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Legal Information and Referral Resource Training Created in collaboration with the Milwaukee Justice Center.

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1 Legal Information and Referral Resource Training Created in collaboration with the Milwaukee Justice Center

2 Top 10 Legal Information Resources 1. Attorneys and law students Attorneys and law students 2. MVLC Resource File on Desktop MVLC Resource File on Desktop 3. To walk a client through common legal forms and processes: 4. CCAP 5. to find a state form for family law, probate, guardianship, 6. To find common statutes and compilations of resources: 7. Wisconsin Bar Legal Information Pamphlets: 8. Brown Books or hard copies at House of Peace, and Wisconsin Civil Litigation Forms 9. State agency websites Workers Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, Discrimination: DTCP (Dept. of Trade and Consumer Protection) 10. Brown Bag training series

3 Top Resources 1- Attorneys and law students

4 Top Resources 2- MVLC Resource File Available on all clinic laptops. Useful client handouts and reference material.

5 Top Resources 3- Checklists and Forms for common pro se matters

6 Top Resources 4- CCAP http://www.wcca.wicourts.gov

7 Top Resources 5- Wisconsin State Forms and other statewide information

8 Top Resources 6- Wisconsin Law Library http://wilawlibrary.gov Click to go to a sample page (Bankruptcy)

9 Top Resources 7- Wisconsin Bar Legal Information online Pamphlets: Many of these topics also available at the clinics as hard copy pamphlets

10 Top Resources 8. Brown Books & Civil Litigation Forms Manual Hard copies available at some clinics. Available online to registered users at (click on Legal Research. and then Books Unbound) All law students can access for free by registering as Law Student Associates with the State Law Student Associates

11 Top Resources 9- State Agencies Dept. of Workforce Development Workers Compensation Unemployment Compensation Discrimination Labor standards DTCP (Dept. of Trade and Consumer Protection) Credit Cards/Debt Collection practices Home Improvement Identity Theft Landlord-Tenant Practices Money-Making Schemes Mechanic Lien Private Auto Sales Telecommunications and Cable TV Unfair Business Practices Warranties And MORE!

12 Top Resources 10- Brown Bag CLE Trainings (offered during the Academic Year) 2010-11 Trainings September 9 Immigration October 14 Foreclosure November 11 Probate & Small Claims Nuts & Bolts December -- No training this month January 13 Advising Judgment-proof Clients February 10 Client Interview Skills March 10 Family Court Procedure April 14 Municipal Violations

13 Top 10+ Referral Resources 1. Legal Help Milwaukee Legal Help Milwaukee 2. MBA and State Bar Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) MBA and State Bar Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) 3. Legal Action of Wisconsin Legal Action of Wisconsin 4. Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee 5. Pro Se Help Desks Pro Se Help Desks 6. Sliding Fee Scale Legal Service Providers Sliding Fee Scale Legal Service Providers Centro Legal Non-Profit Legal Services Lagmann 7. Kids Matter Inc. Kids Matter Inc. 8. Sojourner Family Peace Center Sojourner Family Peace Center 9. Catholic Charities Catholic Charities 10. Community Advocates Community Advocates 11. Disability Rights Wisconsin Disability Rights Wisconsin

14 Top Referrals 1- Legal Help Milwaukee Referral search by topic or area of law

15 Top Referrals 2- LRIS- Any client who contacts an attorney via an LRIS referral is guaranteed a ½ hour consultation for $20. Clients receiving any kind of public benefits can be referred to the Modest Means Panel for a reduced rate.

16 Top Referrals 3-Legal Action- Free services

17 Top Referrals 4- Legal Aid- Bankruptcy Disability denials (SSI & SSDI) Domestic Violence Elder Law- public benefits, housing, consumer, and health issues. Evictions Foreclosure & Predatory lending Homeless Outreach Pay day and Title loan problems Taxpayer Advocacy AIDS Law, Education, Representation and Training The Municipal Ordinance Defense (non traffic) Unemployment Compensation Free services

18 Top Referrals 5- Self Help Desks Family Law Milwaukee Justice Center, G-9 M, T, W 11 am- 2 pm, F 8-11 am Small Claims Milwaukee Justice Center, G-9 Th 11:30-1:00 pm Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 Federal Courthouse, room 153 Th 9-10:30 am Help with paperwork only– no legal advice provided.

19 Top Referrals 6- Sliding Fee Scale Legal Serivces Criminal misdemeanor Family Law Sliding Fee Scale Based on Income Sliding Fee Scale based on Income -Centro Legal- - Non-Profit Legal Services of Southeastern Wisconsin

20 Top Referrals 6- (cont.) Sliding Fee Scale Legal Services Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases Children and their Parents Consumer Small Claims Law Criminal Misdemeanor Cases Criminal Traffic Cases Education Law (including Special Education) Family Law Foreclosure Defense Landlord-Tenant Law on behalf of Tenants and their Rights Mediation and Collaborative Services Municipal Citation Cases Fixed fee legal services – based on income

21 Top Referrals 7 - Kids Matter Inc.- Assistance to grandparents, relative kinship families, and foster parents of abused and neglected children. Volunteer attorneys handle guardianship cases on behalf of children. Volunteer network that advocates for abused and neglected children in Milwaukee County Childrens Court.

22 Top Referrals 8 SFPC- Courthouse restraining order clinic Referrals to Legal Action Family Law Support Case management Shelter

23 Top Referrals 9 - Catholic Charities- Free services

24 Top Referrals 10 - Community Advocates- HOUSING: rent abatement and rent withholding ; case management to help people transition to permanent housing; emergency housing assistance for homeless families; security deposit guarantee program; assistance with setting up rent payment plans. UTILITIES: bill payment plans and self advocacy. DISABILITY ADVOCACY: for people applying for Social Security benefits HEALTHCARE ADVOCACY

25 Top Referrals 10+ Disability Rights Wisconsin Priority Issues Abuse, neglect and patient rights Access to services Assistive technology Barriers to accessibility Deinstitutionalization Discrimination in employment and housing Long-term care Program attorney services to disability benefit specialists Special education Voting rights Representation for Social Security Benefit denials not provided

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