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Halton Healthcare Services Welcome to the Maternity Unit at Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH )

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1 Halton Healthcare Services Welcome to the Maternity Unit at Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH )

2 Halton Healthcare Services Before You Have Your Baby… Take some time to read having the “Having Your Baby at Halton Healthcare” booklet which you should have received from your care provider and also available on the HHS website. It has useful information on preparing for labor, what to bring to the hospital, caring for yourself and your baby after your delivery and community resources. Please complete and return your confidential preregistration form. This will help streamline your admission process when you come to the hospital in labor.

3 Halton Healthcare Services Where Are We Located? The entrance to the Maternity Department is just west of the intersection of Reynolds Street and MacDonald. There is a parking lot on MacDonald Street immediately adjacent to the entrance for use by expectant families.

4 Halton Healthcare Services Entrance to the Maternity Department The entrance to the Maternity Department is just off of the MacDonald Street parking lot. The Maternity Department can also be accessed from the main entrance. Take the elevators from the main lobby to 2 nd floor and follow the signs along the main corridor.

5 Halton Healthcare Services Patient Parking Parking payment is by pay and display. Prices are posted beside the machine. It may be more economical to purchase a weekly pass for $48 rather than purchasing individual all day passes for $23.50 as you may need to come back to the breastfeeding clinic after you go home for a follow up visit.

6 Halton Healthcare Services Visitor Parking Please encourage family members and friends who are visiting you in hospital to park in the main parking lot, located off Reynolds Street. The maternity parking lot is for new moms and dads only!

7 Halton Healthcare Services Prenatal Clinic Before you have your baby your care provider may refer you to the Prenatal Clinic for an assessment, ultrasound or non‐stress test (much like an exercise test to see how your baby is doing).

8 Halton Healthcare Services When To Come To The Hospital If you have any questions or concerns about whether you should come to the hospital, please call and speak with a nurse in the birthing suite. Please understand that telephone advise is limited as it is hard to assess mom and baby over the telephone. The nurse may ask you to come in to be assessed and will instruct you where to report in. Otherwise, come to the hospital when any of these things happen: Your contractions are regular or you are uncomfortable. You think your water has broken. You are bleeding from your vagina. There is a change in how often your baby is moving. You are concerned about yourself or your baby.

9 Halton Healthcare Services Registration Desk Once arrived, an overhead sign at the entrance to the Maternity Department will direct you to the Registration Desk. If there is no specific need to go to the Birthing Suite quickly please go to the Registration Desk first. Please bring your health card and insurance information.

10 Halton Healthcare Services Birthing Suites If you had called the Birthing Suite with a concern and were asked to come in, please go directly to the birthing suite. The nurses will send your support person to the registration desk to get your paperwork. The overhead sign in the Maternity Entrance will show you the direction to go to get the Labor Assessment Room and the Birthing Suites.

11 Halton Healthcare Services Labor Assessment Most women will be assessed in our Labor Assessment room unless they are a direct admission for induction, planned Caesarean Section or imminent delivery. You will be assessed by a nurse, and the nurse will consult with a physician to determine whether an admission is necessary.

12 Halton Healthcare Services Labor, Delivery and Recovery Rooms When you are admitted you will be admitted to a LBR Room. There are 6 private rooms, some share a washroom. These rooms are fully equipped to take care of you during your labor. While you are in labor you may have 2 support persons with you. Your nurse will let you know what you can eat and drink while in labor.

13 Halton Healthcare Services Comfort Measures Your nurse will work with you to help you decide what comfort measures may help you during your labor. Some of your choices include: music, shower/whirlpool tub, rocking chair, or birthing ball.

14 Halton Healthcare Services Comfort Measures Another measure is Entonox (Laughing Gas) We also offer Patient Controlled Epiderals

15 Halton Healthcare Services After Baby Is Born breastfeed your baby while you are still in the birthing suite The baby will receive a vitamin K injection and eye ointment. Depending on the time you delivery you may be able to order something to eat from our Room Service Menu. You will be transferred to the postpartum unit 1 to 2 hours after your baby is born. After the baby is born we encourage you to: hold your baby skin to skin – it helps baby regulate its temperature, and supports breastfeeding

16 Halton Healthcare Services Caesarean Birth If you require a planned Caesarean birth your care provider will tell you the date and time it is booked. You will be seen in the Prenatal clinic the day before your surgery and will be given instructions about when to come to the hospital. Your support person will be able to come in to the operating room with you. Following your surgery you will go to our Recovery room for several hours and then will be transferred to your postpartum room.

17 Halton Healthcare Services Maternal Child Unit (Postpartum) Private rooms are available on a first come first served basis. Our unit is a combined Postpartum/ Paediatric unit so it is not uncommon to see very young patients. Your room will have a washroom with shower, telephone and there is a call button beside your bed should you need to call your nurse. Our postpartum unit has 2 ward rooms (4 beds), 8 semiprivate rooms (2 beds) and 4 private rooms.

18 Halton Healthcare Services Maternal Child Unit cont… Your baby will stay in your room with you unless your baby requires care in the Special Care Nursery. Your nurse is there to share the baby’s care and to teach and demonstrate baby care. Please bring personal care items for both yourself and your baby (refer to “Having Your Baby” booklet).

19 Halton Healthcare Services Maternal Child Unit cont… Meals are available by Room Service from 7 am until 6 pm (Note: during peak meal times it may take up to 45 minutes for your meal to arrive). Menus are available in your room. The cafeteria and Tim Horton’s are located on the main floor of the hospital and have limited hours. There is also a small kitchen on the unit with a fridge and microwave.

20 Halton Healthcare Services Special Care Nursery Sometimes babies are born too early or may need extra care (for example Oxygen, an intravenous or special monitoring). In this case your baby may be admitted to the Special Care Nursery.

21 Halton Healthcare Services Keeping Your Baby Safe You can help keep your baby safe by not leaving your baby unattended in your room. All Maternal Child staff should be wearing hospital identification. In addition to the bracelets your baby received when it was born a HUGs tag will also be put on the baby – this tag is part of our infant security system. If your baby has to be taken out of your room for a test or procedure you can accompany your baby.

22 Halton Healthcare Services Can My Significant Other Stay Overnight? A “significant other” may stay overnight to help in a supportive way. Please respect the fact there may be a roommate. Pull‐out sleeper chairs are available on a first come first served basis. Empty beds are not to be used by overnight guests.

23 Halton Healthcare Services Visitors Please help us create a restful environment by encouraging brief visits and limit the number of visitors at a time We follow Family Centered Care principles and are sensitive to diversity. We welcome “family” as you and your significant other define it. We have visiting guidelines to help support rest times for mom and new baby. We have two waiting rooms/lounges where you may spend time with visitors if you do not want to visit in your room. If you have concerns during or after your stay please contact the Patient Care Manager – Kathryn Doren.

24 Halton Healthcare Services Before You Go Home Your baby will be examined by either your family physician or one of our pediatricians. Your baby will have a hearing test and blood test for newborn screening. If the care provider who will be following your baby after you go home is not affiliated with Halton Healthcare, please have their name, address available so that we can ensure that they receive the results of newborn screening tests.

25 Halton Healthcare Services Before You Go Home The Public Health Nurse will visit Monday to Friday if you have consented to the Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program. If your baby requires follow up for bilirubin you will come back for blood work the next day. You will receive a lab requisition and instructions on what to do before you go home. You will receive your baby’s OHIP number – please note it takes awhile for your baby’s OHIP card to arrive in the mail, so keep this piece of paper safe. Birth Registration is electronic through Service Ontario and the first part will be completed by the hospital. Please ensure your car seat is installed in your car.

26 Halton Healthcare Services Length of Stay / Discharge An average length of stay for vaginal deliveries is 24 to 48 hours and 48 to 72 hours for Caesarean births. Criteria must be met by all mothers and newborns prior to discharge. No one will be discharged prior to it being safe.

27 Halton Healthcare Services Tender Loving Care Center and Breastfeeding Clinic The Tender Loving Care Center is a store in the Breastfeeding Clinic that has baby items, and breastfeeding supplies. It also has breast pumps available for rental. It is open whenever the breastfeeding clinic is open. The breastfeeding clinic is located on the Maternal Child Unit and operates 7 days a week. It is staffed by Registered Nurse Lactation Consultants who will provide breastfeeding support by appointment after you go home. Your nurse may request a consultation before you go home if she feels you need additional support or follow up.

28 Halton Healthcare Services Once You Are Home Please make sure that you make follow up appointments for both you and your baby. Your baby should be seen by your care provider 24 to 48 hours after you leave the hospital. You will need to see your care provider 4 to 6 weeks following your delivery. Contact your Healthcare Provider if you have any concerns about your baby’s health.

29 Halton Healthcare Services Once You Are Home The “Having Your Baby” booklet at Halton Healthcare has a listing of community resources, and websites which are good sources of information for new parents. This is available on the Halton Healthcare Services website under the Maternal Newborn program. Congratulations!

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