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Information Systems College of Business Administration New Mexico State University.

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1 Information Systems College of Business Administration New Mexico State University


3 Computing Resources Two 30+ seat computerized classrooms A wireless laptop classroom A 50+ seat open computer laboratory. Wireless network set up in the College.

4 What would you be learning? Business Applications (Excel, Access, Word, etc.) Programming (Java, Visual Basic) Databases (SQL Server, Oracle) Project Management Application development (standalone and web-based) Internet security

5 AITP for Students Association of Information Technology Professionals – Student chapter Get to know other students in the major Host guest speakers from local industry Community Service Web Page Development Training Activities Multimedia creation Competition – Regional & National Students in AITP have won awards in programming, database design, & web design.

6 What to do after graduation?? Job TitleWhat do they do? ProgrammerUnder direct supervision, assists in preparing specifications and user requirements. Encodes, tests, debugs, and documents programs for relatively straightforward or small projects. Database Administrator (DBA) Manages the design and development of IS databases. Controls system capacity for existing requirements and plans for future needs. Systems AnalystDesigns, implements, analyzes, and modifies systems for various applications. Works with users to define system requirements and resolve problems. May supervise programmers and manage small projects Systems Project Manager Plans, organizes, and controls analysis of computer system requirements and development of procedures for implementation, programming and/or maintenance of major computer systems. Information Systems Security Manager Manages disaster recovery functions for information systems. Arranges and administers security measures to restrict unauthorized use of data systems and databases. Coordinates any security investigations and executes preventive measures.

7 Starting Salaries of Business Graduates Source: NACE FALL 2004 Salary Survey

8 Companies who have recruited IS majors in the past include IBM Hewlett-Packard Argo Data Resources Systems EDS Sandia Labs Los Alamos Boeing Lockheed Martin NASA and others…

9 Students build their skills by … building database applications. working on project teams. writing programs.

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