT’s on the resolution to a discrepancy. I also send many s to the wings to get them straightened out on misperceptions they have. Overall, I’m looking for trends. I want to find the base that has 20 of the same discrepancy in a short period of time, so I cant identify a problem and get it fixed.

5 Reporting Process AF Component
Tracks PERSCO, PRF and MAJCOM actions via DPDRT PERSCO Team inputs DPD record into DPDRT program. DPDRT automatically sends to appropriate agencies. Member reports to PERSCO Team Discrepancy Noted by PERSCO or AOR Agency MAJCOM Manages. Investigates. Monitors/closes “open” items in DPDRT This is the short version of the process as it stands. Deployer arrives without item. PT enters discrepancy. automatically goes to the people you see on the slide. PRF back home investigates with the help of IDOs and UDMs, and answers discrepancy. DPD records reviewed by all addressees. Note that data is being reviewed by senior leadership. Wing Rep/Wing IDO Tracks DPD items reported in DPDRT Homestation PRF Advises CC/UDM, obtains response, and updates DPDRT; manages responses by automated reports PERSCO Team Awaits responses AFPC DPD Program Manager Reviews/manages data

6 DPDRT Role Instructions
Web-based SIPRNET program Role-based First, get AEF Online NIPR/SIPR accounts set up at: NIPR: SIPR: Second, request PERSCO role in DPDRT Input all locations that PERSCO services Can be accomplished before you leave How to get set up for a role.

7 MAJCOM MAJCOM Base X This is the MAJCOM slide of the AEF Debrief, so this is where the discrepancies you input will show up eventually. This is also what the wing is trying to avoid, and why they’ll try to get discrepancies deleted.

8 This is the wing slide. Every mission impact discrepancy will be debriefed.

9 Discussion Items Overall Past rotations: Great Job
Need 100% with DPDRT Role Need 100% of Discrepancies Reported Valid vs. Invalid Discrepancies 72 Hour “Rule” Fixed on the Spot Discrepancies Discrepancies from in-processing checklists Disputing Discrepancies Deleting Discrepancies Changes to DPDRT Lessons Learned for PERSCO Teams Validity = did it happen or not? It’s not who’s fault it was. If a deployer had an item, and presents you with it within 72 hours of arrival that was required to be hand carried, but was not available at the time of processing, you can delete that discrepancy. Please input all discrepancies, even those fixed on the spot (i.e. lost paperwork) Disputing discrepancy process. Reasons for deleting a discrepancy: invalid (not fixed). Upcoming changes and the re-write to DPDRT Lessons Learned for PERSCO Teams (handout from help tab of DPDRT) gone over line by line.

10 Summary The more conscientious your team is about inputting valid discrepancies, the fewer disputes you’ll have to work. 10

11 Questions? Air and Space Expeditionary Forces
Fighting the Global War on Terrorism 11

12 Air Force Personnel Center

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