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The COST/SST Process Lathrop Intermediate School 2011-2012 Student Support Committee.

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1 The COST/SST Process Lathrop Intermediate School 2011-2012 Student Support Committee

2 COST is an acronym for Coordination of Services Team SST is an acronym for Student Success Team

3 COST Team Lathrops COST Team: Assistant Principal – Ms. Rodgers Psychologist – Ms. Van Horn Counselors – Ms. Fosado & Mr. Raya Outreach Consultant – Mr. Ballesteros Teacher on Special Assignment – Ms. Briseno School Nurse (as needed) Speech Therapist (as needed) Attendance Clerk (as needed)

4 COST-three major functions 1. Triage – the coordination, review and prioritization of student referrals for services based on available data and services. 2. Evaluation of Data – the careful review and examination of all data accompanying the student referral. 3. Case Management – the monitoring and follow-up attention provided to all cases referred to COST.

5 Role of COST in the SST Process COST and SST are linked because COST serves as an overseer function (i.e., SST requests are routed through COST before a SST can be formally scheduled). Once the SST process has begun on a student, COST continues to monitor the progress of the student until they exit, are referred for special education assessment, and are either found eligible for special education services or are referred back for additional SST services and/or interventions.

6 Pre SST Initiation Process Teacher identifies a student experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties in their class. Teacher attempts to remediate difficulties normal teacher/student/parent contacts, interventions, and modifications.

7 Pre SST Initiation Process Teacher look at students schedule. Contact students other teachers about student. It allows the referring teacher to examine if other teachers are having the same difficulties or successes with the same student; It promulgates collaborative support regarding interventions for the student; It allows further data collection for analysis of student need.

8 Schedule a teacher student OR parent conference. Direct parent contact should be made Not a TeleParent call This gives us 2 pre-interventions before the SST process begins.

9 Initiation of the SST process The SST process will be initiated by a referring teacher. Teacher will gather data on the referred student. Data packet will be presented to the ORC in a pre-referral conference during the teachers prep period.

10 Before a student is referred to COST for an SST, the referring teacher will complete the Student Academic Profile form and meet with the Outreach Coordinator.

11 Pre-referral Conference Report After the initial meeting is held with the referring teacher, a pre-referral conference report will be prepared that includes the following student information: Students/Family Biographical Sketch Students Academic Profile Relevant data from Data Director/Grades from Pinnacle Samples of student work or portfolio Description of Presenting Problem/Issue

12 Start SST Process After teachers have met with student and or parent. See Ms. Rangel for the key to the cum files. Fill out the out card to view students cum.

13 Fill Out the Out Card

14 Go to the Cum Files to Pull Student Cum Folder

15 SST CHECK LIST Meet with students teachers Student/Parent teacher conference Make a direct parent contact Pull cum Complete Student Academic Profile Turn in profile to Mr. Ballesteros, ORC in counseling…. To start the SST…

16 SST Team SST is an acronym for Student Success Team The SST Team generally consists of the following persons: Student and Parent(s) Students teachers Administrator Counselor Outreach Consultant

17 Written Communiqué re an SST Prior to the SST Health Screening Parent Interview Pre- SST Behavior Support SST Cum File Checklist After the SST SST Follow-up SST Intervention Log SST Form Log SST Parent Letter SST Referral & Language SST Referring Addendum SST Referring Teacher Prep SST Summary SST Update


19 Post-COST Meeting Report to Referent After the COST meeting the referring teacher will receive a report on the COST meeting regarding its discussions, deliberations and recommendations on his/her referral.

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