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2013 GPC Libraries Development Day. Based on iPad presented at USG Computing Conference (Oct H-4 Education Center (Rock Eagle Conference.

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1 2013 GPC Libraries Development Day

2 Based on iPad Checkout @GRU presented at USG Computing Conference (Oct 2013) @ H-4 Education Center (Rock Eagle Conference Center)

3 An iPad Checkout program was launched in April 2013 @ GRU (Georgia Regents University) Greenblatt Health Sciences Library. It aims to enhance users mobile experience, with special health and medical apps pre- downloaded for the users.

4 The iPad Checkout Group Hiu-shan (Christina) Yau, Systems Librarian Kim Mears, Reference and Instruction Librarian Tom Cutshall, Web Services Librarian Lisa Workman, Access Services Manager Cassandra Drapeau, Medical Library Associate

5 The iPad Checkout Group was charged with Feasibility Study Proposal Setup Rollout

6 Mobile or Not Mobile Mobile devices are getting hot and popular. Do we need a mobile device checkout program? What types? How? Feasibility Study Literature review Visit health sciences library websites with laptop and tablet checkout programs and policies posted Conduct library user survey

7 Feasibility Study Literature review Many libraries have laptop and tablet checkout programs. Some articles contain detailed information on their study and survey. Some includes important aspects of setting up the checkout program. …created an iTunes account and set up one iPad on this account with apps, bookmarks and other content. (Apple has since introduced an App Volume Purchase Program that facilities this process more easily.) This iPad was then backed- up in iTunes. Subsequent iPads were synced with these settings. The back-up also serves as a restore when iPads are returned.

8 Feasibility Study Literature review …important aspects of setting up the checkout program. … Other precautions taken include turning off the ability to download new apps or make any iTunes store purchases … using the Erase all content and setting option to erase all patron browsing content and files.

9 Feasibility Study Visit health sciences library websites with desktop / tablet checkout programs posted Total # of websites: 54 # with laptop checkout program: 21 # with iPad/tablet checkout program: 6 # with laptop & iPad/tablet checkout: 5

10 Feasibility Study Other HS libraries checkout programs Loan periods 2 hours: 2 3 hours : 7 4 hours: 4 3 days or more: 2 Inside/Outside Use Policy In-library use only: 10 Allow outside use: 5

11 Feasibility Study Other libraries checkout programs Renewal Policy 1 renewal, with the condition of no waiting request: 3 no renewal: 3 Fine Policy $0 - $20 / hr Most libraries have a max charge, and a replacement plus processing cost for loss or damage.

12 Conduct survey to gather info about users interest in checking out mobile devices, and their preference for laptop or tablet Develop an online form in Google Forms Distribute online via the librarys website Place a sign holder at the entrance of the library Display a ppt slide on the schedule kiosk Bring the survey to the users (suggested by Access) Place printed forms on tables throughout the library and asked to be returned to the Library Information Center Enter print surveys into the online survey Available to library users for two weeks Feasibility Study


14 Survey Result 61 respondents

15 Feasibility Study Survey Result

16 Proposal Checkout program is recommended User interest for Tablet to Laptop – 2:1 Suggested devices & accessories 5-7 iPads for pilot program, with case, keyboard, pre-installed apps Lightning to VGA Adapter, Clean Pads Suggested policy In-library use only 4-hour loan period, return at least 1 hour before closing

17 Proposal Suggested policy (cont) 1 renewal if no waiting request Hold University ID during checkout Fine: $10-$15 per hour Max fine: $50-$100 Lost and damage -- Replacement cost plus $50 processing fee Require to sign an agreement / responsibility form ( _Loan_Agreement04122013.pdf) _Loan_Agreement04122013.pdf




21 Setup Erase everything and reset after each check out iPad setup and sync procedures (15-20 min) Initial setup or restore config from backup Restore apps from backup Periodic Check and Update Keyboard Bluetooth pairing or Reset

22 Setup Apps Many free apps are pre-installed, including the productivity ones, health and medical related ones Some useful ones require purchase but affordable price, started with the more economic ones and plan to add more purchased one later if popular and needed e.g. Diagnosaurus DDX ($1.99), ECG Guide ($0.99), Med Mnemonic ($1.99), Radiology Assistant ($5.99), iAnnotate ($9.99)




26 Training and Marketing Training and demo Check out / in procedures (Cir) Setup and sync procedures (Lib IT / Cir) Marketing Library Spotlight news Library iPad Checkout Webpage Sign holder placed at the entrance of the library and a PowerPoint slide on the schedule kiosk. Posters Campus news

27 Training and Marketing Posters

28 Difficulties and Problems Create a iTune account without credit card info to download free apps only Transfer paid apps from staff machine to sync workstation Temporary blank screen during reset (normal) New iOS not compatible with Configurator User try to download apps and ask for password of the default libtech account

29 Questions

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