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© Alberta Health Services Welcome to the Rockyview General Hospital Virtual Maternity Tour.

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1 © Alberta Health Services Welcome to the Rockyview General Hospital Virtual Maternity Tour

2 © Alberta Health Services Time for Baby! The Rockyview General Hospital is located at 7007 – 14 th Street S.W. Park in Lot 1, visitor Parking The main entrance to the hospital is opposite the doors on Level 4 of the parkade. If you are arriving between 9pm and 7am the main entrance will be locked – use the button next to the door to gain entry.

3 Packing for labour A list of what to bring to the hospital is available in the Healthy Parents Healthy Children Pregnancy and Birth book. Both books are useful resources packed with information from prenatal through to age 6. The books are available online at or in hard copy by getting a redemption card from your doctor or midwife to exchange for the books at your local Community Health Clinic. © Alberta Health Services

4 Emergency Entrance The Emergency Entrance is to the West of the Main Entrance. Use this entrance if you feel this is an emergency situation or the birth is imminent.

5 Getting to the Labour and Delivery Unit After you come in the main entrance, go past the coffee bar and the Information Desk. Elevators are in the corridor to the left of the Information Desk. © Alberta Health Services

6 6 th Floor – Womens Specialty Unit Take the elevator to the 6 th Floor. Turn right and follow the signs to Womens Specialty Unit. © Alberta Health Services

7 Welcome to the Womens Specialty Unit! Check in at the desk. The clerk will get your information and take you to an assessment room. Your doctor will already have sent your records to the hospital. © Alberta Health Services

8 Assessing Your Labour You will be taken into an assessment (Triage) room, where the nurse will assess you. Your contractions will be monitored, and the nurse will also take your blood pressure and ask you questions about your pregnancy and your contractions. After the assessment is completed, your doctor will be notified. If you are in active labour, you will be admitted to the unit. If you are in very early labour and are having no problems, you may be sent home, with instructions about when to return. © Alberta Health Services

9 Admitting If you are going to be admitted for labour, your partner will be asked to go to Admitting to complete the paperwork. You will need moms Alberta Health Care card and any other insurance cards (for example, Blue Cross). © Alberta Health Services

10 Your Labour and Birth Room Your private labour / birthing room has a bed and rocking chair for your use. While walking is a great way to enhance labour, your nurse will show you how to use the bed in different ways so that you are more comfortable. Each labour room has its own bathroom with shower. There is a fetal monitor beside the bed, which will be used intermittently throughout your labour. There is a phone in the labour room so you can let people know when the baby has arrived! You will stay in this room for the labour, birth and the first few hours after the baby is born. © Alberta Health Services

11 Support During Labour You are welcome to have support people with you in labour. It is beneficial to choose supporters who are capable and comfortable with providing the emotional and physical comfort measures that you will learn about in your prenatal classes. © Alberta Health Services

12 Cesarean Birth Should you need a Cesarean Birth, there are two operating rooms on the Labour and Delivery Unit © Alberta Health Services

13 After A Cesarean Birth © Alberta Health Services After baby is born you will be moved to a recovery area where you will be monitored and have the opportunity to have skin to skin time with your baby. The nurse can also help you with baby's first breastfeed. You will then be returned to your room for the rest of your stay. After a cesarean birth the average stay is 48 hours.

14 Breastfeeding © Alberta Health Services It is normal for your newborn to feed frequently in the first few days to help you establish a good milk supply. The postpartum nurses will help you learn how to feed your baby.

15 The Mother-Baby Unit One to two hours after your baby is born, you will move to Unit 64, the postpartum unit. To ensure the safety and privacy of new moms and babies, visitors must use the intercom on the wall to the right of the doors to enter the unit. © Alberta Health Services

16 Your Postpartum Room Most rooms on this unit are semi-private. There is a bathroom in each room. A bassinet is provided for your baby. Baby will stay with you in your room and as much skin to skin contact as possible is encouraged. The few private rooms are often needed for mothers who are ill or who have special circumstances. Your two support people may visit at any time, however, there is no overnight stay permitted. The babys siblings and grandparents may visit briefly between 11 am and 9 pm. The average length of stay after a vaginal birth is 24 hours. © Alberta Health Services

17 The Importance Of Skin-to-Skin © Alberta Health Services Calms and relaxes both mother and baby Regulates heart rate and breathing in the baby Stimulates digestion Regulates temperature Enables colonisation of babys skin with mothers friendly bacteria, thus providing protection against infection Stimulates feeding behaviour Stimulates the release of hormones to support breastfeeding and mothering Helps preterm babies to be more stable, maintain their temperature, fight infection, grow and develop better and be discharged from hospital sooner.

18 The Nutrition Centre There is a Nutrition Centre on the unit, where Mom can get snacks, juice, ice, or make hot drinks. © Alberta Health Services

19 The Neonatal Unit © Alberta Health Services A Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery is also available on the sixth floor for babies who need extra help.

20 Going Home © Alberta Health Services According to Alberta law, infants must travel in an approved rear-facing car seat. Purchase this seat before your baby is born, and read both the manufacturers instructions and your vehicle owners manual for correct installation. For more information go to – test-bro.pdf

21 Best Wishes to you, your baby, and your new family! © Alberta Health Services For more information on the different pre-natal classes we offer please go to

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