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Time Travel & Parallel Universes

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1 Time Travel & Parallel Universes
Kyle Parker-Millea Kenny Black Brigette Eckert Carly Wilson

2 Framework A Theory of Everything implies extra dimensions & universes—makes time travel possible

3 Starting w/Einstein Einstein attempted to discover a Theory of Everything—even on his death bed he tried—he believed that all of “God’s thoughts” could be expressed in an equation that was no more than 1” in length. Einstein’s Theorys of Relativity (everything BIG) brings forth the possibility of time travel and also a cosmic singularity Einstein died trying, but others may have succeeded….

4 Superstrings save the day….
String Theory bridges gap between quantum mechanics and relativity Proposes 10 dimensions (we are only used to 3—or maybe 4 if we do what Einstein suggested and add a dimension of time) Like a guitar string, these strings “vibrate” at different frequencies—matter emanates from these strings Changes everything: now the universe can be explained as a symphony of superstrings and the laws of nature are harmonies of this “string music” all happening simultaneously (and more the time scale of plancks).

5 But not yet…. Einstein’s missing Theory of Everything would have to definitively explain the birth of the Big Bang—one concerns the birth of the universe, and the other concerns everything within it… …and this is where the problems began for physicists

6 A Cosmic “Singularity”
Scientists could not mathematically merge String Theory and the Big Bang. The most troubling problem exists in the fact that the laws of physics break down in the instance of the Big Bang; you can see the obvious issues that surface here when physicists bound to the proposition that nature is mechanistic, orderly, knowable and explainable through math and reason get told that their rules do not apply at the centerpiece of our universe itself.

7 Other issues w/Strings
String theory turned into 5 separate theories—if the theory of everything had 5+ theories; is it really the theory of nothing? Did the emergence of the Singularity and multiple string theories stop physicists dead in their tracks in describing all that we know as small oscillating strings?...

8 From String theory to… Nope. Some physicists continued to work on using string theory to describe the universe, and one day made a revolutionary breakthrough—by adding an 11th dimension that was used by other “Super-gravity” theorists, string theory made sense again, but the strings transformed into something new...

9 M-theory The 5 string theories unified into a different kind of theory: the strings stretched and combined into the supposed super-membrane to which everything in our universe is connected. And so M-theory is born. M stands for membrane, which is what is proposed to be the underlying structure of our universe—it is, essentially, a membrane. So bold and mysterious, many thought that M should stand for other things: magic, madness, mystery, majesty, mother

10 Weakness of Gravity Gravity is much weaker, in comparison, to the other forces (electromagnetic, strong, weak). We all know how strong a small magnet is…well, then why can gravity be so weak that I can still pick things up when I have the whole world pulling on me?...

11 Extra dimensions and gravity
Extra dimensions can serve to explain the weakness of gravity: 1st said: gravity may only appear to be weak because it dilutes itself out into extra dimensions which we cannot perceive—didn’t work mathematically—until an extra membrane is introduced into the 11th dimension and the idea is flipped... Gravity is leaking out of another membrane (and here it is just as strong as the other forces) and we are only receiving the tail-end effects of gravity which make it appear to be weak—the extra dimension explains the weakness of gravity! Could it explain a lot more than just gravity?

12 Parallel Universes A Pandora's box is now opened and physicists go into the 11th dimension attempting to explain old math problems; every explanation points to another parallel universe. From every corner of the 11th dimension, parallel universes come out—more and more of them. The theory progressed into claiming that there are an infinite # of universes, which are thought to be parallel to ours (existing simultaneously), and even quite close to us, yet we cannot see or perceive them. These universes are all different: some may have life or not, some may have different laws of nature, in some you may not have even been born etc…

13 What does M-theory mean for the Singularity and the Big Bang?
The Singularity is unraveled. M-theory says that all of the infinite # of universes are constantly moving through the 11th dimension like waves, and as these waves ripple and collide w/each other, the result is imparted matter. So, the big bang and all of the matter it caused are simply the product of a collision between a meager two colliding membranes, or universes.

14 The “not so big” bang So the implications of this dismantling of the Singularity by M-theory conclude that the Big Bang is not that big at all in theory, because there are an infinite # of big bangs and they happen all of the time. Our universe, our membrane, our bubble could be just one bubble in an endless sea of bubbles

15 Is it possible that everything we know and conceive is only the manifestation allowed by one unique “bubbling” in an infinite ocean of possibilities?....

16 Bubbling through the 11th dimension?...

17 What can we even conceive this to be like. (a. k. a
What can we even conceive this to be like? (a.k.a. here are some cool pics I’ve found)












29 The fabric of our universe is obviously much more inconceivable, mysterious and abstract than any of these pictures though, if m-theory and all of these physicists prove to be in the right... So, if we are only a small part of the multiverse and such, we can get a better understanding of time travel through advancing our understanding of the framework of our universe

30 Problem numero uno The power required to open up gateways through space and time are much too massive. Time travelers would say: “Atomic what!? This is nothing.”

31 We are already time travelers
Time dilation: the faster you go, the slower time beats—we can measure this w/atomic clocks Astronauts are time travelers because they experience time dilation and are therefore slightly younger than if they would have stayed on Earth. If you could accelerate at the speed of light, then you would actually be suspended in time and could travel way into the future (but probably not in a DeLorean w/Michael J. Fox).

32 Is Time Like a River? Newton said time was like an arrow that never deviated from its path…but Einstein said that time is like a river in which there is the possibility of bending time through a whirlpool in the river, or the river forking off into two (or more) rivers.

33 Now comes the harder part…
Although time travel to the future may seem “Easy” by method of time dilation, time travel to the past becomes a bit complicated. A major problem of time travel to the past is causality…you do not want to kill your grandfather

34 Thanks Einstein…. Modern physics still thinks that Einsteins models of the universe are the best so far Both his theories of relativity allow time travel Based on his works, hundreds of theories have been developed that involve time travel possibilities—the energy req. keeps most theories as theories and not plans for a time machine Because Einstein died we cannot resolve within his equations whether time travel is actually possible or not.

35 It is conceivable…. That if a person knocks on your door one day and claims to be your great great great great great great grandson, they might be telling the truth. If we evolve into a type 3 civilization that can harness galactic power, then there is the possibility of mastering time and actually going back to meet your ancestral grandfather/mother

36 So then where are the tourists from the future?
Stephen Hawking said that he didn’t believe in time travel because we don’t see any tourists . 1 response: we are too arrogant, conceited, and naive to realize that if we evolve into a civilization that has mastered the secrets of the universe, our type 3 ancestors would probably be less interested and more embarrassed about our troubled world in the 21st century.

37 Some Theories Wormholes
Residing just outside the event horizon of a black hole Cosmic strings Residing inside a hollow, high mass object Orbiting the earth for long periods of time Traveling at the speed of light

38 WORMHOLES Located at the center of black holes.
Intra-Universe Wormholes connect one location in a universe to another in the same universe (In the present time or not). Inter-Universe Wormholes connect one universe to another.

39 Traveling to the future is more than possible
The speed of light is the same for everyone, no matter how fast you are moving towards or away from it, so… something has to give—space and time—if something is moving fast enough through space, it can alter its movement through time This next guy is using this idea and lasers to make particles the first “real” time travelers

40 The First Time Machine? Einstein believed that light held the secrets of everything: from the unspeakable power of the atom to time travel Since black holes are not readily available, Ronald Mallett is trying to go w/Einstein’s idea about light and use a circulating/spiraling light beam to twist space and close time into a loop. A corkscrewing particle would wind its way into the past theoretically. Harnessing enough laser power is the main problem.

41 Implications of this time machine
It is his hope that particles might appear out of nowhere, from experiments that he is doing in the future A person could only go back in time as far back as when the first time machine was activated. He dedicated his life to time travel so that he could see his father again, but this is impossible. A strange possibility when the machine is first switched on: Mallett might get messages from the future of people trying to communicate w/him.

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