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slide to unlock MyPod Project Presented by Lisa and Stuart MacKenzie.

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2 slide to unlock MyPod Project Presented by Lisa and Stuart MacKenzie

3 What is the MyPod Project? Mobile Learning Innovative Engaging Relevant Collaborative Differentiated

4 Educational Advantages to using an iPod touch in the classroom The iPod Touch is a small, portable device with a unique multi-touch graphical user interface. When educational software is loaded onto the device, it becomes a fun and exciting tool for learning. The multi-touch graphical user interface allows for even pre-readers or English language learners to benefit from it's use. By linking pictures to words and an intuitive menu system, young children can navigate through the iPod Touch's software making it far more dynamic than a book. With a $200 price point, it is more affordable than a typical laptop. Having capability beyond educational activities, most notably music and games, makes it something a child will run towards instead of away from.

5 Our very own pre-readers … We were convinced of the educational value of the iPod touches the moment we saw our two children (4 and 16 months) interacting with the device and demonstrating their learning through play! Blair - 4 yrs Lilyana – 16 mths

6 Other iPod programs The MyPod Project is innovative and unique to our cluster, but it is certainly not the first of its kind.

7 The iSchool Initiative Though the content is American, the video below makes some excellent points for the benefits of adding iPods to the classroom. Click the monitor to view the video.

8 The Worongary SS MyPod Project 2 x iPod 3 rd Generation iPods $212.00 ea 2 x Silicone Gaming Grip $10.00 ea 2 x Screen Protectors Free with gaming grips 10 x Headphones $0.00 ea - donated by a parent 2 x Belkin Rockstar Splitters $19.95 ea iTunes Gift Card $50.00 ea

9 The Reaction? Thats so great, I have been giving my students my iPhone to use!" I understand it now! (by student using fractions app) I thought these were just for gaming! My son is learning so much from the science apps Why dont all schools have these? WOW!!

10 We have the iPods, so were done? In short ….. NO! Just giving a student an iPod is not going to transfer learning any more than handing them an encyclopedia. As with all teaching, it is in the delivery and implementation that learning will occur. What educators need to ask themselves is how can this device add value to my curriculum?

11 The Apps There are over 20 000 educational apps in the iTunes app store. Be discerning! Some of the apps are useless, mis-placed or in different languages. Some are so heavily laden with advertisements that the students could become confused at what their task is. Luckily, the majority of the apps out there are highly educational and relevant to what we are teaching everyday. The key is to find the relevant apps!

12 Where are all the good apps? The Web There are hundreds of websites and blogs out there that list the top 100 education apps and so on. These lists are a great starting point, but everyday new apps are being released, if you blink, you might miss them. Our advice? SUBSCRIBE!! Some people/sites to look up: Tony Vincent Jonathon Nalder Kate McColl The Learning Innovation Centre Appolicious Moms with Apps

13 Join the conversation … We use Twitter to follow the conversation. There are some fantastic educators throughout the world that are using iPods/iPads in the classroom. On Twitter you can listen to and participate in discussions with these people, and others. Follow the Hash (#) tags #ieap #slide2learn #edapps #edapp Weve also created a twitter list that follows a number of these leaders, as well as developers of educational apps and app list groups. Check it out at:

14 Stalk an expert! Tom BarrettTom Barrett has some great ideas on using the iPod in the classroom. Tony Vincent has a fantastic website for mobile learning called Learning in HandLearning in Hand Kate McColl is one of the leaders in EQ on using iPods in the classroom. View her learning pathway on the new learning place.learning pathway

15 And lastly? Ask us! Stay in touch to view our full range of apps on our blog.

16 BUT ….. is it all about the apps? NO! Dont forget that with the iPod, you can also: View/Create Podcasts Edit photos and movies Surf the net Stay connected with online networks Schedule events on your calendar Manage your contacts … and more!

17 Remember … Its not about what, or how many youve got … … its about how you use them! @MrsMacKenzie @smack3131

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