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Promote Yourself Using Social Media LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

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1 Promote Yourself Using Social Media LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
(and a few extras)

2 Chester Qualls
(source for demo videos and hopefully more)

3 FBML (Facebook Markup Language)
Have loaded on different tabs of a browser already logged in. Facebook. Twitter LinkedIn Seesmic Biznik? Google Reader

4 We will… Go over some basic tips for your life online.
Then we will look at: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook In between I will identify Bonus Tips. Hopefully getting through everything I have for you. Before Midnight

5 Best Advice for Promoting Yourself…

6 Think about it… Do you love junk mail?
Do you love calls right before you sit down to dinner, or any time? Do you want door-to-door solicitors coming around? How do you view the guy who comes to the party, doesn’t want to get to know you, just seems to be on a mission to pass out business cards? Apply The Golden Rule

7 Like I said… So what can I do?
95/5 % Rule (Spend only 5% of the time talking about yourself). Spend most of your time promoting other people, or help them out. Answer Questions online, many places you can do this including the places we will discuss today. Great way to share your experience. The Golden Rule Like I said…

8 Try these ideas Be quick to listen but slow to speak.  Take time to listen and learn. (James 1:19) Be yourself – when you decide to do more than listen. Be who you are and always have been.  If you have changed admit to it. Because there is no hiding online. Your sins will catch up to you online.  You will probably connect with people you knew from High School and College and they will share photos of you and wish to talk about the “good ole days”. Treat everybody with respect.   If you don’t do this in real life, online is a good place to start. (advice to me) Your personality can be amplified by the fact that they can’t see your face or hear your voice. Using only written words can be a challenge but a fun one.

9 Try these ideas Be Humble, but don’t be shy.
It is important to be open and available online.   Privacy settings are good but if you are trying to promote yourself or a brand they limit your reach (by decreasing your Google PageRank so you won’t show up as highly in a search, other searches too). Be proud of your past, by listing it in your profiles List previous companies you have worked for (particularly on LinkedIn) so that you have the chance of creating a bigger network. This is how your friends will find you, from college and previous co-workers. Some of them may have turned out pretty cool since you last knew them.

10 Consider It’s not what you know but...
Who you know is your network.  An online Network does not replace your “real world” network.  But the combined effect is good. Actions speak louder than words.   Be clear about your identity: Keep it consistent across the internet. It’s not just your name and your avatar! Everything you do online says something about who you are. An avatar – graphical representation of a user. Realize everybody loves buying but nobody likes being sold to. How do you learn to trust strangers?   Realize that at some point most of your friends were strangers. Some still are.  

11 Consider Social Networks are a two-way communication.
It’s not just for you to give a “shout out” to others.   It’s amazing how many people get this wrong. Great book which covers some of the technical type issues, but mostly covers what we are after online (and in life) – which is Trust.

12 It’s the coolest thing With social media you can make your own game
You don’t have to play in somebody else game if you don’t want to.   This has been a great tool for people with a passion but maybe a curse for people that just want to sell something.  Oddly enough people can usually tell the difference.   Make sure your true passion is coming out.

13 #1 Setup an Email Address that won’t change. Use Hotmail or Gmail or…
Just don’t go with the you got from your ISP.

14 Remember John 1:19? Listen First Setup a Listening Post
The first step to Promoting yourself using Social media is to read and pay attention to what is going on. Don’t jump in and get it wrong. Get a feed reader ( for a suggestion).  If you don’t have a Google account get one. RSS – Really Simple Syndication. Sort of like only created from your choice of what you wish to read from the ever changing content on the Internet. I will try to show you ways to use this.

15 What is it? World’s largest professional network with over 80 Million members. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. Modern day version of the rolodex, but on steroids. At least that is one part of it’s potential. A Business focus. Connections/Contacts - are a little more tightly controlled than the others we will see. Not everything on LinkedIn is free. (don’t worry unless you put in your credit card.)

16 Let’s look at the Home Page.
A Dashboard of various features. (You can change your status, and see your connections /contacts status changes as well)  Your Profile – this is very important on LinkedIn. Complete it, add all your jobs, education, skills, make yourself easy to find. Some people have those premium accounts and they may be looking for you and want to hand you $$$$. (Premium accounts can be anywhere from $25-$500 a month) Help other people by giving sincere recommendations. You may want to solicit people to give you recommendations.

17 Connect with others, build the network.
Easily Add connections by searching through your contact list or by providing addresses. Check their suggestions and search for your own. Ask for introductions of 2nd degree contacts, and make introductions (forward). You typically need some “real world” connection to make a connection. Even just an address. Find a Group where you can belong. Go with suggestions or search for your own. Good way to meet new people with similar interests. Start your own group.

18 Find a Job. Follow a Company. And More…
Jobs are suggested to you based on your profile, and some can find you from skills you list. Search for Jobs. Job Seeker Premium $$. Post your own Job for 3 months $195. Can use these features to also find potential Business Partners. Follow a Company. And More… Find Events – both online and “real world” to meet people. (Create your own) Get or Give Answers - this is a great way to get recognition for your knowledge. InMail – tightly controlled. If they aren’t a contact $$.

19 LinkedIn is not the only Business Network online
LinkedIn is not the only Business Network online. They said biggest but not only. Biznik seems to be strong in a few regions but not all. It does have a good network in Seattle. Also a Business focus, maybe a little more towards business owners. They promote local “real world” events a lot. Many similar features to LinkedIn. So Why do this one? To be a bigger fish in the small pond. Or, maybe you find that people in your industry are using this.

20 #2 If you are promoting a brand don’t forget the ever popular Press Release. It’s not required to have your own Press Agent, but of course they probably help you actually get published in the paper and TV news (not required). You can use websites such as and If you are not an excellent writer you may want to contract with one. Items published on prweb and prnewswire will show up in search engines and therefore >> maybe even in your RSS feed reader. My trip to Washington was partially due to my finding a Press Release of a customer.

21 What is it? Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows you to answer the question, What’s happening? By sending short text messages of 140 characters or less. One benefit of twitter is that it forces you to be brief. (Challenging practice for some). Can easily have more than one. (You, a company, a brand, or more). Dell uses a lot ( It’s a two-way communication tool, but you can just use it to listen. I don’t recommend thinking you can use it only to broadcast. People may start talking back (or even behind your back), so you should be paying attention.

22 What is it? Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows you to answer the question, What’s happening? By sending short text messages of 140 characters or less. Interact with people regarding your brand D we will get to it later) Find a Job. Many new jobs are posted on Twitter before they arrive on any of the Job Search engines.  Paying attention on Twitter particularly to specific companies may give you a day or two head start beyond others.  I have heard that by the time some jobs are posted on Monster or Career Builder they are already filled.

23 Let’s look at the Home Page.
What’s Happening? They have a New Look. Your Profile – Pretty basic stuff on this, as with everything on twitter > short and sweet. Timeline shows you tweets of people you follow. You don’t have to follow somebody to read what they say (unless they have chosen to make their tweets private, but only make your tweets private if you wish to have a very limited audience). Not promoting yourself. Re-tweeting is considered a nice practice. (RT: but now it’s pretty easy you just push the re-tweet button)

24 Are you getting the Message? It’s 2-Way communication.
@Mentions– these are public messages sent to you by putting in front of your twitter name. D-Messages - these are private messages sent to you by going to Messages and pressing “new message” or by tweeting a D and then the twitter name, followed by your note. # Hashtags for everything (adds context and metadata) Search - by user, hashtag or just a phrase. You can save your search for future follow-up or RSS it. That’s right don’t forget to add people or searches to your Feed Reader. In a way it’s simple, but people are accomplishing all kinds of things with this. Remember the Milk (d rtm) for example.

25 #3 Get Shorter. Use a URL Shortener to save space, especially when you only have 140 characters.,, (one of my favorites) and All these except allow you to track the clicks you get. I like metrics. (let’s look at my

26 #3 Get Shorter. Very handy keyboard shortcuts. Copy Paste

27 #4 Aggregators This flood of information is often referred to as a firehose, so it’s helpful to have a place to bring them together – or aggregate them. TweetDeck (probably the most popular, but requires you to install a desktop application and so is only available on the computer where you installed it.) I like to use an aggregator within a browser so it’s available to me anywhere (or with lightweight installation). Hootsuite – I liked this until they limited what was available for free. Seesmic – this is one I use now. Also have a desktop app but I use it only in the browser.

28 What is it? Facebook is the Granddaddy of all Social Networking sites started by a 19 year old in 2004 (now he is the ripe old age of 26). Over 600 Million Users. Not a business focus but the big benefit here is that EVERYBODY is on facebook (we call it FB). Also have Groups like LinkedIn, but here we have Pages. Very Open Inbox (mail ) system. by new messaging system) Also Open paths to connect to people, “real world” connection not required. Taking over, watch out Microsoft & Google. Today see companies using their FB page in marketing materials.

29 BIG STRUGGLE for us to consider:
Is it for personal use or business? Or Both? Realize it may be difficult to separate the two. You may wish for FB to be only for private but business may find you. Pre-job background check may find info from your profile or comments you have made. (felons have been caught from things they posted on FB – luckily they were pretty stupid) I know of a Psychologist who cancelled his account due to difficulties that came up when patients found him online. I personally believe in mixing the two. (because if you are on you probably don’t have the choice) Willing to be open and let people know the real me. (This can be good, such as the Access programmer I found in a LinkedIn group but also on FB). Great opportunity for new business , partnerships and new friends.

30 Don’t forget to start by listening.
Your personal profile! This is the basic thing that everybody on FB has. Set it up and express yourself with pictures and a word or two about yourself. Share what is important to you. Get some friends (let’s see how you start with people you know and maybe even make new friends). Don’t forget to start by listening. After listening share stuff. (words, videos, pictures and links) Course you may have to say Hi to your new friends. Wall is Public - Inbox is Private. Limit of about 5,000 friends at present.

31 If I already have a user profile, can I create a business account?
Their Answer - Maintaining multiple accounts, regardless of the purpose, is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use. If you already have a personal account, then we cannot allow you to create business accounts for any reason. You can manage all the Pages and Socials Ads that you create on your personal account. I have known of people who create an account for an organization and have not had problems but apparently you run a risk doing so. (PTA) There is another way to put an organization on FB.

32 Why create a Page? (
Pages are not Profiles. But they act almost the same, and act more alike as time goes on. No 5K limit. See how we can search for pages. Soon can login as page, but apparently can’t comment on others walls yet. Why create a Page? ( For an organization or a celebrity or... Claim your Place and merge it to your page for check-in. (create on mobile) People can join your page without you. (Like) Can get a distinct URL after 25 fans. Many company’s are using this in their marketing rather than website. ( Be careful because you are stuck with it. Can advertise the page with FB Ads.

33 We also have Groups… Why?
New groups allow for online chat. Tighter control of your content and a group can be private. So sharing is safer between the group. New changes to groups allow you to more easily follow what is going on. (before this I tended to recommend pages rather than groups) Unfortunately for now the old groups (created before the changes) don’t have the new features. Also can advertise groups to attract members. Find groups to join and interact. Limit 300 Create your own groups, make the time to moderate what goes on, or to stay engaged. (Don’t create a graveyard) Open, Closed or Secret.

34 Ads (
For Page, Event, Application or Group – or your own website. Step it up and spend some money. Places ( for info This is a great way to promote a business location. (Check-in via mobile) Mobile users can …Share where you are (promote your location, it may be exciting), meet-up with friends. Deals ( Also a great thing for mobile users, provide a discount to people nearby . Announce a sale (2 for 1). Give something away free to the first 10 people. This may not be out of Beta yet, believe currently tied to places.


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